Brian tristan

  • ok b

    since you are still awake i have a ? for you

    don't know if you need any of this but my bday is 11/16/75

    the person i have been with is 1/12/70 and a new person that is in my life is a pisces

    do u see anything with either of these men or possibly someone else

  • the pisces is 3/6/71

  • LOL hold on

  • no worries 😉

  • 1chellee,

    What is wrong with the 1/12/70 guy? You are still together or not? That is quite unclear to me.

  • technically we have never been in a clearly defined relationship -- i took a yr break from him now we are talking again

  • he has been in my life for 4 yrs now

  • the pisces was kinda thrown at me by a mutual friend -- and since i am not in a relationship i have been talking on and off to both

    not sure if i should continue this way or make a choice or maybe continue to wait and see what else is out there

  • 1chellee,

    I get a great deal of confusion coming from you, and your relationships are very undefined to me, because you do not know.

    I think perhaps you have two issues here. First, you need to figure out what these people are in your life. Having no clear idea of who these people are does not seem to be doing you any good what so ever. Second, you do not NEED to have a man in your life. If a frog just hopped from rock to rock, and never got in the water, it would dry out. You can go into the pond of being single, and you will not die, I assure you.

    And a break from all this, and just being on your own, single, will give you a chance to get in touch with yourself. You need some clarity, and that means space for just you.

    Take an evening and take a nice relaxing bath (by yourself) with candles and all that stuff, and the next night eat a snack and watch a movie (by yourself), and so on. Have a date week with yourself, and see how your mind is at the end of that week. The next week do the same thing, but make it bonding time with the girls week. What you are doing is breaking your patterns, that you are so locked into, so you get yourself to a place where you can look at both of these guys, and say him, or him, or neither. You know the answer, you are just way to used to hopping from rock to rock, to make any reasoned decision now.

    The hopping from rock to rock (guy to guy), or having this guy, with the other guy on the side, is for you a very bad thing. It does not sync up with who you are at your core, and causes great conflict. You are an one man woman, so you need to get a committed guy. That is the bottom line. But it has to be the right committed guy, not just any old committed guy.

    God Bless,


  • b

    i have been single for yrs

    i have been this way so i can learn who i am and what i want

    and now i know who i am -- i just want to know if you see me with either of these men

    none of us is getting any younger and i don't want to continue w someone who doesn't want to be with

    that is why i ask what do you see for me

  • i want you to know i do hear what you are saying

    and this is a huge part of the reason why i am asking

    because i want to only be with one man at this point in my life

    i feel like the cap is my soulmate but he is going through his own issues at this time and i don't know where i fit in his life

    the pisces was kinda thrown at me by a friend -- he is a very nice guy and i see we get along fairly well i am holding back from him becuz i am still in love with the cap

    so basically what i am asking is do the cap in i have a future -- if we don't should i move on with the pisces or just chill for another 8 yrs-- something i really don't want to do-- but will if neither of these men is right for me

  • 1chellee,

    You know the answer is what I am telling you; him, him, or neither. One of the three.

    You are locked up, you have put undo pressure on yourself, and now you throw in the ticking hands of time. You need to relax in order to come to a decision, you are not relaxed. My point was to relax. How can you think when you are locked up? You can not.

    I get no clear direction one way or another on this. You long term guy you think is a slug, but you are definitely unsure about the newer guy. That does not help me much. And you are not really single, not attached attached no, but not single. A single person, someone who has no men in her life, would not be having this difficulty, it would be much clearer.

    What I see is you doing something to unwind your mind, like take this weekend and pamper yourself, and do not worry about it. Once you stop worrying, the answer you want will come to you, but it will not come to someone else.

    You can do zodiac sign compatibility, birth chart compatibility, and all that stuff if you like (if it will help you do it), but I still see the correct answer being inside of you, and only you can unlock that.

