Did I interpret these cards correctly? Can things really be so great?

  • Hello,

    I recently met someone at a healing touch workshop with who I worked tremendously well with. I am ordinarily socially phobic and because I live in housing for women who who have been affected by Domestic Violence; quite reserved. However, I was quite social and even gave this fellow my contact information. We have been in contact and both felt the same connection but neither of us can define it. It is deeper than just having "caught each other's eye."

    I pulled three cards using my Gilded Tarot deck using the Me Us Them spread. I asked (and agree I should have been more specific as this is the best possible outcome):

    What will be between myself and [this man]?

    I pulled (all upright):

    Ace of Cups for myself

    Page of Cups for Us as a unit

    The Star for this man

    Given that I am working hard to change a lifetime of domestic violence and unhealthy relationships and have had one stumbling block thinking I was ready, I am, naturally, nervous. I fully intend (as does he) to begin as seeing whether a friendship develops and to practice healing touch together (probably with at least one more person if we can find someone else interested). Everything will be slow to gauge my readiness )and his; I know he has just begun to move forward after a difficult relationship.

    I read this spread as saying that we will both learn much from a connection and we may both experience unconditional love for the first time in our lives (I do not see anything intimate being long lived but hopefully a friendship will be lifelong). That this connection (thanks to the messenger in the Page of Cups will be an invaluable experience.

    Am I reading this correctly?Any information?advice?interpretations?predictions etc etc etc are welcomed.

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