I am in love with my ex husband!!!

  • I am new here so hello to everyone. In 2000 I married my childhood sweetheart. He was my first kiss, my first everything. 20 years later we married. Our marriage lasted 7 years. BUT we had all kinds of outside stress...my parents, my kids father, the list goes on and on. My kids were brainwashed by all these ppl and ulitmately ended up living with there father. I was devastated and nearly lost my mind.

    2 years ago he left me...I was lost. My kids were with there father and for once I was totally alone in the world. We had the usual nasty divorce, not fighting over stuff, just fighting each other.

    Last year my son came home, and this summer my daughter returned home as well. Life is grand, then I find out my ex is sick with diabetes and I couldn't help but call to check on him. We have both gotten married and divorced since each other, and we have actually become really close. We have talked and communicated about the things we should have long ago. We both love each other, and we are both scared to death. Funny thing is this time the kids, mine and his are plotting to get us back together.

    We never stopped loving each other and never will....so do we give in and let what happens happen. Or call it quits forever????????

  • Hi, You have got to make your own decisions. Maybe counseling would help right now to talk about everything. I'm glad your kids are home now. Don't forget how bad things got there for awhile. Personally, I wouldn't reunite.

  • Thanks Dalia, I know what it will mean if we do. I know the struggles we have had.

    We are in no way rushing things, and are not going to remarry. I am enjoying having this man I thought hated every fiber of my being after our divorce pursuing me I suppose. He's now showing me the man I truly fell in love with. Although I am lovin it, I have also learned enough to be extremely cautious. Also, he and I both have said if the Kids begin having a problem with it we will both walk away.

    So right now it's moment by moment, day by day.....but I know in my heart this man is honestly my soul mate....so yes I am extremely torn!

  • please reunite.u must not lose one you love again.

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