    God Bless,


  • b

    i don't think he is a slug i know he is 😉

    it's been 4 yrs and he hasn't made a decision becuz of his own fears-- which pushes me away

    with mercury in retro it hasn't really helped our communication at this time

    i fear holding on becuz i am unsure where i stand with him and i don't want to hold onto someone who is unsure about me us and our future-- he has been hurt in the past (family wise and i think that is what holds him back from moving forward with anybody

    mind u i have probably been the one who has been the closest to him but that just isn't enuff for me anymore and when i ask him i get no definite answers

    that is why i ask

  • my mind is clear

    i want to be with the cap

    i just don't know if he wants to be with me seriously and the problem is becuz of where he is in his life he does not want to make any definite decisions in regards to us

    plus he has women all around him all of the time old ones new ones and future ones

    given the line of work he is in -- which also keeps him from making a clear decision when it comes to us

  • 1chellee,

    Okay, there you go, you want to be with the Cap. You did know. Good.

    Now, you must move to the second question, is this going to work?

    You can not force him to make it work, he has to participate himself.


    So, you need to evaluate that.

    Plenty of ways to do that, and they can include things like counseling, couples counseling, or a self help book on relationships (but not Cosmo LOL). Any of that seem silly or extreme? It should not, you want answers. What you need is an answer for yourself, so you can get this moving, or move on.

    There is plenty of confusion for you, and for him, that is why I do not have any sort of answers for you regarding the matter, I can not pick up anything but confusion. And, as far as what will happen, which is what you want to know, there are so many variables here that it seems to me that one decision could change the direction of the whole thing.

    So, my best advice to you is this, the answer you seek lies within YOU, and how you go about getting at that is your business. You seem very conflicted on this matter, tied up into knots, so it may be worth your while to consider sitting down and talking to a counselor to help you figure this all out. You deserve an answer for yourself, you are certainly a decent enough of a person to have at least that. I am sorry I could not be more helpful, but sometimes the answers we seek are with in us, we just need to clear away the junk on top of it.

    I know this is hard for you, please do not think I do not appreciate that, but I would be remiss if I just tried to make you feel better. You asked for what I see, and what I see as the path forward, and I shared it with you. I hope it is helpful. The comfort you seek, are in the actions you will take.

    God Bless,


  • Hello Mr. Brian Tristan;-)

    Just have to say.. You have gone from being a "newby" to being a "man in demand "around here in short order! Lol. Hows it going with your Cappy girl or is that old news?

    P.S. Checked out your birth chart.. Interesting interpetations on some of your aspects

  • Hi Mellove,

    I pick up what I can pick up, and that is about it. Sometimes I get nothing, so I hope I am not in demand. Please do not say that. Good Lord! LOL

    The Cap Girl is going to be resolved in the long term, not the short. So no news. LOL

    My birth chart was interesting. I said it was not accurate, but perhaps if what we do is try to live by our positive aspects and qualities, then maybe we nullify the negative quite a bit. I did see stuff on the chart that is the opposite of how I act and think, so maybe that is it.

    How are you? And how is your life going?

    Good hearing from you,


  • Not accurate huh? Not by a long shot if you ask me.. Ha ha. I'm as frisky and tortured as ever.

    BTW I stick with my previous assesement;-) LMAO.

    What do you do for a living B?

  • Mellove,

    LMAO Like I said, it comes down to what qualities we capitalize on. Freewill trumps all I think.

    Your friskiness is good it makes you feel young and alive, but it bad because you seek it too much, and create situations you would otherwise avoid. Is that where the tortured part stems from?

    OMG, what was your previous assessment? Of me you mean? OMG LOL

    What do I do for a living is best answered as what have I done for a living. ROTFLMAO I currently do stuff with computers and networks. I have worked as a bartender (like being a psychologist / priest / social worker / drug dealer is more like it), a teacher, a college resident life staff person, and a property manager. Short time to have done so many different things I know. LOL

  • Haha. The teacher and bartender I can see. Can also picture you in sales. I have been told I could sell ice to the eskimoes and some of our placements jibe. Friskiness is just a part of me that is essential to my being. Lol. No reason for being tortured. I've been told I have moxie and likened me to the poem about the girl, that had a curl right in the middle of her forehead....

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