Hans Wolf can you help please its troubling me

  • Hi I am anna.

    Can anyone help me interpret this two celtic crosses please I am realy worried as we just bought a new house newly married and a baby due very soon:

    1 Hermit

    2 seven of cups

    3 strenght

    4 King of pentacles

    5 ace of wands

    6 8 of swords

    7 7 of wands

    8 page of swords

    9 page of cups

    10 the tower

    i asked about my future in the next twelve month on Facade although it was a second or third question i asked the same day with the same context

    than the one i done to day i asked for the 6 month ahead

    1 page of wands

    2 4 of pentacles

    3 9 of wnads

    4 Knight of cups

    5 tower

    6 2 of wands

    7 magician

    8 ace of wands

    9 page of pentacles

    10 heirphorant.

    This is realy troubling me in regards to the Tower can anyone help?

  • Before I would think about doing the interpretation of two (!) celtic crosses, you first would have to make clear what position every number means, because there are different numberings concerning the celtic cross, also there exist different notations for some positions in the celtic cross. Second you would have to make clear some of your spellings, especially "heirphorant" is absolutely unknown to me. Third you would have to make clear the difference between the two celtic crosses and why you did the second celtic cross at all.

    About the tower, there is strong dominance from some side, probably your man, which can lead to some kind of downfall or accident.

    nd be mindful: not only are you afraid of death, you

    are afraid of life too. Ego is afraid of life too,

    because in deep life experiences also it dies. When you

    really fall in love... why do you call it 'fall'? You

    fall from the ego. When you fall in love, the ego is

    shattered. That's why the real egoist never loves

    anybody -- he cannot, because he will have to descend

    from his ego tower, he will have to come down. He will

    have to hold the hand of an ordinary woman or ordinary

    man. He will have to behave in an ordinary way.

  • 1 obstacles that stand in your way Hermit

    2 Issue surrounding

    3 an approaching influence

    4 the foundation on which the situation is based

    5 your goal

    6 a passing influence

    7 your role or attitude

    8 your environment

    9 your hopes and fears

    10 outcome

    Dear Hans I did it the next day cause I was troubled by the tower

    Thank you so much for your help


  • So falling deeply in love with my husband or my baby to be could be my downfall from the tower is that correct?

  • So falling deeply in love with my husband or my baby to be could be my downfall from the tower is that correct? With your husband certainly, with your baby to be no.

    The tower shows the downfall of the ego. So your falling deeply in love with your husband could be a big ego trip and could therefore end pretty suddenly.

    It is said about Mulla Nasrudin that he was so tired

    of dinner parties, he was so fed up, and he wanted to

    get rid of all those dinner parties. He devised a

    technique. He developed a system designed to guarantee

    that he would never be invited again.

    First he would ask the woman on his right if she was

    married. If she said yes, he would ask her if she had

    any children. If she said no, he would ask her how she

    avoided it.

    Second, he would ask the lady on his left if she was

    married. If she answered no, he would ask if she had

    any children. Third, he would ask the lady across the

    table if she had any children. If she said yes, he

    would ask if she was married. Now, nobody invites him.

  • Ok Hans I am still a little hard to understand how does that relate to my celtic cross is that your interpretation of it?

  • Ok anna13, that is what I thought, in my opinion this is not a correct celtic cross, there seem to be many partially incorrect versions of the celtic cross, but I will adhere to your version:

    1 obstacles that stand in your way Hermit: Your own way stands in your way, that means this what you think of as your way is not your way.

    2 Issue surrounding: Your desires are surrounding you as foggy clouds.

    3 an approaching influence: you will learn to master your desires, but that means loss of freedom.

    4 the foundation on which the situation is based: the identification of your man with money and career.

    5 your goal: se x and more children.

    6 a passing influence: you seem to be lost.

    7 your role or attitude: like a police woman.

    8 your environment: keeping distance and mistrustful.

    9 your hopes and fears: you hope for the love of your partner and you fear that he does not respond to your love.

    10 outcome: the downfall of the ego.

    then for 6 months:

    1 the way you want to go as "your" way, is still the obstacle.

    2 your isolation

    3 You have been hurt, you are uprooted, you will throw out your grudge and anger.

    4 Someone came to you offering his heart as you wished your man would do to you.

    5 You now want that this arrogance which had hurt you will tumble down.

    6 Hectic pace is your drug, but everywhere you are feeling emptiness.

    7 You have gone one step further: you are refusing yourself and others any freedom or co-determination.

    8 There is action without meditation, strength in the service, around you.

    9 You hope for some messages, fearing that the other may be too much after his own interests.

    10 heirphorant: you will need counselling.

    So this is now my interpretation of both celtic crosses, in my post above I just wrote about the tower, your trouble Nr. 1.

    To be alone is the only real revolution. To accept that you are alone is the greatest transformation that can happen to you.

  • To be alone with a baby and a husband? ok

    Wow thats a very different revolation I always considered myself as a nice person my ego never realy played although its pretty different. Any chance you can do for me your own Celtic spread that you think is correct? I know you must be busy so thank you very much realy wantd to look at my twelve month ahead. Loss of freedom with a baby on its way is obviously something that i cannot change.


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  • Well can you please help me to understand maybe your interpretation as what Hans said its all so bad for me?

  • I had another person seeing completly different wow how different

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  • Oh ok I thought he was saying that everything is bad in my life Thanks

  • anna13,

    I thank quenkath for her explanations. Obviously she said it better than I could, at least for you.

