New Name!!!....AKA Hopeternal....

  • Hi everyone,

    This is Hopeternal....

    I changed my name and made new account, because for some strange reason I could not sign onto "hopeternal"?.... but never mind eh!

    just to let you know I haven't

    much love and joy to you



  • HealingWays,

    You could not sign in under huh? That is pretty messed up, and the reason I say that is, I think I have an idea why. Contact the Admin on here, and see why it is you can not sign in under Hopeternal. If it is the reason I think it is, then a bunch of us on here need to have a little pow wow.

    Let me know,


  • This post is deleted!

  • Notshy2bme,

    I think so. Denise can tell you more.

    Just seems backwards to me, deleting the Hopeternal account.

  • If we are all on the same wave lenght , which i think we are, the wrong account was deleted, in march i reported to admin. about some verbal abuse and disrepect flying out to people here from a couple of haters........but i saw the abuse was allowed to continue cause the rampage continued,,yes brian its very backwards. the wrong person was tagged(if that was the problem) maybe it wasent? hmmm we will see!

  • Welcome back Denise!

  • Hi,

    Thank you SO much for the support,

    I'm not sure if it's coincidence, but, I have had a little run in with certain couple of people on here the past few days, they are extremely rude and vulgar, I'm not a prude but I just find it leaves me feeling more and more fed up of their constant bombardment of their "innuendo's" I see it more and more each day just lately, and now I feel a little sad that I responded to them, lets face it, that's what they want!! they will thrive on it, sadly!!....

    but to start from the beginning....last Sunday I had a phone call from my friend who ask me if I had sent them a link to a certain site, they thought it was out of character for me to do that, the email just didn't "feel" right they said, so that's why they rang to let me know that they thought my email address had maybe been hacked!! I found out since then that all my family had received the same email??? this made me a little paranoid as I'm no computer buff so I decided to delete that email address and create a new one as whoever had done this new all of my contacts now!!, that scared me!!....and it was the same email address I use to log on here too, so after creating new email I went into my details on here just to change email address....and that's when it all went wrong and I had to create new account, I couldn't get back on to Hopeternal!! so I changed my name in the process ? I told you I got

    but seriously,please believe me I really do not want to accuse certain ones, but I have to say I feel a little vulnerable on here at moment....I just hope all the misunderstanding and confusion is just simply down to mercury retro!!

    I will try and explain all this to admin, and hopefully they will just tell me I made a right mess of trying to just change my email address.....I hope that's the case!!

    And I sincerely hope though, that one day, the certain ones who hate people on here that just want to share love and blessings to each and everyone will eventually be removed from this site, it saddens me to the core that beautiful ones like the Angel lady Beth was removed from here, but, certain unsavoury ones are left in peace to spread their venom!!! ....



  • Hi my lovely friend Poetic (hope you don't mind me saying that)....

    I have had a few rough days, I'm ok....they wont keep me down for long....whoever they are!!....spirits in my home, nasty creepy ones on here!!...(lol...we know whoo they are), my grown up Children with all their problems.....and loads of other rubbish...LOL...

    I've said it before (I hope) to you that I just love to come across all your posts, you are one of many beautiful energies on here!! just like the ones who have just posted to me on this dilemma!!, ...and, as my last name implied, I live in "hope" eternal, it will be sorted!

    much love and joy,



  • Good to see that you are back 🙂

  • Hopeternal, you were deleted? Please. your kidding right?

    Am I understanding those 2 dark soul dregs of humanity are still allowed to rise from the gutter and spread their nasty energy? I would suggest no one read their posts or topics or respond to them in any way. Let them have their repulsive incestuous like rapport with each other .(The thought, I think I will go ahead and throw up now!). And, hold your finger down on the report abuse button, I know I have. To bad, they very well might have a redeeming quality or two (I tend to think everyone does) but they are so seemingly H***bent on refining their little Bonnie and Clyde, slack jawed sideshow act. Disgusting. Okay, on that note, blessings to everyone!

  • Hey Thunder07,

    I haven't been in this forum for quite some time but something is telling me to get in here now. Now I know why.....this thread of Healing Ways(Denise) was right on top and I couldn't help but clicked on it, wanting to find out why she changed her nick.

    To my surprised....I saw your nick as the last person who posted in here. ....interesting post I must say..

    Thunder07, if you think your rudeness and your words can hurt people or make someone feel as if they have no self worth...think again. Those words are the actual frustrations of your own self. It is so easy to be rude and nasty to others in order to shield yourself from your own insecurities right? What an easy way out, hey? The point here is, it is easy for you to hurt others before someone can hurt you right? That's your shield. My can continue playing this game of brutal banters, you can keep on spatting these rudeness to hide your insecurities and fear but you cannot change the fact that sooner or later, you have to face the reality of life. You have the choice now to act as a man and face your shortcoming or you can continue playing drama and go around acting like a tough boy. Sorry honey....I don't see any toughness there at all. The only thing I see here is a man behaving like a boy, having fun, acting in pretense! This is just sad...

    Save your banters for someone else...I am sure Healing Ways and everyone else here are already immune to it by even take notice or to feel hurt with whatever you said. It would be such waste of time.

    Ooops...I hear a reply from you coming my way already...Oh well, feel free to post it. Not sure when I will be checking in again but when I do, I'll take a look at it if I have the time to.

