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  • I am on the search for a nice guy, i dont need to be told that i base my life on relationships, i just want what everyone else wants someone to love me, ive been speaking to this guy jake for last couple of days and i wanted to know if we will go any further than friends really be nice if i could have some feedback on this i really like his personality πŸ™‚

  • AngelGirll,

    As long as you do not tie your own self worth up in a guy, you will do well. The thing with Jake is just developing, so I do not know where it is going, but he likes your personality also. Just take your time, and enjoy the journey, you will be surprised how far things go when we do not put expectations on a relationship like this. Best wishes.

  • yes it is only just developing πŸ™‚ we really do get along, so i just hope it works out the way i want it to because i havent had much luck in the past but its nice to know he likes my personality aswell

  • AngelGirll,

    If you do not relax and enjoy the ride, and you put to much "OMG this has to work, this has to work" thoughts into the relationship, you could end up sabotaging it. It is very important for you to take things as they come, and enjoy what it is at any given time, as opposed to what it could be. If you hold on loosely, and do not strangle the life out of this relationship (which is why things have not worked in the past), this one could work out very nicely.

  • Thanks Brian, I've took on what you have said, and I know where you are coming from i end up messing everything up because i have high exspectations and i try too hard if i want to get anywhere im going to have to start relaxing and not forcing anything

  • AngelGirll,

    Does worry ever make a situation better? Does forcing something to get what you want, end up getting what you want in the end? Do needy people get what they need because they are needy?

    No, no, and no. Worry is debt paid forward on something that has not, or will not happen. Forcing ones own wants usually makes sure those wants are not met, and if they are what you get is something no one else would want anyway. Needy people can stop being needy when they take care of their own needs, and once those needs are satisfied they can begin to be the driver of their own destiny.

    It is ALL about attitude. If you are needy, you will repel what you want. You need to have solid self esteem, and give off that energy that you are okay with yourself, in order to attract the things you wish. That simple.

  • I've took on board what you have said, i havent been desprate or needy with him, to the point he actually dosen't think im intrested in him now and is having doubts, so either way i dont no how im soposed to win

  • AngelGirll,

    The direct approach is always one to consider. If someone is confused about what you think or feel, it works quite well to just tell them. And your attitude, take a look at your post, now you have self defeat going on, "how am I suppose to win". How about this, be honest, and let the cards fall as they may. Sometimes you have to play to win or lose. Sometimes we lose, yes, but eventually we will win. All you need to do is win one time, to get what you want girl. So play your hand.

  • i no i need to stay postitive im trying but not to hard, and hopefully i win this one πŸ™‚

  • AngelGirll,

    Keep yourself positive, very important. And just communicate with this guy. Tell him you think he is special, intelligent, and you like him, really whatever you like about him, that works. Compliments are good, saying you will die if you do not see him everyday bad. LOL

    You can do this, pull it together. When you get up in the morning, you do your hair, make up, pick out a nice outfit, it just not just happen. Same thing here, and you CAN do it. I have confidence in you.

  • BrianTristan, can you help me aswell?

    I need to know if Tom is the one I am meant to spend the rest of my life with, when, where and how I will meet him, why I feel like there is something about Bill that I canΒ΄t wrap my head around, is he instead of tom the one i am mean to spend my life with? and if my dream about becomign a rockbands personal makeupartist will come true before I turn 23, or 24

    Could you please help out on this?

  • Hello to everyone;

    What is interesting is;we as women think so complicated..that makes things complicated..But as BrianTristan said;we need to be just relax.

    Just let the things go..

    Be positive..

    kisses and good luck!

  • Thanks :), Im also a very jealous person so im going to haveto keep these jealous feelings under controll even though i just want to say ''whats this!'' lol oh god glad someone has some confidence in me

  • Very true chocolatebox, we sit there making storys in our heads and then start to believe its what is happening

  • I will get to your posts when I can, just letting you know I have seen them.

  • angelgirl,

    I feel you have a good heart as your nickname:)

    Love will come through πŸ™‚

    good luck


  • thanks chocoltebox :), hopefully Kisses x

    Brian can you please help me out a little, i no your probley busy so just get back to this whenever you've got time, ive only met him once last week and its like when we are both out socalizing with our friends on the weekend, why isn't he stepping forward asking to see me in the week on our own we speak everyday its not like we have anything to do.

  • Bellasweden,

    You can become a rock bands personal makeup artist if you wish, but it will not be your life's work. If you do do it, it will be for a tour or two.

    The person you will spend the rest of your life with is right under your nose, you already know him, but right now you would not see him in that way, but you will start to in the next year. I have no name for you, but you will know who it is when you start to realize what is going on. I do not think it is a Tom or a Bill though, might be, but I do not think so.

  • AngelGirll,

    Well ask him to see a movie, or go for a walk, anything. Girls can ask guys to do things. That is quite different than forcing something to happen, it is just being proactive. An invite is an invite, and sometimes they get turned down, so you can try again if it does. But you should not force anything, talking on the phone everyday, and seeing each other once a week maybe all he is willing to do right now, and it is something. Making plans to see him twice this week, and twice in a couple of weeks from now may be with in what he would want to do, and would make you a bit happier.

  • Angellgirl....

    I'm in my 50s... My ex left me for alcohol. And I too, am looking for a nice guy and relationship...because I long for someone to share with as well. It is just my nature.

    I'm sorta/kinda starting a relationship too...maybe. We met on a very popular dating site, and we have been talking on the phone. Not every day (he's a rancher and this is a very busy time of year)...but we have much in common.

    Like you, I am trying not to read too much into anything and your getting good advice and I needed to hear it too. Don't put too much into anything. Enjoy him as a human being (not as a potential mate).... (and I am saying this for me AND you!)... Timing is everything. And just be you.

    I'll send a prayer for you and Jake. Cross your fingers for me too???

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