Concerned about relationship potential

  • I met a man about 3 weeks ago and it was love at first sight, definitely for me and I sense for him too.

    We have met several times since then and each time he seems totally smitten with me (though in the last time was trying not to show this)

    At the end of each meeting he always expresses a strong wish to see me again, the very next day, but doesn't follow up on this for several days.

    I asked 3 separate questions with the following::-

    1. What is going on with him?

    The Lovers

    1. What is he planning to do about the relationship?

    The Page of Coins

    1. What should I do about him?

    The Star

    I realize these are overall positive cards, it's just that he doesn't seem to be DOING anything to move things along

    He doesn't even call me in between for a chat or whatever

    I can't stop thinking about him

    but when I don't hear anything I tell myself that maybe I imagined the whole thing and should just forget about it????

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  • kiki ,

    can you do a reading for me on my ex dob is 11 02 71 and if you need mine it is 10 22 69. thank you in advance if you will.

  • Of course I will libralady- could you start a new thread? I'll try to do it tomorrow 🙂

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