    In the meantime.....go and get some help. Last time I hear, repressing anger can lead to major health complications.


    glad to see you back! Will drop by again some time..Take care!

  • Healing well with your FKA name Hope Eternal. Both fit very nicely. Blessings.

  • Thank you SO much Pilot007 and AuntBuck,

    Brian, thank you for your support, we really all need to keep an eye out now don't we, we can't allow the bad energies to go round causing hassle for decent people....I will let you know how it goes with admin.

    RedPetals, I totally agree with you in all you say, those two just make me shudder too!!...I'm not sure what happened with my other account, but I wouldn't want to accuse anyone if it could have been my own fault, and normally I don't believe in coincidences, but I may have to on this, unless it could be proven something amiss did happen? I will send message to admin later and see what response I get....

    Hi Emergence, you are SO right too, they are reflecting their own frustrations at most on here, I believe they just can't stand to read of all the beautiful souls on here trying to give each other support, I think it makes them feel anger at such ones because they know of their own twisted nastiness and they can't stand it being shown up for what they are!!...funny how that little saying is so true "birds of a feather stick together"...their energies have certainly found each other on here!!....but, I'm still a little angry at myself for even responding to them the other day, I will definitely turn a blind eye again like I have for the last few weeks of coming across their vulgarity, thanks for my well wishes Emergence.

    Much love and joy to everyone!



  • HealingWays,

    “An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.” - Edward de Bono

  • VERY wise words Brian!!....and ones I would certainly want to learn to become an expert at!!



  • This post is deleted!

  • Good Morning All! Denise you can always call me friend. I choose not to respond to negativity and you shouldn't either, iqnore and it will go away. Pray for peace in your home and in your mind, this too shall pass! Today is going to be a great day or not, it's your choice! 🙂

  • Hi notshy2bme,

    do you know I think that could may well have been the case, I used to think they were always on the board together!!....never on their own, odd behaviour though eh!...I know what you mean about...

    " hoping no one would chime in on her blogs"....and I was mad at myself that day I left a comment, wished I never did, I let myself down by letting them get on my nerves with all the smut, but what is done is done, I learnt my lesson and they can do what they wan't from now on, I won't rise to it....I still want to send them love and joy, they or, just the one, have much dissatisfaction in "their" life!!...


    poetic555, you are SO right my friend (thank you for allowing me to call you that, I feel honoured to be your friend) I will choose from this moment on to not respond to the negativity!....and I will choose also that "today is a good day, today is a very happy day!!... whilst EFT tapping on my collarbone!! does work!'s like giving yourself acupuncture without the the tapping is done on your meridians, all good stuff eh!...

    I am still working on the "peace" in my home, it's becoming a full time job asking the spirits to search for the light and go into it, twinsoul, bless her, told me my home is in a vortex and is the spirits just will keep on coming to this "comfort zone"

    much love and joy to all....



    Oh, just need to ask if anyone could tell me how long it takes to get a reply from admin on enquiries? ....I still haven't heard from them yet...but I will be patient, I expect they must be quite busy...

  • Denise, that is so cool or scary, wow! I used to watch this show on t.v. based in Canada with these two women who went around cleaning homes and sending Spirits into the light. They are drawn to you for help! Be careful though, you need to get somebody powerful to help you close the Vortex. Call one of those paranormal society's are something. Thats fascinating! I'm praying for you to be surrounded by White Light and that the Angels protect you and your family from harm.

  • Thank you SO much for this poetic!! I really do appreciate it...

    the thing is when I moved to this home 6 yrs ago it was a necessary move to be back here to be near and help my Son who had an accident at work, he fell from scaffolding,the move to this house was a mutual exchange with the previous tenants, I knew I didn't feel "right" as soon as I came through the front door, but at that time I wasn't so aware of tuning into my gut instinct and just put the feeling down to the decor being a bit drab, just thought some nice bright white paint would soon sort it!!....but, no it didnt, after I had been here about 2 yr and my uneasiness got a little worse, I have never seen anything as such in here apart from sometimes thinking I caught sight of something in corner of my eye, but I coped with it as I wasn't living alone at that time, my now ex husband was still here, I have had to face my worse ever fears by being here on my own, I use to fear living alone from being a child, I could never understand anyone who said they enjoy being on their own... and on top of that Ive had to face it being in THIS house...after a while I sought out a local psychic and went to her for a reading and asking if she could see me moving at all in the near future, when she new where I'm living she did say that I should really try to move as soon as I could, she knows of this area and called it "bad lands"....she said there are a couple of areas near this town like that...she said she could come and do a cleansing but it wouldn't last long!! ....

    I have just had one MAJOR realisation writing all this stuff down, it's not the first time I've spoke of all this ...but, I was just about to say, it was because of living like this it set me on my road to researching things like crystal energies, Reiki, EFT tapping....all this stuff snowballed about 4 yr ago, I was meant to face this on my own to get into all the "Healing Ways".....oh wow!!...

    HOW could I have not connected my thoughts to it like this before?.....

    I'm crying again, this is twice today....but tears of joy!!....I have a feeling all the Angelic realm are clapping and cheering saying..."at last, the penny has dropped"....I needed to face all the fear to put me on my path!!

    all I have to do now is put my faith into "knowing".....all will be well!!

    oh my lovely friend!! thank you for sending white light and Angels, bless you!!

    I am feeling protected and loved right now...



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