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  • Sylvannah,

    Yes, you could think of it as brainwashing but not in a bad way. You know the saying "pretty is as pretty does?" I never understood what that meant until just a few years ago. I don't know why I didn't understand that, I think now it is more the obvious what it means but I just did not get it. I remember I used to think about it a lot, it puzzled me. So, act as if you believe and you will start to believe and draw that into you and your life. I am a firm believer of that. Each time you say something to yourself it will become a bit more real and feel a bit more natural. Try it, you will like it!

  • Emergence,

    Hmmm? I have no feel for what your Cancer is up to, but this redefining of the relationship as friends, then this disappearing act has two possibilities, both of which you already know.

    First, he could be overwhelmed and he needed some space, and then he needed more space. That is a possibility.

    Second, it could be the "slow fade". This is done by incredibly selfish people, it is them gradually weening themselves off of you (like you are a drug or something), and once they do not "need" you around anymore, they just disappear (or leave you a message here or there so they make themselves look good).

    If it is the former, then your thoughts regarding Mercury's retrograde will come to pass like clockwork. Then you will be able to get some communication going again afterward.

    If it is the later, then this guy not being forthright with you is totally unacceptable, period. And you got strung along and dragged down the road, for his own selfish purposes, and you should wash your hands of this guy. I would condone spitting on him; to waste your time like that.

    It is one of the two reasons, I just hope you get to find out what is going on before too much longer. Occupy your time as best as you can till then.

    God Bless,


  • Emergence,

    Your Taurus, not your Cancer. LOL

  • My ex is a Capricorn. I am a Virgo. I have only seen fair compatability. My oldest was born 58 minutes after my b-day so he is a Virgo too. He is so not like me at all! My other son is a Pices and my daughter is a Gemini. I have to go and make a pizza! TTFN

  • Brian,

    Awwwhhhh.. =), ThankYou You So Much Brian, You miss me ?

    How Nice Of You, I said a prayer for everyone on the site last night.

    As well. P.S I had a very good day today.

  • Brian,

    Ooop's ;/ I know Im late...sshhesshh

    Thats great, Friendship means alot so Congrads You've just met a friend for

    life!! 😃 & I know you are just telling me whats best I know it is'nt with the intents

    to STOP ME, Ive analyzed what you were saying I needed to PAUSE & REFLECT

    everything in life must rest and stop at some point its the cycle of life, street

    lights are a very brief example, we must slow down at some point or another.

    Also, Im glad to hear you think I have a gift 😃 thats very refreshing and nice to hear.

    Learn something New Everyday! haha.

  • Hello Everyone! 😃

    Happy Tuesday, Hope you are all doing Great and Having a Good Week!!!!!

  • Emergence, did you guys have a relationship with him where he is and you where you are? I wondered if that has anything too do with it, sort of like out of site, out of mind? I have a feeling you will hear from him soon.

  • Addicted, happy Tuesday!

  • Today was a good day. I was blah this morning so it didn't really start til 2p. It ended (pretty much) at 8:15p. That's when my daughter's softball practice was over. Tomorrow is hump day. Takes on a whole new meaning when you are older lol So, TTFN

  • Addie,

    Awe, there she is. ; ) Did I miss you? : p Always, Addie, always.

    I just figured out your George Clooney reference, his latest movie, which I have not seen.

    Very funny. : p Jerk. LMAO

    A prayer for everyone, that is nice, what about the prayer just for me, you know, praying for me to get rich, cause remember I said I would share. Remember that? : D

    I know you have had quite a few very productive days, and I am glad that today was a very good day for you. Makes me happy. A good day for Addie, is a good day.

    A friend for life? Ah oh, so now I can never hide from you. He he. : p Ah oh.

    I know I gave you a lot to chew on at once, like some evil big brother, which I have a lot of practice at, but I know you will mull over it over time, and take what you are suppose to from it. Your intelligence, and common sense, and who you are at your core, I have tremendous faith in all of that.

    The outside you, does not concern me much, as far as it getting in the way of any of the inside you, both are part of who you are, and both can coexist just fine. You will always be able to be fun, and being mature will never hamper that. David Lee Roth once said, "On a road trip David checks the fuel gauge, drives responsibly, and get us there. Dave makes the small talk, and chooses the music, and is the all around fun guy." DLR is advanced in years now (for a rock star), and he has not burned out, so it must work well, this coexistence thing.

    You do have a gift, a very strong gift. Mine is just enough to let me do what I am suppose to do, nothing more. Anymore than that for me I suppose, would mess up what I am suppose to do. You on the other hand, have a much stronger gift, which puts a bit more responsibility on you to figure out how to harness it for good, and how you can use it for good. I am still not exceptionally happy about mine, so I know you do not much like the responsibility angle, but it is part and parcel of what the thing is about. And however you feel about it at any given time is okay. Know that Addie.

