Addictdtoriches & BrianTristan

  • Here is the "new topic", just for you my dear Addictdtoriches.

  • How Sweet! 😃

    Thankyou, Where Shall We Start L O L ?

  • You are so nice Briantristan You make every person feel so special Addicted deserves her own thread. She IS a special person. I just want you to know that I appreciate you to. Light and Love

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  • sylvannah

    Awwhh, Thanks Hunn So Much! Brian Is such a sweet hear isnt he ?

    L O L, I appreciate you here as well.

    Sylvannah, How are you ? How are things going ?

  • Heeyyy! laithano

    Hugs, love & Blessings To You Hunn!

  • Addictdtoriches,

    You should know I am very interested in you, and you have my attention Al_ _ _ , or is it An _.

    Let me make that clear, be sure you understand that.

    However, I did not investigate you, nope I did not. I ended up on topics that I thought I could get some insights maybe, you just happened to be on them too. It was unintentional. None of this should burst your bubble, it just happened, and that is okay. I was not in that mind frame, nor was I looking, but you should not take as deflating the balloon. It is just the way it was.

    And yes, you felt my energy, because I am open, but I did not send it your way, you tried to feel it, and to your astonishment, there it was. Yeah it threw you for a loop, I get that, but you explored it a bit, so yes you do know me, you get me, and that throws me for a loop. But shy me has not retreated, amazingly enough.

    It took me a little bit to realize what was going on when you had directed things my way, and I did received them, I was just unsure about what was going on. I am shy and unassuming. Yes, I get along very well with women, but part of that has to do with I treat them as people, and that has the drawback of if you are interested in me, you have to hit me with a 2x4 over the head to make that clear. And you did pursue me, in words, and I brushed it off, but when I felt you, I began to understand.

    It was only at that point, that I knew it was you, that I directed anything back your way, and yes I have sent a few things your way, but do not act like you are just the receiver, I know you what you have sent. You are very playful, and that is endearing indeed, but fess up my clever little friend, spill the beans. I will tell you exactly what I sent your way, but it is not like I need to tell you. The last thing you received from me should be quite clear to you. If not concentrate.

    You do know about me, because we have posted on many of the same topics, and you read what I wrote, and you even replied to a few things. I am not saying you picked threw my posts or anything, I am saying over time you have researched me, not deliberately so (I guess I implied that), but none the less, you have an idea about me, beyond my energy. You do know absolutely some things about me, not nothing. This is not one sided, you started it, and you participated. So why say it was all me? Tisk, tisk.

    You love my bravery huh? Perhaps I am brave, but you made the first, and second moves, even if you went a bit shy on me. LOL So, you are braver than I am. And look, I never had somebody before do what you did. So, that intrigues me sure. And I have explored your energy a little, and so I am even more intrigued. So, what would I like for you to do with me? Hmmm?

    I would like to get to know you better, much better. If nothing else we have a connection on a level that I was unaware of could exist, but you have me beyond that too, and you know that. So, you pursued, you connected, and really the ball is in your court at this point. Not often that happens to you huh? Awkward? Maybe, but that is okay. Anything you want in this life, that you will want to keep, will be something you put some work into.

    Me being right about your hair is obvious. I do not know if you sent that intentionally or not, but it was from you, and it was your hair. You height I got by trying to figure something about you out, I did that. I was very close, 5' 2", all I had was a ballpark height. I know who you are generally, that come through quite clear, and I mean who you are inside, not on here, or out at Starbucks. LOL I guess that is also awkward, but it will be what you make of it. I am open, and will remain so with you. So, basically it is your choice on what to do.

    As far as "my criticism", it was for you, not directed at you. What I am suppose to relay to you is this... In order to connect with your intuition, you need to have quiet time to yourself a few times a week, and that does not involve a computer, a mp3 player, just quiet time. A hot bath with candles may work, or sitting in your darkened bedroom may work. A half hour, or an hour will probably do it, but really I have no idea, you will know when you feel you are there. A pen and paper will also be helpful to you when you do connect. You have not connected like you can, not yet. Also, the self drama comment is about how that zaps your energy to be intuitive. It had nothing to do with me thinking anything about it. It has to do with what I am to tell you, which is just a message for you, and that is separate from the rest of our conversation. I did not make that clear, I mixed it in. My bad.


  • LMAO

    I do not even have the first post posted to Addictdtoriches, and we have a party going already.

    Very nice.

    HUGS to Sylvannah and Laithano

  • Brian,

    You did investigate me, and that is fine..We must investigate people

    here to get a sense of them right ? You on the other I would'nt say i investigated

    you, i admired you mainly rather I seen You give valuable advice, Valuable adivice

    should be admired so I think.

    hhmm... I can agree I tried intentionally feeling your energy, Just as I do with

    anyone who ask for my advice and I tell them Im not psychic, I try seeing what I

    can pick up from them and go from there, usually its when im away from my computer

    I can do this, Beyond my distractions and thats what happend with you.

