Espearite or anyone who can interpret spreads please have a look if you can help

  • Hi I am anna.

    Can anyone help me interpret this two celtic crosses please I am realy worried as we just bought a new house newly married and a baby due very soon:

    1 Hermit

    2 seven of cups

    3 strenght

    4 King of pentacles

    5 ace of wands

    6 8 of swords

    7 7 of wands

    8 page of swords

    9 page of cups

    10 the tower

    i asked about my future in the next twelve month on Facade although it was a second or third question i asked the same day with the same context

    than the one i done to day i asked for the 6 month ahead

    1 page of wands

    2 4 of pentacles

    3 9 of wnads

    4 Knight of cups

    5 tower

    6 2 of wands

    7 magician

    8 ace of wands

    9 page of pentacles

    10 heirphorant.

    This is realy troubling me in regards to the Tower can anyone help?

  • Hi Anna, to start I would like to touch on the "tower" as you are worried about it. I like the quote in one of my books that says " represents "man-made" beliefs & philosophies, frequently false, and the lightning from heaven which is typically shown striking the tower, is "the moment of illumination" to see things as they really are. "THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE."

    Now...your 1st reading shows the Tower in position 10 which is the "answer to your question", and being how this worried you, the second reading shows it in position 5, which is your "crowning thoughts in relation to your question. Now to me these two reading show me that the cards (or your guiding sprit, or the Universe") is/are talking to you. In otherwords, you were so worried about the "Tower" as the answer to your first question, and you (Hermit) gave careful thought, and contemplation to it, to where it showed up in position 5 "your crowing thoughts". That is a good sign, now take it one step further and do what the Hermit is supposed to..."withdrawal from the outside world and reflect to find your inner wisdom". Clear your mind of all thoughts and meditate and relax your mind and try hear that subtle voice, or go to sleep and see if your dreams tell you what or why you feel its a bad sign. If you are pregnant, your nesting instinct has probably already been set into motion. A little birdie told me not to build your nest on a weak limb, or in an area prone to high wind. Now look at cards 8S in position 6, and 7W in position 7, in the 1st reading. 6 shows you feeling restricted, and confidence is down. 7 show your ideas and beliefs are being challenged and you feel that you must defend your position. This feeling is normal, I think, for someone who just took a crash course in "family / home planning", especially in this economy. This is why the card told you ( Strength Card in position 3) to be strong. For you I will quote from my book, because I think this is a KEY point regarding your worries. “Feminine qualities such as patience & diplomacy (as opposed to aggression”, combined with courage, will achieve the required results and bring you success. This card reveals that you have a reserve of inner strength that “if you follow” the diplomacy part, and steer your man, and whom ever with “loving and subtle persistence” towards where your heart feels you should be heading. After all, your first reading shows Page of Cups in postion 9, which is what you are hoping for…generally means news of Love, marriage, and/or Birth. YES THE CARD ARE TALKING TO YOU ABOUT YOUR SITUATION.

    The Page, 9, 2, Ace of Wands, are all showing me that you need to hang in there and a positive outcome to your worries will come. ( I’m being brief, but its all good) The Hierophant (wise trusted person , maybe a teacher, good friend, or religious figure…someone respected, that you trust and hold in high regard, is the answer to your question, telling you to seek them out so they can help you with some of the same things that I think I have just told you in my “feeling” regarding your two readings.

    You will be okay if you stay strong, and do not be overly aggressive with your man, and gently keep him on track with the repairs around the house and keeping a job, and giving you the security you need right now.

    I hope this helps…Marsh

  • Wow thank you so much I can sleep now 🙂 Thank you Thank you Thank you

  • 1 obstacles that stand in your way Hermit

    2 Issue surrounding

    3 an approaching influence

    4 the foundation on which the situation is based

    5 your goal

    6 a passing influence

    7 your role or attitude

    8 your environment

    9 your hopes and fears

    10 outcome

    This was the position meannings

  • Hi Anna,

    I see you did get my response...I still think my feelings that were incorporated with my 1st response are good. The Celtic cross is what it is and the positions are similar...maybe worded differently. I see the Hermit card as I suggested that you need to look deeper inside your own self for the answer you seek. The Hermit is not an obstacle, but you not doing what it, and I suggested is. In otherwords, inner contemplation, or deep (subconscious) thinking. Your subconscious mind knows more then your conscience mind does. Yes you were worried, and strength is required for the hard road ahead, but the cards indicated that you have what it takes; you just have to believe and know it will work out. I think the tower came up just so you would seek a better understanding within yourself. I still think my conclusion and suggestions hold up for you. Be strong, say positive things, and send positive thoughts to your baby inside of you, and gentle nuges in a positive direction so you man knows how important his work, and fatherhood is in the big picture. They say that "behind every suscessful man is a good woman". I am older and have grandchildren, and now more then when I was younger realize how important a loving woman is. (Wish I had one...he, he...)

