Addictdtoriches & BrianTristan

  • BrianTristan (if that is your real name), if it is , your braver then we are I guess! Anyway,PA? My favorite band, no actually artist is from there, I was prepared too go all the way there as thats what tickets were left amazingly for farewell shows, if I hadn't won bid war on ticks in Chicago, kindev far too, but defintly closer, but I would have done it!

  • Just finished a book based on the lives of mines, or the lives of miners there too, kindev interesting.

  • Addie,

    Very, very, very good. I am impressed. I knew you would nail it.

    Amy is indeed my sister, although I call her my sinister (she has green eyes, which I tell her are a sign of her evilness). LOL And as you can tell from that, I am the big brother who teases the crap out of her. Again very good.

    Does she comes to me for advice or help? Yes, although she hates to do that. She is rebellious indeed, and does not so much like my, how do you say, moral and ethical viewpoints. Yes, I am the awful older brother who is right about how things should be done, and I do tell, she does not want to hear it though; she runs with scissors, and eats before she swims.

    She is not very young, but yes trendy hip clothes, she is a fashion victim. LOL Cute though on her. If she does not have a pair of chucks, I am sure she will get some now. LOL

    And yup, bone straight hair, dark too, sets off her green eyes, and I tell her it makes her look even eviler. I bought her a broom (for transportation) for Christmas one year. She was not impressed. : D I tell her I smile because you are my sister, I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it. Which is probably not a good idea, I do not think she is above killing me. LMAO

  • Brian,


    I thought she was, Lol Amy is just a little sneaky i must admit

    very very very fun though to see her in action, Yeah i didnt wanna

    say so, i see her coming to you getting advice

    although its like it kills her Pride lol. She mocks you.

    but hey, thats what big bros are for ! ;D

    hahahaa, You can learn alot from her as well.

    I dont know why I see chucks... ;/

  • Addie,

    I actually do not watch many movies at all, that is why I remember the ones I do watch. LOL

    You read? Holy shit! You mean like sit still, and hold a book, and you read it? Who knew? LOL

    What was the book, and the passage was similar to what?

    I can not really do caffeine (makes me want to jump outta my skin), but I do like decaf coffee and tea here and there. We could coffee shop hang, and you could have your Vanilla Bean Frapp with extra caramel desert. All that sugar though. : / What do I do with you after you drink that?

    Still want me to shop? Gawd. I could be talked into it I suppose. You may make the experience fun, I will give you that, so maybe. "The George Clooney for me?" Should I ask?

    My friend would not trust his wife with very many people, so yes I am very honored, but he knows my character very well. Her and I have a blast, I am glad he married her.

    Your American, that is it? What is the Mexican thing about then? confused Come on Addie, share just a little what that is about. I do not get it.

    Okay, so it is clear, what I tried to impart to you about your intuition is this...

    you will need to approach it in an adult manner to access it beyond the pseudo

    it will not rob you of your youth, or your personality, it is part of you as much as those things are, but you deny it, and that creates conflict for you, and that will get worse as time goes on

    it will not be boring for you, ever. this whole make intuition fun is a ruse you have with yourself. advancement is not death of fun, and growing up is not death of fun either. in fact happiness and fun are not the same thing, people confuse them, happiness is fulfilling, fun lasts as long as it lasts. you can always have fun, that will never be a problem for you, but happiness, what you will get from advancing this gift, that is just beyond what you can imagine.

    you are scared of everything, and that is not healthy. getting mature in an area of your life, whether it is this, or money management, is not going to make you old, morose, or destroy your life. your viewpoint is skewed, what you think, is not true. do you understand what I am telling you? have some courage. you can put it off, but the price you will pay will just be internal conflict. a little work here, and a little work there will not take up much of your time. You think I am telling you what you should do, no, I am telling you what you want to do, and why it is okay for you to do it, you will not lose who you are now, but trying to better your gift.

    lastly intuition does not work very well for oneself. you will get flashes here and there, but if you try to read yourself, it is very hard, you have to clear away the emotional, and most of that can not do that. so it is not something you should expect to be able to do.

  • Your hogging addicted!

  • Addie,

    Oh the Amy thing was sneaky huh? : D It was actually not initially intended to be, just wanted to see if you could figure out who Amy was, but I could not resist the double meaning. Clever eh?

    You know that answers a question, so nice of you to say so. Very pretty. You will learn overtime, I am trustworthy, and keep secrets secret.

    Amy would would wear chucks, so it fits. I will ask if she has a pair, she may have just bought some. Would not surprise me, you nailed it.

  • Just kidding, actually I'm amazed, but not suprised she got that about your family member, addicted actually got something very personal, yet very humorous about me once out of the blue, she just picked up on it, I still laugh when I think of it

  • Red Pedals,

    The Irish runs deep yes. A carbonated beverage, like Coke or Pepsi, most of the U.S. calls "soda", here in SW PA we call it "pop". You have plenty of SW PA transplants in Cali, so know you can amaze them with your fun knowledge.

    And yes, you have nailed everything with your intuition. I am 5'10" to be exact.

    Music... first love is blues based hard rock, the older kids in the neighborhood had me into music when I was a wee lad, and that stuck I guess, but I listen to a lot of things.

