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  • You better not tell her, I have a little birdie watchin you. 😉 haha!

  • Addie,

    I am very impressed that you read. Makes me very happy. And I know you are not crazy, you are just very stubborn, and overly concerned with being bored. LOL

    Well, the passage from "Simple Abundance" sounds like you have reading material that TheCaptain has read, and refers to, if you know what I mean. I am sure that is where she got it.

    You make good tea? Whoa. Impressed yet again. Yes, perhaps I would go shopping with you, and even let you choose clothes for me, since you get me. A very high honor, not many people I would let do that.

    California? Still not Mexico, and you are not mexican. Hmmm? Could you pass for mexican,

    or hispanic?

  • How is it in Tampa Fl ? Sounds refreshing,

  • Tampa is like just about any big city. Overpopulated, the only greenery is what is planted, it is very hectic. That is why I moved here. & years ago, this place was like Tampa was 15 years before. Here, pavement is a luxury LOL In Tampa, you don't see many dirt roads but here, almost every road is a dirt road. I have 1.27 acres and my neighbor has 2.5 acres. The neighbor in front of me has .5 acres. So it is very spacious where I live.

  • Addie,

    I know you have a little birdie watching me. But remember I can always do like you do, and block the connection if I wanted. : p I won't though, you do not scare me.

    You are never going to be boring, and you are never going to be bored, like stuck being bored.

    You are scared to stop, yes indeed. You are scared of plenty, and it all has to do with your view of moving forward, advancing, maturing, means the death of "fun young Addie", and nothing can be further from the truth. I do not do physical specifics like you, I do what is inside more a less. That is why it took me so long to figure out I had any gift, it is much more subtile, and why you find me somewhat intimidating. But your fears are real I know, but not based on reality, and you know that.

    You are never going to be the Helen Bonham Carter character from the movie Big Fish, you will always be able to relate, always. Does not matter if you are married, have 10 kids, or where you are living, there is nothing that will stop you from relating to others.

  • Addie,

    BTW. No one is as entertaining as you. ; )

  • Im a very versitile indiviual you know, Alot of people look at me and

    think im a such a spoiled girl, that only cares about shopping and money

    and has no clue in the world, NO thats not it; Im open to anything as long

    as it isnt boring, and Me ? instead making judgements from a distance

    about a person I rather go up to them and personally get to know them.

    I hate rules, My friends sometimes call me a hippie, because of my

    liberal views, i thnk everyone should be entilted to freedom. We are not though,

    because we are mentally enslaved upon tradition, culture, retail, school that teaches

    Kids NOTHING, there are no classes for REAL sex education, History isnt REAL

    Christopher C. wasnt the first to discover America and African-Iran is where

    the world began, And we have our people fighting for an American dream ?

    people see themselves as seperate, but we all came from the same creator, GOD.

    you see nothing can be done to open peoples mind, because they are Closed

    so we remain Dum because we are scared of actuallity so we live reality but the World is Scared, so if im gonna live Im gonna play, play the world at its game..I wanna Be Rich, becuase that is the only time I will Ever have power right ?

  • Brian,

    Yes my litle birdie watches you, 😃

    I am not scared to move forward or advance thats what i want to do,

    I see it this way, Im not Special i just have more responsibilites than the next

    I have expectations and goals people will give me, But In all honesty im still

    a cluess girl in some ways. I love your advice, its very brave I wish people

    would give me advice and talk to me more and ask me Ana, Is everything alright?

    But people automatically assume because you have attained a level of understanding

    you understand everything and life is perfect, No my life is'nt perfect I just dont complain.

    I can pick up both physical and Inside details I used to be better at inside details,

    But I have gave those and well there are some people who will deny,what i pick up, even such arguments, but at the end of the day you knw who you are..and My words cant approve that.

    Brian i know you I know what you are looking for and i know what you have to offer.

    However I donot feel it is always my place to say, Unless you had a big sign on

    you face that said Ana, What is inside me? Lol the mind thoughts is supposed to be private

    and only that person should access them so i leave that to them.

    I wanna relate to people always, i think that is my purpose, In person im not

    even such a big talker, i love to listen...I love when people come to me

    and ask my advice and want me to hear their stories.

  • Addie Addie Addie, Addie,

    I hit a nerve? How did I do that? What did I do?

    I got a little lecture from Professor Addie. LOL

    I know who you are inside, and more a less how you are publicly perceived. And your point?

    Did I say you were clueless, or spoiled? I think not.

    The liberal hippie, who has great fashion sense, and who wants lots of money. That one I am trying to get into my brain. LOL

  • sylvannah

    The best thing you can give your kids is

    self-education No matter what the news says,

    or brainwashing systems. We are all born Perfect

    But when perfect enters inperfect We then are no longer perfect

    and our views become destroyed. My thoughts are You are the mother

    your child will follow you because right now you are her superhero

    and no one can change that soon she will be 12 13 16 18, and highschool and

    so on will manipulate her mind to to what everyone else is doing wheather

    its having S E X or partying and getting drunk, thats ok as long as you do it

    with intelligence, because we can not keep kids from having S E X but we can

    educate them on the importance of S E X and just maybe then they will hold some

    value for it. When we give things value it makes us wanna hold on to it longer

    and keep it safe. Educate her on Self and how girls should be that important!

    Not to say science isnt important or history but why tell us lies ? so we forget whats important?

