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  • Wow Healing Ways....I am crying for you. What a beautiful gift to finally understand. Isn't it wonderful when you look at the trial and tribulations of life and finally understand why you are going thru it? I know that for me....each break up of a major relationship has put me on a spiritual path. I just realized that when I split from my ex husband I was so desperate for answers that I moved to the spiritual realm for comfort. Fast forward a decade, to 6 months ago, another major relationship ended and I am once again on my spiritual path. A moment of enlightenment for me too right now, I was supposed to go thru those hurts so that I could be where I am today. WOW. Your insight just gave me my insight. WOW...I never looked at it that way. I do know what you are saying about the angels I can see them smiling over me right now heaving a sigh of relief. "She finally got it..."

    I don't know about you but for months I have been feeling like this is the path that I am supposed to be on. This is the path that will bring me joy and abundance after years of searching. I know without a doubt that this is what I was meant to find. Now we both just need to keep the faith, recognize the plan and fufill our lessons. Thank you....

  • Awww AuntBuck...HOW FANTASTIC!! I'm crying again's one HUGE HUG for you....this feels SO wonderful!! that you have had the same experience!!....I have a feeling our poetic555 is on exactly the same wavelength as us too...she has been very uplifting for me today!! she always has been, but I feel something different, some lovely enlightenment coming from can be so sweet!! when the penny drops.... šŸ™‚

    Much love and joy to you!!



  • Me too me too, LOL it's like you took the words right out of my mouth. I felt the same way after the fire, I felt a desire to find a reason I had to go through it. I finally came to the conclusion I was removed from my comfort zone to deal with the issues of my daughters pregnancy because had I been comfortably in my own home things would have gone very differently. Yes it sent me on a spiritual journey too. I feel as if I was very much placed in this situation to be where I am when I am but I don't always understand it all. It's a learning experience.

  • Wow you guys, this is so awesome. Denise and Aunt Buck I'm so happy that you both have had revelations about your purposes, remember that old saying "The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways." He does I think it takes awhile for each of us to get to where you to are. I believe we are hear to overcome our fears and whatever issues we had in previous lives. I'm really new to this stuff but am learning at a fast pace. I don't think I'm quite where I need to be yet but I'm getting there and what a beautiful journey it is. What's scary some time to me is how many people don't have an open mind to explore the what if's of this world that we are in. I read yesterday they we have been brainwashed with religion and tradition and that will be very hard for some to overcome. We will have to help others open their eyes. I am honored to have met all of you and you guys have so much to offer we will help each other.

  • My grammer is horrible sometimes, but you understand I'm sure! Happy Mothers Day to you!

  • Hi my friend,

    You are so right poetic, having an open mind and considering everything is so important...I'm totally grateful I can see this!!...and even though we never ever stop learning I too feel I still have a long way to go, those "enlightening moments are the BEST!! and they do say "it's not the arrival of getting somewhere, the journey can be the most wonderful joyful, and little scary, it all depends on what we choose"....

    and so my friend I want to thank you so much for reminding me to CHOOSE to HAVE GOOD DAYS!!...

    Nothing wrong with your grammar, I understand your beautiful loving energy anyway!!...

    Happy Mothers Day to you Poetic,.. we in UK had our's at the end of March, I had a lovely day, but it was a cold

    Much Love to You...



  • Hi HopeEternal,

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    And, to help out forum members with a similar situation (or just those who have questions or concerns) we set up a special email address so you all can contact us directly. Thanks.



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