Mercury Retrograde is ruing everything for me.

  • How much longer is the Mercury Retrograde going to turn? Everything has gone so wrong for me. I was supposed to get back together with this guy that I have fought for these past 6 years and waited for at the time, soon..then out of plain sight..some other chick came along and took him away from me. I know this Mercury Retrograde is to blame for it. This wasn't supposed to happen. I do a lot of tarot readings and they indicated that i was going to be in a relationship soon with him. Nowhere in the reading it said, a another person or an interference was going to happen. or come along for that matter. I'm more than certain, this Mecury Retrograde is to blame for it. Maybe once it is over, maybe things will start to looking up for me then. Is anyone else going throught this?

  • Hey GrungyChick....come find us at this thread about Mercury Retrograding....

    We're in it with you!


  • I will post my issue there. Thanks.

  • ME too. at the moment i feel like a hamster in her little wheel. and the wheel is giving me a

  • haha....I agree StClaire....I agree. Sheeshh....

    I was talking to a new friend today about becoming a Reiki healer and she was saying that during your attunement all sorts of negative, ucky things come to surface for like 21 days. After I explained the Retro period and said I would start the training after May 11, she was like " that's what's going on. Geez, I was beginning to wonder." Ya, wait until this is over before you start. LOL.

  • Yes aunt luck to you on that .do wait though! you dont want to have go bad for you! according to mergie dont start anything new! definetly! im looking for a new job and am afraid to start one till after may 11 which is way too long to wait, its driving me ti feel so very confused.... the reiki sounds so very cool though love it!

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