    You are refreshing, and nice to hear from.

    : x muah

  • Brian,

    Thanks for the insights!

    I really appreciate it very much.

    Don't worry, I won't let myself be a doormat.

    He is damn wrong if he thinks that this woman gonna tolerate that! LOL

    I am for the 1st one because I cannot relate the 2nd one on him.

    I know a little about him...patience and loyalty are the things you can count on.

    But I have met people like you described, those are really cruel, don't fit to be called human!

    Let's see what happens after the Mercury retro..

    Whether he comes back or not, either way are okay with me.

    Just wish him all the best and hope that life will be good to him 🙂


    Yeah, it has been a long distance thing with 1-2 a year meet-ups LOL!

    Which suits us both because he is the "lonesome" type....(Taurus traits)

    And I am the easily "bored" one lol, so we better not be at each other's face for 24/7.

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention this, when he was on a 4-days trip last year in Cabo,

    he never failed to call me! And you know the telecommunication there? It sucks!

    You barely hear the other party talking....but it's the effort that counts right? 🙂

    And I am talking about a 4 star luxurious spa and resort!

    Hey addicted,

    Looking forward to get the email from you!

    Go and energized yourself LOL

    I am doing it now too.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • So its a relationship that was tailored rather well too suit both of you for who you are!

  • Emergence,

    I do wish you the best, and sometimes the thing to do is wait, wait and see what happens. Very hard to do, but sometimes it is all we can do.

  • Brian,

    George Clooney has a new movie? See I told you, you were a Movie freak Lol jk.

    Oddly but luckily Ive been sorta busy lately have'nt been home much..

    Time is starting to pick up just a little which is a good thing [FINALLY] 😃

    Omg,!!! Brian You had plan on hiding from me =( [IM SHOCKED] Wow, I thought we were friends.So Not Cool Lol!

    I love how you express your mind truthfully, you said a message that resonated with me..

    just think about it...If you had'nt told me, I would have continued to misunderstand the same

    lessons OVER AND OVER again.Its true I need to mature and maturing dosent mean

    I wont have funn, responsibility brings BIGGER AND BETTER things Right ?

    Haha, Interesting little story..ITHINK I am Pretty Responsible though..I dont think im responsible

    enough OR rather I dont think I can handle the pressure of Leading/Teaching A Group of people..Im very scared of pressure lol of Im working On it "I always remeber DONT PANIC"

    thats my motto under worriness. 😉

    Brian I Believe are gifts are very similiar, If thats the case..The only thing is you Volunteer

    Responsibility You've mastered it pretty much, I only take it when its requested to me I never take on un-asked for responsibility, [shhesshh].

  • Addie,

    The George Clooney movie is old now, I just remembered the commercials from the beginning of the year, and I know that is what you were referring to now. : p You are very funny.

    Hide from you? Me? Nope, never. You now know how to find me, outside of here. I will always be on here, but you on the other hand is the one who will disappear and hide. : P You are going to have questions, and need guidance, I hope you have the courage to ask someone, and I would be honored if it was me. Yes, our gifts are very similar, and that is only part of the bond. Again, as time goes on, you will realize more and more what is there.

    I have addressed most of what you are referring to above, before. Like I said, I told you too much at once, and you are still processing it, and will be for awhile. Sorry. : ( I should have fed it to you in smaller pieces, my bad. But in my defense, you run away, so I just threw it all at you, so you would have what you needed to have. : / Have to do the right thing, even if a person you care about may not be happy about it.

  • Ok, Brian, just thought I would share with you, I apologized too Mr. Pouty, I did it in an email, that hopefully he will get sometime or another, but ever since I did, I actually don't feel that unexplainable, strong connection anymore, I think your advice might have set me free, at least for the time being, thank again!

  • Bluecat123,

    There will always be a connection there, regardless of how he acts. But yes, it is not good for you to be a slave to it. When you share your feelings/emotions you do put yourself out there, the scary part, but you also set yourself free of those bottled up things.

    It is important, that regardless of what he does, you can function without the connection messing you up. When it does, share with him what you feel. He can be the same as he always was, but you will not be locked up by what you feel anymore if you set it free.

  • Thanks, I think I was afraid of him judging me, as the things I share do not typically get a response from him other, then' I have no idea how too respond too that", that is the one thing he says too me regardless, over and over again. This has taught me the importance of tuning in too what someone isn't saying, and the power of an apology, it makes wonder, should I go back and do that for everyone I have ever hurt? Should I change my name too Earl?

  • LOL Earl, very funny. Karma, you know Carson Dalley came up with that.

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