    The interpretation of the individual cards I use is as follows:

    1. The first card is the significator if used. Otherwise it represents the general tone of the issue at hand.

    2. The second card goes on top of the first to indicate the outer appearance of the issue or the querent.

    3. The third card crosses the first both cards and shows the basic problem, obstacle or antagonist.

    4. The fourth card shows the foundation of the issue: worries, desires, influences etc.

    5. The fifth card shows the immediate past, what led the querent or the issue to the current situation.

    6. The sixth card "crowns" the situation. It is the goal, the optimum, the best outcome possible.

    7. The seventh card is the immediate future. This is not the final outcome, simply the next step on the journey.

    8. The eighth card represents the querent and how he sees the situation. It is the card of the self-image. Here you can compare your subjective understanding with the understanding of the tarot, seen in the first both cards.

    9. The ninth card represents the querent's immediate surroundings - house, workplace, people, influences, energies etc.

    10. The tenth card represents hopes and fears. It can represent aspiration or warning.

    11. This card is the final outcome. It must, of course, be read in conjunction with the other cards in the spread. Especially you can see, how the obstacle changed the optimum to the actual outcome.

    Buddha was visiting a small village. Some people

    brought a blind man to him and said, "This man is blind

    and we are his closest friends. Although we try in

    every way to convince him that there is light, he is

    not ready to accept such a fact. His arguments are such

    that we are at a loss. Even though we know that there

    is light, we have to admit defeat. The man tells us

    that he wants to touch light. Now how do we make it

    possible for him to touch light? Then the man says,

    'Ok, if it cannot be touched then I want to hear it. I

    have ears. Make the sound of light so that I can hear

    it. If this is also not possible then I want to taste

    it, or if the light has a fragrance I want to smell


    There is no way to convince the man. Light can only

    be seen if one has eyes -- and he has no eyes. He

    complained to the village people that they were

    unnecessarily talking about light just to prove that he

    was blind. He felt that they had invented the story of

    light just to prove him blind.

    So the people asked Buddha if, as he was in the

    village for a while, perhaps he could make their blind

    man understand.

    Buddha said, "I am not mad enough to try to convince

    him! Mankind's problems have been created by people who

    have tried to explain things to those who cannot see.

    Preachers are a plague to humanity. They tell people

    things which they cannot understand."

    So he said, "I won't make this mistake. I will not

    explain to this blind man that there is light. You have

    brought him to the wrong person. There was no need to

    bring him to me, take him instead to a physician who

    can treat his eyes. He does not need preaching, he

    needs treatment. This is not a question of

    explanations, or of him believing in things you tell

    him, it is a question of treatment for his eyes. If his

    eyes get cured then there will be no need for you to

    explain; he himself will be able to see, he himself

    will be able to know."

    Buddha was saying that he didn't consider religion to

    be just a philosophical teaching -- it should be a

    practical cure. So he recommended that the blind man be

    taken to a physician.

    The villagers liked what Buddha said so they took the

    blind man to a physician for treatment and fortunately

    he was cured after a few months. By that time Buddha

    had gone to another village so the blind man followed

    him. He bowed to Buddha, touched his feet and said, "I

    was wrong. There is such a thing as light but I

    couldn't see it."

    Buddha answered, "You were certainly wrong, but your

    eyes got cured because you refused to believe what

    others told you unless you experienced it for yourself.

    If you had accepted what your friends had told you then

    the matter would have ended there and no question of

    treatment for your eyes would have arisen."

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  • Thank you quenkath.

    When wisdom is complete, is it necessary to keep the

    arrogance of wisdom? When the name of wisdom shines

    with full lustre, do you have to proclaim that you are

    a sage? Actually, as long as a person asserts his

    wisdom, know that his knowledge is not complete. How

    can wisdom claim to be wise? The truth is, as soon as a

    person's knowledge is complete, he also comes to know

    that it is impossible to know. He becomes aware of the

    fact that however much one knows, there is still much

    more to be known. He becomes aware of the fact that his

    knowledge is a mere handful of water from the infinite

    ocean of knowledge, which he can never grasp within his

    hand. Actually, he alone knows whose fist is unclenched

    and who has lost all sense of grasping. He dissolves in

    the ocean of knowledge, just like salt would dissolve

    in water. There is no knower left behind. So, he who

    sets out on the path of knowledge should be prepared

    for complete annihilation. Where there is a goal in

    view, this cannot be; because there the ego is strong.

    But where the goal is absent, there is no reason for

    the ego to remain. If I have no anxiety for the

    'morrow, the 'I' in me invariably dies. If I make no

    demands on the coming moment, if I have no plans for

    the future, then only can I be happy. As soon as I give

    up all insistence, my ego has no place to stand. The

    'I' is the link between my persistent aims and plans.

    The greater our demand of the future, the greater is

    the ego.

  • You are a very deep person do you write all these yourself or you get it from books?

  • HansWolf please excuse me if I am been a bit straight forward but I read some of your responces to other people and I find that if you are in these kind of a hobby or have a gift yo need to be a bit more gentle and softer to people, as people generally come to things like that and ask if they are having troubles and are already upset and vulnerble. Regards Anna

  • My hiusband is going through court at the moment will he go to jail Hans? As I am still realy confused it sounds like I am going there...

    Anna 30/06/79

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