  • bluecat123,

    That is my real name, yes. Brave, mmmm, on good days, very.

    Who is your favorite artist that is from PA? I am interested to hear this one.

    Yes coal mines and steel mills where huge here at one time. Hard lives, but decent, honest people. We have retained a lot of what is good of the blue collar vibe. I bet the book was very interesting, what was the title?

    I would never hog Addictdtoriches, she would never stand for it. She might like it though. LOL

    Yes she is scary good. Does not want to be, but not worries, I will beat it out of her. I have a piece of foam around here somewhere. LMAO

  • Now just clarify...

    Addictdtoriches said everyone is welcome here, and that is true indeed. : D

    She has promised to behave herself here.

    However, she tried to misguide you, I had to create a new thread because of the length of Addictdtoriches' posts. See, the FBI contacted me and said, that unless we intended to be like "bonnie and clyde" that we would have to get our own topic. I have no idea who "bonnie and clyde" are, but the agent sounded pretty serious. : p

  • A piece of foam? thats funny! The two of are both good, both smart, she is on, bright, alive, I can't even have my doubts because she picked up something so darn personal about me that only someone near me would have known it! What I like about you two is that you put your heart into it! I am much too shy for real names, pics I guess, but I do admire you for that! The title of that book,was fiction, and Sister Mine I bieleve. My favorite band, its left over from tween years really, as I didn't get too see them as much as I wanted too way back then, as my grandmother was prone too think of every band not Elvis as unGodly, bless her heart, she even threw out my hardcover J.R. Tolkiens, we laugh about this now of course, but its NIN! Not too be mistaking with T.R. infatution though, no girly crush, I just really love NIN, especially guitarist from the last several years, the shows are amazing! Not a M Manson though, nope.

  • BrianTriston, I don't care what you do, you and addicted could never be the notorious two,aka Bonie&Clyde! j Trust me on this, just be glad you don't know who they are, or were here, that you were spared the drama! Those of us who didn't know, learned fast, it was one of those, and my God were they mean!

  • Bluecat123,

    Foam is a very effective tool with stubborn people. ; )

    You do what you feel comfortable with, nobody on here cares if you use a screen name, or a real name, that is the beauty of it. You are bluecat123, and that is good enough for me.

    Sister Mine, cool I will look that one up.

    NIN, ah yes Trent hailed from Meadville, PA, (an hour and a half north of me) and cut his musical teeth in Cleveland, OH. What a great first album. He is uncompromising, I like that, so it does not surprise me that NIN is a great show.

    Now grandma tossing J.R.R. Tolkien books will be even funnier, as the Lord of The Rings series were very much an expression of the man's Catholic beliefs, hardly unGodly. I did a term paper on that very subject. Him and C.S. Lewis were two of the biggest Catholic (Christian) themed writers of their time, maybe ever.

    Good taste I see. Very nice.

  • I will always love addicted for standing up too one of them though, it was a great moment on here, I had it with one of them for being crude too the other, thinking the other one was being attacked by them, then they made up, and went on an attacking spree together! I've seen a few things on here that were sad,but it was seriously the stupidest, yet saddest thing I ever seen on here! Addicted slayed it, put he virtual cork in it, yes she did!

  • Bluecat123,

    Yeah I am clueless about that whole thing, and have no idea who the players are, so I guess I by my ignorance am spared. LOL

    Addictdtoriches is not gonna take anybody's crap, nor is she gonna let someone else do that to another person. So, I am glad she was there. She still needs beaten with foam though. LOL

    A lot of people end up here because they are confused, so it is awfully messed up that people would be attacking each other on here. The whole point of the forums is exactly the opposite. Glad I missed it. Ignorance is bliss. LOL

  • Thanks, yes she didn't know at the time, adn felt terrible for that! I always loved the books more then the movie, I do love NIN,loved their shows, everyone who ever came with me left very impressed with the shows, I might have fared better if I had bought and made the trip too PA, I wanted too be careful about locations as I'm not afriad too be right up front, I thought the PA crowd, him being from there and all might be ten times more excited as any other, which left me with a higher probabilty of getting smashed or trampled, but no, that was Chicago, broken foot and all, it was still worth it.

  • Actually as my memory is serving me at the moment, I recall you did encounter on of the two of them on a forum we were both following, infact one of them was arguing with you over social networking sites! That was light though compared too some of the sh%$ they dished out! Addicted hadn't seen it coming, one of them just came out of nowhere and tried too start in on her, I had already had my attack, so I was ready too defend her, but she ended defending the rest of us without even realizing it right away, it was beautiful!

  • LOL, soda pop, that's pretty funny! Here I was thinking that had some type of different meaning from where you are from but, nope, once I removed the rock on my head the "carbonation factor" became clear! Good God, guess I had zero intuition there! Yes, I will be sure to share my my knowledge, embarrassing as it were! Regarding you, glad my intuition was right, still tryining to practice a bit. I am afraid my cat does not share with me as much insight when I try to figure out what she is thinking. You were not supposed to tell me the music you liked but I would have said Jeff Beck to Ted Nugent. You must be a night owl?

  • pop, everybody in CA thinks that funny! I use too say it too when I was little from where I was from, CA had a hey day with that!

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