Concerned about relationship potential

  • These are really quite significant cards- The lovers isn't just about being in love but often appears when someone has to make a crucial life decision. It suggests that he is thinking about where this new relationship will take him. It can suggest a time of testing before a commitment is made- my instincts are telling me this mans life is far more complex that you realise and that he isn't sure how you are going to fit into it. The page of coins suggests that he is quite practical and business minded so i don't get the sense he is the kind of person who normally rushes into anything and therefore perhaps is being fairly out of character with you which is overwhelming for you- he is definately hoping that this relationship goes somewhere but you need to check that it is the same place you see it going. The star is telling you to rely on you intuition and follow you gut feelings for a positive outcome- i would suggest the power is in your hands not his to move the relationship on as he does not seem able to himself but that doesn't mean it is not worth pursuing you need to take the lead.

    Hope this is useful-let me know- Kiki 🙂

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