  • Thanks so much Marshland. You are quite a unique person and hopefully you will find someone special at no time xxx

  • Marshland could you do a reading for me whats in store for the next year I would like to see something thats not computer generic please?

  • will have to be this evening though...I will post it later tonight.

  • Thank you so much xx

  • DOB 30/06/79

  • May 1, 2010

    Anna 13

    Tarot Reading : Celt Cross Q= What will the next year bring her?

    Position Card

    1 Present Ace of Pentacles

    2 Influence 10 Wands

    3 Past Issues 10 Cups

    4 Immediate Past 2 Cups

    5 Crowing Thoughts 3 Swords

    6 Immediate Future Judgment

    7 Your Fears 8 Wands

    8 Environmental Factors 4 Pentacles

    9 Your Hopes Star

    10 Outcome Knight of Pentacles

    1 Your hopes are to be experiencing prosperity and material gains…

    2 Your are feeling weary and overwhelmed with responsibilities, and feel overburdened and under pressure …

    3 The Basis of your question relates to this Card…the ultimate card for the suit of love and happiness…

    4 This is Happening to you…a welcome card for romantic relationships…you will move on to the next level, and if there have been quarrels or disputes between you and your man, then this card is or soon will bring you back together…

    5 As indicated in 4...your thoughts and worries are do to you either experiencing stormy emotions and possibly quarrels which you fear could lead to a separation if this escalates…

    6 As you sow, so shall you reap…this card represents a time to be happy, with new beginnings afoot… It indicates that the seeds you have previously planted, and your past efforts, are now being rewarded…

    7 You fear that you will not see what this card could bring you…which is Swift-moving positive energy coming into play…You Fear that it won't, but I see it happening…That is “A sudden burst of activity and excitement, following the arrival of good news. Anna13...Fear not as this will happen…

    8 Is someone viewing you as being too cautious with what little money you are trying to save? Or possibly this is a factor in your feeling of insecurity? This also reminds me of my previous analysis or the reading you were worried about do to the "tower". Remember my thoughts and feeling about the tower card and your nesting instincts. Could it be that you are so worried about what is going on all around you do to the economy, and lack of money and security. Believe me a great majority of people are experiencing this…NOW THIS CARD in this position tells me that you fears is causing problems in your relationship…Let your man know how you feel, but let him know that its okay to blow a little “hard earned dough” on a little stress relief for his burden trying to provide for you…This is how you provide for him by letting him know that you are on his team, and boys do need a little “coo coo” time cause it gives them a new perspective on life. You Just need to keep it under control, you remember my first response to the readings that you posted…here is a quote…“Feminine qualities such as patience & diplomacy (as opposed to aggression”, combined with courage, will achieve the required results and bring you have a reserve of inner strength that “if you follow” the diplomacy part, and steer your man, and whom ever with “loving and subtle persistence” towards where your heart feels you should be heading.

    9 Your hopes in relation to your question is by a strange coincidence represented by the “STAR” card, which is why I put emphasis on it as it is in the 9 position which is “your hopes” or what you wish for…The STAR card brings a sense of optimism and tells us to have faith, safe in the knowledge that better times are ahead of us. In relationships, it can show the healing of rifts, harmonious living conditions, and hope for the future. For those who have been hurt in love, the STAR provides the confidence to leave the past behind and find love again, knowing that better things are destined.

    Now Anna 13, remember this card in position 9 is just that “what you are hoping for”, and to me it reconfirms what I said about your other readings, that “THE CARDS ARE TALKING TO YOU”, I am just the messenger in this case.

    10 Outcome, or the answer to your question…“what’s in store for the next year”? The good news because the cards are talking to you and telling a story of a situation that is worrying you to the point that you are seeking help because you what to know how to fix it. If you heed the advise that this reading and the one you had me look into, then all will be good. For the Knight of Pentacles is always a pleasing card to see, for it means that something one has been waiting for finally comes through…and this can relate to any area of life, whether work, money, or love. If you have a situation that you have methodically developed and patiently waited for and as yet have seen no results, you will find them forthcoming at last!!!

    I have to say that I stand by my previous thought that I mentioned again in position 8 above (Feminine qualities such as patience & diplomacy ) and also what I mentioned about being strong in your mind. I think if you work on any issues that I think the cards are eluding to then you will be fine, and you can now concentrate on being a healthy expecting mother, and knowing that the baby as well as you and your man will be okay too.

