Lost Money

  • Hi all,

    I have in the last few months had money "come up missing in my house". This has happened in my daughters' room both times. Last night I had placed my purse at the foot of my youngest daughter's bed when I was tucking her in and this morning $40 dollars is just gone. I am positive it was there last night. Is there any insight into what might be happening with this money and where I might find it.

    Any input is welcome.

    Peace and love,


  • Is there any insight into what might be happening with this money and where I might find it: the money was stolen by a thief, to find it you have to go outside.

    Everybody is born innocent, peaceful,

    loving... knowing nothing about the cutthroat

    competition in the world, knowing nothing about the

    nuclear weapons that are being prepared to welcome him,

    knowing nothing about the dirty politics that have been

    torturing humanity for millennia. But before his peace,

    his love, his trust can become a rebellious force, we

    start destroying all that is beautiful in him and

    replacing it with all that is ugly in us. That's what

    our parents have done to us, so we repeat the


  • Hans,

    Thank you for the response. I suspected that my fiancé took the money but just didn’t see how it was possible unless he came back into the house after I had went to sleep and took the money. I usually find your messages inspiring. I am trying to understand. I feel like my fiancé can be a beautiful person at times but it is almost like something takes control of him and he does things that I would never suspect. Yesterday he was very grouchy and I thought to myself that it was almost like he was trying to be angry at me for something that he did wrong. Sometimes I feel like he is trying to take all that is good and destroy it. His attitude is self defeating.

    Could this be what you are referring to in your posting?


  • Listen to you Intuition and put your money in your bra!

  • Poetic555,

    Well said. LOL. Best advice I have had today!


  • Could this be what you are referring to in your posting? Yes, Luvslife.

    If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion for or against.

  • Hans,

    Sometimes the truth is disturbing. Deceit is a concept that is hard for me to grasp. I guess I am just too naïve. I don’t understand how he can watch me struggle to take care of our family on a daily basis, smile in my face and act like he is innocent. I don’t think that he will ever change and believe me I have given him many chances. What do you think?

    Peace and Love,


  • What do you think? Just wait. You lower your horns toward one who sincerely wants to become close to you. Your companion's understanding will spare you any regret.

    Desires are always leading you into the future.

    Desire means future; it can only happen tomorrow. So

    you go on looking at the tomorrow, and meanwhile the

    time is passing. And the tomorrow never comes; it can't

    come, in the very nature of things. So your whole life

    is just a waiting for nothing -- waiting for Godot! And

    Godot never comes. In fact, nobody knows who this Godot


  • Hans,

    Now I feel like I am thinking in circles. Just wait-I could be waiting for someone who sincerely wants to be close to me and that person may never come. How will I identify this person if he does come?

    Estragon and Vladimir waited all day and Godot never came. They are not sure what Godot even looks like even though they proclaim to know him.

    How do I get rid of the insincere partner that I now have? Ours is a power struggle much like Estragon and Vladimire. He reacts as if he barely remembers what happened the day before but I never forget. LOL


  • How will I identify this person if he does come? By not suppressing your potential and waiting for external impulses. Then your potential will identify this person as someone similar and likewise.

    How do I get rid of the insincere partner that I now have? By using your potential. Your inner man would like to do this job. And let him pay back every cent.

    But this is the situation of us all. We hear what we

    want to hear; we hear only that which adjusts with our

    preconceived notions, prejudices.

  • Hans,

    I agree that most of us only hear what we want to hear and I am no exception. I was so hoping that me and my fiancé could work out our differences and make this work. I really thought that he might open up, get some help from a mental help professional and reconnect with me. Do you think that is possible?


  • Do you think that is possible? No.

    That has not happened. I am not telling you to have

    any grudge about it -- but you can do it right now. You

    can stop helping your ego and you can start dropping

    the burden. Make it a point not to miss any opportunity

    where you can feel one with anything. If it is a

    full-moon night, feel one with the moonlit night. Allow

    to flow... stream with it, dance, sing... and drop your


  • To outsmart a wolf you must think like a wolf. Never be so apalled or afraid of ugly deceite that you are weakened by it. You must meet this without emotion. Leave out the feelings--they disarm you. Leave your purse on purpose and empty except for one item that really says a lot. Get creative and picture his face when he sees it--you will sleep well! You know him best to decide--A picture of his mother? A picture of Jesus? A news article about a woman who stabs her man in his sleep? A buisness card from the sherifs department? A buisness card from a private detective? You get the picture.

  • PSluvslife

    this is not about revenge it's about protecting yourself and you don't need to always draw blood or fight--just be aware. It's the AWARENESS that guards you. Let him know you are aware.

