Aries and Cancer Relationship Advice

  • I'm a Cancer woman involved with an Aries man. He is an ALL about "me first" person. I've read that basically we are doomed in this relationship due to us being Cardinal signs and plus everyone knows fire and water do not mesh well. I'm trying to figure out how to make this relationship work. He gets aggravated if we are together and someone calls and I'm talking to them on the phone. He thinks when I'm with him, he should be the center of my attention. It doesn't help that I'm independent and when I want or need something done, I do it. He thinks he is right about everything. It gets aggravating at times and not sure if I'm wasting my time with this relationship. Plus it doesn't help we are both hardheaded. Any advice???

  • Dear Jodi,

    Both hardheaded. LMAO! I married my highschool sweetheart, an Aries 16 years ago. We are currently separated though.I hope you like drama cuz you are probably going to have it. I guess your biggest concern should be, do you share dreams and goals with this guy? When combined in a cooperative union, working toward a goal, Aries and Cancer can complement each other quite well. Also we always had lots of heat and passion in our relationship. lol. Hope this helps.

    P.S. Not doomed, challenged

  • Hi Jodi...

    from my experience what you describe sounds very typical. remember that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and they act like children. Mellove also states...they are dramatic. The tantrum or "Aries rant "is not unusual. And yes again...most sentences begin with "I" and end with "Me." My Ram decided after almost 3 years that "he could"t do it anymore...." I gather he meant the relationship. Im not too clear what it was he couldnt do....One minute we were looking at realestate and furniture and the next minute........pooof!!!!!!!

    Thats tough on our "crave stability Cancer psyche! They are like freedom loving little kids!!

    I think thats why we are attracted to them....

    I agree that it can work and that its very challenging at best. I'm working it out day by day...

    you're not alone kiddo...


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm a Scorpio and I hate when people who are spending time with me or the family, get on the phone. I pulled my car over and made one of my daughters friends get off her phone in my car because she was WITH friends, she didn't need to be on the phone. Car rule: no phones. My boyfriend has two exceptions, his mom and his 92 year old Grandma!

  • Hi there, I am sorry to hear about your relationship trouble. Your source of your relationship trouble is that you are not sharing the same kind of energy element with your man. You are a Cancer, a water sign who needs nurturing and emotions in a relationship. Your man is an Aries, a fire sign who see life differently. Maybe the universe is telling you that is the time to give a Scorpio man a chance since he will be a water sign just like you. PS: scorpio man are born during Oct 24-Nov 21. Good luck

  • Thank you everyone for all the advice. It's turned into a strange development now. I broke it off with the Aries man cause he was constantly trying to control me, since I've down that he's around even more and has completely changed his attitude. He's very confusing. He claims maybe it's better that we aren't in a relationship anymore, but how is it that it's not a relationship when he's always with me and gets VERY jealous if another man even talks to me. I don't understand it. For some reason it seems like we are drawn to each other and can't help it.

    As for Scorpio men, I've dated one.

  • I meant I've never dated a Scorpio male. My best friend is a Scorpio and we just have this awesome bond.

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