Tell us about your 2008

  • 2008 was a year of ups and downs and shifts all around ... for the world, the country, and for you, our members.

    How did our expert forecasters do on last year's 2008 Forecasts? Did they give you useful insight, or were they off the mark? How was your 2008 in general?

  • Actually you were right on the mark... I've had all of it happen... almost right on schedule... it was a very intense year... and there were some areas where things seemed too good to be true... and they were.... but once I set my mind on specifics... it was amazing... I was trying to go into another field but I was not suppose to be there... so I changed my direction and went for what I really wanted to be and do... and it has been the most incredibly wonderful year... and I'm quite sure that 2009 will be even more exciting.. but I have worked extremely hard and I know that I have a lot more work to do but when I perserve and keep my head to the grindstone and look back everyonce in a while... it is incredible to see where I have been and where I'm going... and the new endevours that I'm taking a part of are amazing... I wouldn't even have thought of it a couple of years ago.. and amazingly enough... I did start on this part-time career way back in 2003-2005... you are so on the mark ... it's uncanny.... but very wonderful... thank you

  • The beginning of my 2008 was great. I had just started my new job and was on my way to a trip to the Bahamas in the Summer with some of my best friends.And I start my fall semester of college and I sign for all the classes I wanted. And I turned twenty-one and everything went down hill. I was happy at first until my best friend told me that she liked this guy and that they were dating. i try to keep from crying. My friend did not know that I liked the guy too. Well, that really devastated me because I liked the guy for a long time and a lot . But I came to realize that I could never have him and just accept the whole ordeal. I came to also realize that it was my fault because I had a lot of chances to tell me but never did. Because I was scared. Now I am hoping 2009 will not bring surprises similar to that one.

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