  • Hans and Blmoon,

    I know I can do it. I have wanted to rid myself of this burden for so long. I have felt empowered since the birth of my daughter. I haven’t been nearly as affected by his actions as in the past and often just ignore him when he says things just to annoy or upset me. I think that really bothers him and it makes me smile. I am feeling stronger every day. I can’t let him get me down. I appreciate having online friends to reassure me in this situation.


    You hit the nail on the head. I never thought of putting a picture of his mother in my purse for him to find when he goes looking for money. She passed away about three years ago and that is when his behavior changed. It is like a different person, stepped into the body of the man I fell in love with. She had given our relationship her blessing before she passed. I know that she would be so disappointed in his behavior. He would be ashamed of himself if he thought she saw his actions. Grief can really change a person. Thank you for the idea.


  • Luvslife

    it's not as much the grief as what he's chosen to medicate his pain. When someone changes in a dark way you must conside rthey are under the influence of either illness or medication. He is self medicating and now it is more than he can maintain or afford. He is beyond coming clean on his own and will lie when confronted. You never thought of letting the fool hang himself because you were held captive by the hurt--the emotional merrygoround he puts you on--with your permission--it is a stalling tactic and you must leave ego aside and step way back and see the big picture and hear the voice of reason and spirit will give you the advice you need to move forward. His mother wants to help--stay above the wound and listen--peaceful moments are your friends right now. Stay in the now--stay aware.

  • Hans and Blmoon,


    My Ego finds it hard to let go of this relationship because I don’t want some of my family and friends to see this relationship fail. I hurt someone that I was very close to when I entered into this relationship and it troubles me. Hindsight , I felt like he was my soul mate and I will never have that happiness again. I keep fighting with myself that this has to work not because I am happy but because we have children together and because I gave up so much insisting that this man was the one I wanted to be with the rest of my life. This is a big step putting all that aside and letting go. I have much internal conflict regarding this relationship.


  • You are a seeker who is moving on the path of love. Your way goes through the heart. It needs only an innocent heart, and you have it! And it is beautiful that your heart is still like a small child.. it is rare.

  • You think too much. It's not all or nothing and I didn't mean to imply you had to let go. It's about being open with your heart YET having a strong protector for that heart--yin and yang. What I meant is live each day as it comes and deal with each event as it comes--stay out of regret--the desicion is made now live it. Also don't consume each moment with questions--is he this is he that. It's not all or nothing--he's got a problem and you deal with that problem. Instead of wondering and arguing inside yourself about him you decide what you know. By being aware you can help him heal--or maybe he won't but I suspect your refusal to participate in his deceite will help him also be aware and awareness is a very healing thing. He is not just a thief--he is a bright soul with problems. You are together to help each other heal if you wish to see it that way. You are both gathering pain with each other's permission. I know this is a hard concept to grasp. In fact if you cannot heal yourself you will just attract another situation that is similiar to this. His deceit and betrayal you take on personally and it spins out of control bringing you to a place of self doubt--regret--self loathing. You are not kind to yourself. Let him heal you and he will heal. Aproach his problem with out guilt or "victim" thinking. Don't get into argument. If you must give him a choice to leave and he takes it do not dwell on it past the moment as sometimes it gets broken before fixed and most things pass and you never now the other side untill you get there. Stand firm in knowing what you know and believing it must stop--it will stop and the stronger you are in protecting yourself the stronger he will be in getting help.It is a mirroring situation. Instead of beating yourself up for following your heart spend that energy on beefing up the male energy half of yourself that protects you. Too many times before realization of this we have all or nothing ideas about being open hearted--we say oh I shouldn't have been so nice so now I'll just close my big heart because I can't trust myself to make good choices. You both mirror a weak male energy in each other--the protector. Break the cycle and do it differently this time. Avoid self doubt and beating yourse;lf up at all costs right now. Believe you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now and all these "mistakes" you have named are just the gift of opportunity to heal. Use this extra mighty full moon Scorpio in Taurus to pray fror the angel Michael to help you fortify your male energy to balance you out to wholeness. Pray for his mighty sword to help your struggling partner as well. Blessings

  • Hans and Blmoon,

    I wanted to thank you for your advice and insight. I didn’t respond right away because I was understanding your responses. Blmoon, I know that you are right. I need to start living my life instead of dwelling on my problems and failures and he does as well. Sometimes it is easier to think than to act. Many blessings to you both. I have a question –unrelated to my relationship with my fiancé. Can you tell me why my relationship with my mother is so difficult. This has been since I was a child. I have a decent job. I was a good student, put myself through college and waited until my thirties to have children. I am relatively independent. Despite, not having my parents around in my youth. Yet, she treats me like I am not her own.

    Any thoughts?


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