Reading meaning Please

  • It is in regards to my ex we split only a few weeks ago and it was a shock to all except him. He has a new woman now and is living with her. We have been together for a long while 18 years and he is saying he is confused. And that he loves me and wants to work it out.

    my reading was the celtic cross

    2 of cups





    10 pentacles

    knight of cups



    knight swords

    2 pentacles

    His birthday 18th april 1972

    Mine 27th march 1973

    I read this as we have problems in the past but we will overcome them and move on together again.

    I would love someones more experienced to look and see what they see please.

  • Am I doing something wrong? I can't get anyone to answer my questions? Please if I am insulting people let me know I am not meaning to.


  • I don't think you have done anything wrong and why hasn't anyone answered till now also I can't say. I read your cards & here is what I see...

    I see a lot of love & emotions and travel & abundance of wealth health family.

    You have a lot of major arcana cards & they all look to be working in favor of your situation. I dont know what exactly you asked, but I feel you seem to be in love and probably you have marriage on mind this time. Be sure you work on your own instincts and advice if you are working on anyone else's advice then you completely trust the person. You have a lot of hope on this & if you are thinking of marriage you should go for it. The time is right wish what you want, work towards it it will be yours.

    You seem to be ready to let bygones be bygones & move ahead in life & relations.(Hope your ex is not bullying you into anything emotionally or otherwise.)

    If you feel this was the opportunity you were looking for then act on it do not ignore it & do it fast.

    Did you have some financial gain recently or there might be one coming soon. Be careful though do not let things lead you into a world of fancy and illusions. You could be travelling also to a lake/river side. World seems to be yours right now. Everything working right for you? All this coz you have someone around you who has a big helping hand...could be your ex. You would know this better has he been helpful in making everything irght for you now or is it someone else. Do you feel he is too smart too bosting? If so I think you should be able to bring in a balance. In your life in every aspect of your life you should be able to bring in a balance, you may have to juggle a bit.

    Let me know if this helps.

  • Thankyou, it read very similar although as much as I would like to push for a reunion, right now is not the ideal moment.

    Or if it is then it hasn't revealed yet.

    Thanks for the time.

    Will let you know how it pans out.

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