New relationship

  • i would just like some insight for when im going to have my next relationship and if it will be good

  • AngelGirll,

    You need to take a breather, a break from relationships. Your own self worth is so tied to a relationships that you end up strangling the life out of them. Until you learn to value yourself, you will not have a relationship for good. It is the old, you can not love someone else, until you love yourself. You need to work on yourself, with a self help book, or a professional counselor, before you can ever expect to have a healthy stable relationship.

    That may all seem very harsh to you, but if you take care of your own issues now, which will be hard for you I know, then later you will have a wonderful life with someone who loves you for you. Your choice.

  • I no i totally understand what your getting at here, im impressed how you picked up on how i dont value myself, i've got so many issues but its like i just want someone there to love me i guess i need a break and learn to build myself up i just dont want to not have someone for ages

  • AngelGirll,

    What you will read as an underlying theme on any of these forums is quite simple,

    the energy you give off, is the same energy you attract back to yourself, like a magnet.

    So if your are insecure, then you will attract insecure people to you, it may be expressed in different ways, you may cling, they may be controlling, but it is still insecurity.

    For you, it boils down to, no one can love you, until you love yourself. And none of us are perfect in that area, but there is a basic level you must get to to be lovable. A professional counselor is the quickest way to get there, a self help book on self esteem can also work too. You do not have to try and do it on your own, and I would not suggest it.

    That does not mean you are broken, it just means you have guided yourself into the wilderness, and need some resources to get you back to the trail. Do not be afraid to ask for help AngelGirll. And focus on now, not how long it may take. You will get there if you focus on each step, instead of the distance. Focusing on the distance is how you declare defeat before you have even started.

  • Hello Brian Tristan could I have your insight as well please?

    I think that my Exboyfriend is thinking about closing his business and moving elsewhere. He basically has had it with his idiotic employees!!

    The problem is that I want to talk to him, before he moves on with his life. He did not give me complete closure. I would feel A Lot better if we talked, and decided to give each other complete closure, or renew what we had. Should I contact him before the end of April; or, wait until May to contact him??

    Myself: April 21,1973

    Exboyfriend: June 30,1950

    Your insight please 🙂

  • Pilot007,

    I will try to help you out, the best I can. I can feel your ex is under a great deal of stress. It seems to be coming from multiple directions (not just his business). That is all I get, but it is pretty intense, very volatile emotions, swinging back and forth.

    I get the following kind of feelings (which are in no way absolute Pilot007) that if he will still be around in the beginning of May, after the retrograde though, to have a conversation then. But I am not so sure he will be around. That does not really help, it complicates it, but that is what I am getting, but faintly. It is either me, or it is all up in the air when he will leave.

    As far as everyday common sense (not part of the reading), people under stress coming from many directions, usually jettison everything they think they do not need, or things that cause more stress. So, it is hard to say what to do right now. If I were you, I would get a chart reading done for both of you, and see what that says. There are topics on the forums here somewhere that deal with that. And I would read the topics dealing with "mercury in retrograde", and see what you think. Getting those two things done will give you better information than what I can, and something more solid to go on, and I do not feel I told you anything you do not already know. Sorry.

  • Thank You Very Much Brian. I think that I will have our charts done.

    Thank You for the reading.

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