    You are'nt shy with me because we have alot of qualities

    that we search for, You have a few qualities i search for and I have a few qualities

    you search for which is why the connection gave in. Just like some of my other friends

    here on the site are connections were almost automatic.

    When you say I pursued you in words, which words makes you think so ? I dont Understand.

    I am Very Playful Yes, 😃 I can admit. Im not exactly sure what you've sent my way, honestly.

    No, I dont know anything about you except what I picked Up, Honestly. and Anything that I've Picked up you can examine wheather someone else here has said it or not, Right ?

    If no one else has mentioned it, how would I know ? How could I know? Unless it was my

    pure intuition right ? 😃

    Thanks L O L, although i dont know what moves you are saying i made ?

    Im open for anyone to get to know me better, So consider your request accepted.

    The ball IN my court ? Im guessing FRIENDSHIP RIGHT ?

    Its good to hear someone knows me, generally because most people dont know

    me outside of here or at starbucks hahaha! Well they know what they see, which

    is probably an arrogant, spoiled, clueless gal haha! just a quick thought of me outside

    of here L O L, In fact you should feel lucky most people Dont Know Me generally At All,

    dont know what i can offer, or anything about me. tsk tsk!

    Thanks For your message, Brian..I am taking developing my intuition a step at a time,

    Its not me having good intuition being fun, but rather the process of me gaining good

    intuition being fun for me, Me exploring and predicting and even being wrong sometimes

    which is fun for me, Your right i need more time in solitude and quiet to intune better

    something i never do! i just can stand going idle, even Now ive learned to shutup and listen

    more, before i used to talk talk talk now i love listening, i guess im getting closer

    to my higher intution.

    Although Im here and i have gained alot of knowledge i still do things I used to

    like go to parties, meet strangers, live life on the edge..But i make a way for my spirtuality

    and my reality. I live wildly because i dont believe in RULES, rules to me are limitations

    which only Embraces my curiousity, I am adaptable anywhere i am put i can survive.

    My crazy Life ? I cant STOP, because it keeps

    my sanity it keeps me going . Before i had limitations, Now i have self-limitations, i realized i cant control things but i can control Myself, which is why i say i live so many lives in one life,

    which is why i can relate to so many people if not ALL.

    Muah 😃

  • Addictdtoriches,

    I did not investigate you, and I told you I did not. Why do you insist I have????

    And your intuition is quite good, I never suggested it was not. What are you saying here? I think you misunderstand. What I was saying is, you know about my current life situation, and kind of in general about me, from being on the same topics threads as I was, you read my posts, you did not ignore them. That is all I am saying. You are being very defensive, and it is unnecessary, but perhaps it was me that has been unclear, and that is why.

    Are we having an intuition war here? : /

    Also, did you or didn't you send things my way? I certainly got a few things that came through. Am I imagining them? Either I am, or i am not. And either you did or did not brush your hair up against my face. Pretty simple answer.

    I will let you try to figure out what is I sent your way, for a little bit more, before I tell you. I have moved you way out of your comfort zone, so I do not expect you to get it right now. That is my fault, not yours. But it will be there if and when you are open and ready.

    As far as what I would like...

    I want to get to know you better, I did get a glimpse of who you are inside, and I like it.

    If that is awkward, then it is. You will either come around, or not.

    The simplicity of the connection intrigues me, and I want to explore whatever it is some more.

    If that is awkward, then it is. You will either come around, or not.

    I want to get to know you better, if you want to give it a name, and call it friendship, that is fine, but friendship is usually built, like any other relationship. I do not know what you call an online thing like this anyway, and I am not so interested in putting a name to it. Just asking you to be open, and explore, that is it. That said, you should not think I am going to ask you out on a date or something, lets get real, I have no idea where you live in the world, and that is just to begin with. I am not looking to complicate or upset your real life, I am just asking to connect. And that is intimate in its own way, for sure, so I will not badger you about it, you are going to have to lead the way on that one. You pursued me for a reason, so you can figure out why that was, and get back to me. Alright?


  • Brian,

    Im speechless to the above part L O L, why in the world would you

    think im being defensive? Oh yeah because this through typing and

    our emotions or facial expressions cant be seen through typing L O L

    but NO WAY, i wasnt being defensive at all.

    LMAO! what makes you think i imaginally brushed my hair against your face ?

    I did not.

    No I stilll havent figured what You've sent, Come'On tell me already! haaha!

    im curious here!

    Sounds Good, Sounds Harmless.. I have no reason to decline lol, i spend

    a large amount of time here and now we have our own topic we have alot

    chatting we can do L O L.

    You can call me addictdtoriches, riches, or addictd dosent matter. 😃

    Im just online to make friends as well, and for entertainment you can say.

    uummm, woah you are funny seriously. Im still a little Lost to the reason

    why do you think I PURSUED you ? what do you mean when you say pursue ?

    p.s hahahaaha!

  • I shall call you Addie,

    : D

    Since I can not call you Alyssa or Anna or the other three names I have floating around in my head, which apparently are all incorrect. : (

    Now "speechless" to what "above part"? : / pouts Hmmm?