    Here are some things that you need to be aware of…You have keen Feelings of intuition and gut instincts, but be careful not to jump to conclusions, especially during a full moon, as the light of the moon can create illusions, shapes and shadows that are not what they seem. Its wise to be watchful but not to act in haste, taking time until the situation has revealed itself more clearly…Also, I see happy news relating to a birth…Also, I see you have had a situation that has not been going as you had anticipated, and/or you just feel your luck is bad. You feel something or someone, is not treating you fairly, possibly a greedy person, or a theif…some feeling of “unfairness” somehow. Be mindful, and remember…Forewarned is forearmed…Also, there is an element of loss, and difficulty, which is probably what you have been going through, and as far the next year…The outcome is now dependent upon the actions you take to avert whatever situation you are faced with, because Action Shapes Destiny… Be strong, gentle, loving, guiding, and positive…

    I hope this give you some sense of relief


  • Thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Anna13...please let me know the cards were in anyway relating to your situation...I don’t know anything about you other then what I have read here. Your birth date at least gave me some insight…Cancer is my favorite Sign, my favorite people in my life are Cancer’s. My best friend and my daughter’s birthday’s are a day apart July and my other good friend and son are Taurus.



  • Dear Marshland,

    I think that the cards are insightfull and full of information. I have been stuck to much in the cards worried and concerned during a few readings each day and I think I need to let go of that as it was becoming unhealthy for me. I have had an awfull insight by one gentelman that seems to be very respected in this forum Hans wolf and he decided to tell me that my year ahead is bad my husband doesnt love me and he is cheating on me my job is not safe I was so distressed with all that it ruined my weekend I accused my poor husband of something that i shouldnt have his negative feeds alot of people here. Where you on the other have shed the positive light and positivity in the situations.. I think the best way to predict the future is to create it. I have also asked if he thinks its ok to stress pregnant people and he told me he sees nothing wrong with that. Furthering my investigation I discovered that he thinks that everyones husband or boyfriend is cheating and no one loves noone. So thank you for your insight and I think you should continue to inspire people in the positive way.. Lots of Love your friend Anna

  • Do as you Will, but harm no one...Thanks for the insight...I think you have the power to shape your destiny, and if your husband is smart, he will feel your positiveness shining through, and your warm glow, and touch, and hold on tight to you. The economy has been a big factor is a lot of peoples stress, so you have to be positive and strong. All in all, I feel that you have learned from your search for answers and will have a good year.

    Thanks for being my friend...Marsh

  • Marsh I want to continue staying friends... Regards Anna xx

  • Anna, I agree with your response about negative riddlier on this site. I think its kind of crazy (or sad ) that so many people are flocking to what seems to be an unemployed shrink with a lot of negative energy that is referred to as a sense of humor....I don't get the responses and stories that do not seem to have anything to do with Tarot, or Psychic, or the questions for that matter, just a strange ego. What’s even stranger is how people respond to the "fancy worded" answers with to their questions, and are so humble, and grateful that "anyone" even responded, even though they did not get an answer that made sense. Unfortunately I do not think anyone is actually being helped. That's the sad part.

  • LOL Marshland you are absolutly right... I am happy you have had a look at his forums this man he doesnt even beleive in god but I dont really understand why so many people clinghing to something that seems to be so negative.. Like I said I hope god gives this man help he is lonely in life and will remain like that its sad that he is posining so many people.. Hope alot of people take it with a pinch of salt.. And he just finds his way to occupy his time in a more positive way..Deep from my heart I send him lots of love as sometimes I feel thats what some people are missing... Lots of Love Anna

  • Anna, I should not have been so hard, but I was a little disturbed that he had upset you. I was negative myself, and reacted like "humans do". There seems to be so many people trying to get an answer to something (mostly dealing with the bottom line, a mate, or lack there or) One thing that I read that was positive was when he told a woman who was stressing over something (hysterical), and he told her to jump up and down and shake her body in everyway until she had an orgasm, they towel off and take a shower. I had to laugh when I saw that. So you are right…I wish him the best in his journey, and my peace be with him and who he consoles.

    lots of that good stuff to you as well...M

  • God Love you

    hey Marshland if you are still around how do you look at these?

    1 queen of wands

    2 king of cups

    3 magician

    4 page of pentacles

    5 knoght of cups

    6 9 of cups

    7 Knight of swords

    8 tower

    9 queen of pentacles

    10 10 of pentacles

    another future spread I done just trying to learn how to combine them its easy to know the meanings but its hard to combine what they are in relation to?


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