  • Just remember, people can lose money... Don't get me started on "americans" and people that are supposed to have all this incredible knowledge and you are supposed to live by what they say. People Suck! That's why I surround myself with dogs. It is good to judge people after knowing them a little. You should never judge a book by it's cover. At least read the first few pages. So you hippie make love, not war lol I believe in freedom to an extent. Remember, as small children we liked the structure.I hate hipocrits. People that tell you to do something then don't do it themselves. If it weren't for people in general, we wouldn't have war. There is alot we can learn from the savages that are native americans.They are the only TRUE americans. I like human interaction but I like to be by myself (with my dogs) even more.

  • Brian,

    No Lol i was speaking to you specifically

    I was speaking out loud so you can understand

    how people in my physical world see me..and also

    get a closer view of my different sides haha! i know

    I change like M.J did in his early days [r.i.p the king of pop]

  • I figure if I get money, i can then Create Organizations For girls/boys

    on real education But first i must play the game of life to get the money

    I must act as if i have no real values i wanna do with the money

    because america see's it this way, sure you can spend all the money

    you want as long as its going into our corporations too brainwash your kids!

    Then I wanna travel and understand cultures outside of here, and people

    people in indonesia im sure donot live like i do, because louis vuittion bags and

    things are worthless to them, here in america we base everything on outer wear

    I wanna go to china, and know how those people working for AMERICA are living ?

    Then i wanna create organizations and teach my kids whats going on outside of america

    but it takes Money.

  • Addie,

    Yes your little birdie does watch me, I know. 😃 Does not bother me.

    The only expectations that matter are those that you give yourself.

    Responsibilities scare you eh?

    Addie is everything alright? : D I asked, I should not have to though. But that is why I put that address up, so if you want to ask or tell something, you could privately. Write it down.

    I know your life isn't perfect, and I KNOW you don't complain. You do worry me sometimes. But you have a decent life, and you are f

    g awesome as a person, all faults taking into account. You should know that.

    What I want, and what I have to offer? Whoa! LOL Should I ask Addie, What is inside me? LOL

    What is this about?

    You will always relate to people you ding dong, you do it well, and you will always do it well. I do not understand what you are so locked up about. You like to listen, and you like to talk, and you relate just fine to other people. You do not have to try, and you should not worry about it.

  • Addie,

    Wow. We shall talk someday about your socio-political views.

    Indonesia would be okay for you to go to, but China? What do you feel about that one?

    I am still getting Mexico. Not sure why.

    If you are not mexican, do not look mexican, then I do not know why I am getting it.

    Do you have something from Mexico close to where you sit or something? Hmmm.

  • Brian,

    Hahaha! See No One understands me. Im Fine Things are great, =]

    Right, Im not saying [Me] Personally im saying generally. Believe it or

    Not Barack Obama has expectations and he cant just sit there and

    say, Only expectations that matter are mine. No! He also has responsibilities

    and if he was caught on the news at disney world without his family people would

    look at him differently, They would say things like he's Too mature and so and so

    See when you gain responsibility people give you expectatations.

    thats all im saying. and I dont think im mature enough to not go to disney world 😉


    Thankyou Brain, You too are Awesome Ass H E L L. =]

    everything in my life is fine, But everything IN LIFE isnt fine,

    i guess my problem is i take on peoples problems. something

    we two have in common. ya know ?

    I am not Locked Up haha! I dont feel like it anymore but i used to

    feel as if i had to TRY relating to people's lifes, because i couldnt

    understand anything they had went through, recently a IN-PERSON

    pyschic told me I HAVE NEVER BEEN HURT, I Havent been put in any sever unfortuanate

    situations and he was right, i dont live the perfect life but i do not have many set backs

    or past hurts..when i used to deal with other people my age that were molested as kids

    and had parents that werent around i felt i couldnt relate Now, I simply put myself

    in peoples shoes. you understand me ?

  • I don't know what you are upset about right now specifically but, China is doing the smart thing. They are attacking us with no loss of life to them and they have every right. We take total advantage of them all for that all important $1. You can't live with out money. If you have money you can do whatever you want with it but somewhere down the line, it goes to people that don't deserve it. I am not so interested in seeing how other cultures live but I'm sure they are not as overindulgent as we are. I also want to do charitable contributions but even then, you have to be careful. I teach my kids the true meaning to the nursery rhymes. We have all heard them and we sing them to our kids but how many of us actually know the true meaning? They sound nice but if you pay attention to the words, they are about something horrible. Fairy tales, all have that happy ending but look at the rest of the story. The only thing I can think of that is happy from beginning to end is like Winnie the Pooh. But why was he created? It is always darkest before the dawn. There is no such thing as a fantasy world with out something bad to create it. I hope that tomorrow you are feeling better. My mom used to tell me that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. You can apply that in every way. To get what you want or to get rid of what you don't. I don't know your situation but I hope that helps.

  • Yes, This is where the hippie comes in L O L

    my political views i guess and my lectures, sshhesshh.

    You see what i have to deal with ? I dont know who I am at times ?

    So I just Shop off my energy and confusion. =]

    China, i feel china has it very hard china believe in unity

    and labor. They are being underpayed to work in factories [walmarts]

    for so much time of thier lifes just to get over here to america,

    for their kids to have a better life, with freedom. its sad.

    Mexico ? I have no idea....

  • Addie,

    When you get rich, by having no morals or ethics, LOL

    before you create organizations for girls/boys, so you can brainwash them LMAO

    how about buying me a nice horse ranch. ; )

  • Lol, Whats makes you all think i am upset ?

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