    I misread a great deal apparently. You are not a blonde are you? Geeze. hides face

    I thought for sure you were sending me stuff. That is what I mean by being pursued. And if you did not brush your hair against my face, then I do not know what it was, because it was pretty clear to me. Wow, now I am not sure what to think honestly. Wow back to intuition limbo again. Not good.

    You should be able to figure out what I sent you, at least try. It will be very straightforward if you can let it in. Like you said, you are being shy now. However, I put you there. We will see if you can sense it in the coming next few days. If not, I will tell you.

    What I am suggesting is a little more serious than a parlor game, I am trying to hone my intuition, and I thought you would be perfect to do that with. I do not know. We will chat.

    p.s. : p

  • I am ok thank you for asking, Addicted. Please tell us what your name is couse your screen name is too long and I don't like calling you addicted lol My daughter frustrates me but she is coming around. Every time I say samething, she always says "I know" before I will even finish what I am saying. But for someone that knows all, I (and everybody else) has to keep telling her. Drives me nuts but I will make her keep doing whatever so I can quit hearing I know! Today, I am doing everything domesticated. laundry, dishes, etc... Waiting for the dishwasher so I can wash this goop out of my hair! I am getting a guy to come help me hurricane proof my house (once I find my drill) I need to replace my ductwork for my AC. He said he would do it but He really doesn't want to . I could do it myself if I wasn't so physically challenged these days. I am in a good place right now. I hope I stay there. My daughter has gone to school 'on time' for 4 days now! Woohoo. I will give her a reward next week. As a motivational tool. I told her she can pick an item or a place she wants to go. I am also exited cause on tues., she takes team photos. I made her practice a little yesterday. That's where she knows lol Anyways, so far, so good

  • Brian,

    No Im not A blonde, 😉

    Me brushing my hair against your face may have been just a recieved

    image or feeling, i didnt intentionally send it not that i know of, but

    it is something significant about me.

    No i cannot sense anything, L O L im completely clueless.

    Me Serious ? We can try this...We'll see if it works, ill just let you know now

    serious things bore me just a little bit. ;/ i try doing everything with humor

    you know what i mean ? keeps things interesting. 😃

  • sylvannah

    You all can call me 'Ana'.

    What A wonderful feeling to have your daughter there with you,

    mother and daughter must be the best having someone there with you

    through these times. Im so glad to hear you are doing much better

    and proud of your daughter, its great shes getting to school on time

    wwoohoo! 4th time, Great! Great! how nice. Sounds good, sounds like

    your having a busy day with dishes and all, I love those day 😃 just play music

    clean around and think...L O L. Good luck to you hunney, and best wishes to you

    and your daughter so happy you two are doing well.

  • LOL Ok Ana. $ days and 1 to go lol I like spending time with my daughter when she is pleasant. She is getting pleasant more often. She is at that age where she says "I know" before you're even done saying what you were saying. If she knew, I wouldn't have to say it. I found my native american flute CD. I want to find my Enya CD. That is the only way I can meditate so far. I will clean while playng music (like that) and burning insence. I can't close my eyes. I can't help it but I don't feel comfortable with my eyes closed. And just sitting somewhere quietly, is impossible. I will get there one day but I don't see it happening in my near future. Anyways, my daughter wants to get on the computer before I make her go to softball practice. lol TTFN

  • Addie,

    Perhaps the hair thing is something signifigant about you, not sure at this point. Like I said, I am not quite sure what was going on, I was certain I received stuff, for lack of a better word, from you. I am trying to figure that out. Very strange. : /

    You will receive what I sent you, but you will have to want to receive it, that is the only thing. So I will leave it up to you to discover now. : p

    Fun and humor are good. Fine with me. Certainly do not want you to be bored. God forbid. Then we would have to get out the Ritalin for ADHDictdtoriches. LMAO

  • Brian

    Yess it is signifigant.

    okay im looking forward to figuring out what it is, ;0 soon.

    Lmao, woah! adhdictdtoriches, I see you have alot of humor huh,


  • Addie,

    Yes ADHDictdtoriches was pretty funny. Reminds me of the dog from the movie UP.

    "Look a squirrel." LMAO

    Whether something is significant depends. Was certainly pertaining to you, yes, but if you did not send it, who did? Know what I mean?

    You will pick up on what I sent you, it just may take a little while. No rush, and not overly important, just want to see if you get it eventually. It is fun and silly just like you like too.

    Okay, I am gonna give you a name of someone in my life, and you see what you can pick up on her. Her name is Amy.

    ; )


  • It is wonderful to have someone interested in you for your mind. He never even has to see you. That would make me feel wonderful. (as I am not big on people though I am a good people person.) I am feeling good today. I will clean today. I have to pick up in every room and usually, I tackle one room so this is new to me. lol but I will adjust. We have a softball game for my daughter tonight. I am willing to buy her a $30 bat so she better use it LOL

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