• I owe Twinsoul a apology for saying you were arrogant and sarcastic by the advice you had so willingly gave me and i am grateful for your insight and you were right and i am attempting to do something i have been threw a lot in my life and a lot of pain and i have always fought my way back quick but the last 15 months has whooped my aaaa.I am grateful for the friends i have met here and i hope i can be as good of friend as you all have been to me .Twinsoul i hope you forgive me for my harsh words and i love you for your kindness and giving but i am still getting a message for you of this darkness deep within and it has to do with 2 men but i am told it is blocking you to be your fullest and so you can be given what your heart desires it has come to me about 3 times i do not know any more than what has come to me or why. DelbertC

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