Can i get a reading from espearite???

  • I have checked some of the messages here and I would really appreciate if u could give me some light, as I am kind of lost lately.

    I had a very bad break up over one year ago. It took me ages to pick up the pieces of me left, and keep going, but all that time I had the great support of a collegue at work that was amazing with me. He was interested on me but understood that I needed my time. Just this year, when I realized that I wanted him in my life, and I was finally 100 per cent ready to start a relationship, he went on holidays to his country and when he came back he changed with me. The reason...he came back with a relationship (although his girlfriend is in his country). This is killing me now, because our relationship is very difficult now... when we forgot about the world everything is like before... but sometimes I think about her, or I guess he thinks about her and we push eash other away. The strange thing is that he hasn´t even told me about this relationship. It is something we haven't discussed.

    What can u tell me about his feelings for me??? about that relashionship with her??? I think he is thinking about leaving this country and going back home. I really want this man in my life...the connection we have is amazing, and when we are together is pure happiness. Is it possible an US??? I don't really know the exact questions I should ask, so feel free to tell me whatever u feel like... I would be really thankful. I don't know if u need other information, but i would give u our names in case... my name is Maribel (and i'm sagittarious), and he is called Povilas (aquarius).

    Thank u in advance 🙂

  • Sure, I will put you on my list. I will be making an update of it in my thread. I will answer your question in this thread though. Ttyl.

  • Hi espiearite. I'm so glad that u kindly do readings.I'm really in a tough situation. sorry I get ur time but i have to tell my story. It's more than 2 years that I know a man.we visited in a work place and befriended. He is 16 years older than me and I knew that he is married but I felt that he is lonely.He was kind with me but said nothing about his feelings.just once he said he dosn't have a good relationship with his wife but he doesn't want a divorce because he loves their son and if they divorce the son would live with the mother... That time it made sense to me.but little by little I understood that he loves me but doesn't explain it.some one told me his wife has gone to a witch to do sth that keeps the guy for her.Me and this guy are just friends and have never dated so far.We live in two different cities.About one month ago I had a trip to his city and told him I want to see him but he didn't respond.I got back to my home town.and kept messaging him till last week that I was restless and I send him an email and told bitter things to him.He knows I love him and he loves me too but acts indifferently.He answered and said it's over between us.I wonder if that witch has done sth to him or he himself has made his mind about me.Plz be my saviour and help me.does he come back to me? lately I have contacted him so much.My pride is hurt. now I'm not willing to try any more.Does he come back? What shoul I do? plz do a relevent reading for me.

  • Hi espiearite,

    date of birth 23rd September 1990

    time 06:10 AM

    place Rohtasgarh, Bihar, India

    I am deeply connected with a boy ( 11 September 1988, 06:10AM, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India).

    Our relationship started in April 2009. We got along so well as if we were soul mates and made for each other... But due to some financial and domestic problems we could not gear up our relationship the way it should have been.

    Now he says that he loves me but cannot make the move as he is not financially stable and mentally too.

    But I feel a very deep and soul-type connection with him. He and his family come in my dreams to answer my questions and want me to become the daughter-in-law of their family..

    Also, I have a "K"formed on my left hand palm with the lines...

    What all does this mean..?

    Is there any thing important I should know about this relation ?


    My question is why he and his family come in my dreams to answer my questions and say they want me to become daughter-in-law of their family..?

    Second Who is he? Why do I feel a deep connection with as if I have known him for lives.... and I feel like I have lost him in my previous lives but this time I cannot..




  • @ droiched, I drew some cards for you and this is what they tell me. Just one thing, I'm not sure how you know about all this if he didn't tell you?

    Where you stand with him. The Moon reversed. It's obvious he's feeling uneasy about all of this. There are definitely feelings of him being uncertain and anxious. There is some anxiety involved with this card also. It's as though he doesn't know what will happen between the both of you. It's not a great card to get when you're trying to make sense of life. It's even a scary time for him with regard to you.

    Course of your relationship with him. Queen of Pentacles. I'm not sure how to interpret this, other than you will continue with what you have now. It will be the friendship you're having already at work. It shows me a relationship that will be "all business" if it hasn't gotten there already. I get a feeling of it just being more cool. You will have to put extra effort in having this friendship, and you might be the one to take charge in all of this, because this is what the queen does. It shows me a very mature, hardworking woman. It may also indicate that you continue to seek the security that this relationship gives you, meaning what it once was.

    What you should do. Nine of Swords reversed. I think you've been having long nights about all of this and this card tells you not to worry. It does not mean things will necessarily get better between the both of you, but you need to go easy on yourself. Come out of your thoughts for a while because this cards shows me that it is affecting you. It also suggests a more passive role toward the situation, i.e., don't do anything to upset him or yourself or the situation that's happened. The energy will change for you.

    I hope this does shed some light into things for you and has helped, droiched. I wish you the best.

  • Hi E

    Thanks..but one thing I did not get :

    Just one thing, I'm not sure how you know about all this if he didn't tell you?

    What do I know and what has he not told me yet?



  • Thank u so much espearite...

    To be honest, I am still so confused. I think that the reading matches perfectly well the confussion of all the situation we are living now.

    I tried not to think about all that, because it is affecting me so much, but it's not easy. It was a beautiful story that has turned so sad... 😞

    Anyway, thanks for ur reading. I read that u are going to focus on ur studies, so...all the best!!! 🙂

  • curious she was doing the reading for Droiched not you

  • dear espearite

    Please enlighten me on where this relationship is going?

    he 3/25/66, me 3/13/62. thankyou for your timeand assistance.

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