I Just Want us All To Feel Peace

  • Hi everyone,

    I think we are all feeling too much stress at moment, our own issues and of others, I for one is feeling very disoriented with the energies of late, I'm feeling a bit despaired in all the suffering of the beautiful souls on here, so I visited my YT channel, I called myself "Aurasmum" on there when I signed up....none of my girls are called Aura,...that is the name of my Lippizaner Horse when she comes into my life...lol.. I don't go on YT often these days, but I just felt the need to watch one of the videos I made last year, a video of the beloved Dolphin...I felt so much more relaxed after seeing it again that I wanted to share it with you all, I just ADORE these wonderful loving creatures!....I really do hope you feel a little more relaxed after watching!!...

    please kick off your shoes and relax and enjoy....

    much love and joy to you all, I feel I'm getting to really know some of the beautiful energies on here and I want to share as much joy and peace as I can conjure up!...hope I don't get on your nerves x x x




  • No way Hope Eternal, thanks!

  • Thats just very lovely! of you to do that

  • Denise, are you an empath? if so thats why you may be feeing that way, picking up on the energies here can be very draining my dear. take a little break maybe? and see if you feel better..................peacefulness to you denise!

  • Thank you for your well wishes stclaire, you are right, it can be draining for me sometimes, I am an empath, I've spent the last few year learning how to deal with it, sometimes I fail miserably lol...

    much love and joy to you,



  • Thanks for the link. I'm at work right now so I can't open it up =(...but I just came onto the forums because I'm tired of feeling so stressed and tied up inside. I feel like reaching out to people who are no longer in my life and asking them to return, however, I'm afraid of their rejection (since they've rejected me in the past). Since Sunday I have already met up with two people from my past however, two very nice people who never rejected me, and their open arms is a true gift. I feel a lot of love inside of me as well as a sense of dread as if time is running out to share this love and this saddens me deeply. I wonder what all these feelings are all about!!

    thanks for reading šŸ˜ƒ


  • Hi Natalia, I'm sorry to hear you are going through these feelings of yours, but please don't feel alone in it all, many are going through similar things, it seems the effect of the planets are making lots of weird stuff happen at the moment, it will sure explain why you wanting, and having people coming back into your life, if you want to take a look at what with these planets are causing, the lovely Emergence has got a thread all about it, you can read it whilst listening to the Dolphin music.... hope it helps!!... šŸ™‚


    much love joy and peace to you Natalia...(beautiful name)



  • Thank you !!

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