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  • I am a little extra sensative. to some things. Sprits, I can sense theit presense, ee shadows, movement, feel warm spots, and stuff like that but I can't see or hers them. Certain situations, I can tell you what to do and some things I say, I've never thought of before. Is there any way I could maybe attune my gift to where I can at least hear them. They are attracted to me just as much as if I was a regular medium and I think that they get frustrated (because I don't hear them) and start making noises I can hear. Like thumps, bumps, and shuffling. I make sure I tell them every night that I can't help them but I sometimes wish I could. I don't wanna be medium-istic. Either it's full on or full off. No inbetween. It's acteally more frightening as 'almost'.And if I forget to say it every night, I will be bothered that whole night. I have to take meds to go to sleep so God forbid, anything else happens. What can I do to make this a lttle better?

  • Hello to everyone!


  • Hello Brian Tristian!

  • Where is everybody? I feel like we are missing 3-4 of our family here. It's been 5 days now. I give them one week in case they are on vacation but longer than that, I'll start getting mad. lol

  • Where did they go Sylvannah? : (

  • IDK. I just know where they are not! lol Anyway, I haven't really cleared my mind yet, this morning I have been going through all the receipts I have and writing down everything I have spent on my b-f. That way I have a number to sue him for. So far, we are at $1175.74 lol Doing this is good for me though. I used to have everything organized and documented so this is helping me. Him, not so much. lol He can pay me for having to deal with a stupid, drunk redneck for over 3 years. lol That is probably only 1/4 of what I spent on him. I told him he was lucky. I feel so bad when I go over, the cats all meow at me and I can pet the dog through the front window (there is no screen) and she just closes her eyes. I know she loves me. These bar wenches may come and go but she knows who really cares about her. I 've taken care of her since day 1. And now he might have to pay a little extra for his drunk stupidity. A redneck and a city girl is never good at the end. He does stupid crap. Just can't leave her alone and then she retaliates, legally and totally screws him. They never learn. He won't be able to afford beer lol He should have just left me alone. Most of this crap is beer, chips, work boots, jeans, shirts, belts, etc... I have a list of items from $1.19 to $128.20. And all of this stuff I could prove that I expected him to pay me back. The printing press in my butt hasn't been working. lol (That's what I tell my daughter) Gotta go. Gotta check out the other posts and then softball practice tonight. TTFN

  • I was sort of wondering where addicted went, oh addicted, where did you go?

  • Sylvannah,

    You are a city girl? Never would have guessed.


    It is late spring time, and she is shopping for the new summer fashions. LOL

  • Well I was born and raised in Tampa. I have alot of the city qualities. But I don't like the city. I am street smart but live in the country now. Today is supposed to be the last day I smoke. I don't plan on smoking when I get up. And right now, I plan on waging a war that hitched a ride from ny exes house, I hate bugs! So, gotta go. TTFN

  • Sylvannah,

    Your ex has bugs? You better take him to the vet. LOL

  • Brian,

    Leave Sylvannah alone, she may ship them all to you! Lol.

  • I like Florida a lot Sylvannah, city, country, its all sunny and nice compared too my currant city!

    I love the beach, I had too get a waves cd when I came home from vacation too sleep, I love that churning the water does, I have a fear of sharks, and anything in the ocean with teeth though, that kind of ruins it a bit.

  • Brian, could be, or she might have found the job she was looking for, mabe both? Hopefully she will stop in too say hello soon!

  • bump

  • Hi everyone! You tell him RedPetals lol. I wouldn't pay for a vet for him. A bullet is only 23 cents. lol Anyway, I have made it through the first day of no smoking. The first day is always the hardest. Should get easier from here. Things are looking up for me (except where my oldest son is concerned) kharma is getting him with a veangence. I just hope he makes it ok and I hope he will be willing to get on meds or get constant counseling for his anger issues cause until he does, he will always have problems. But other than that, I am still here. lol TTFN

  • Wow, to come back as one of Sylvannah's dogs that would be the life, as her ex not so much. LOL I will send you RedPetals mailing address and you can send her the bugs first, I want her to inspect them and see what they are. LMAO Hope you are making it through your 2nd non smoking day.

  • Cooties? Ewwww lol

    Good luck with the smoking Sylvannah, I will have 3years this October and going strong!


  • Sylvannah, sending my support your way! I I know how hard that is!

  • Well thank you everybody! The support is overwhelming for me. I have never had that before. I made it for 5 years and it actually took alot for me to start again. lol I made it through my 2nd day. (so far) But today was a little easier than yesterday. By the end of this week, I won't even have cravings anymore. The first 1-4 days are the hardest. But everyday is easier than the one prior and I'm halfway there. People still smoke around me and it doesn't make me wanna have a cig more. That is good because I don't wanna make anyone else do without just because I am trying to go without. Anyway, TTFN

  • Hey sylavannah, hope you see this! how are you? check out Emergences' inspiration thread, the last post you see with contactinfo, its a little tricky as we can't post personal info, follow it along, add it, hope too see you soon!

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