Captain please - wonder if you can tell me any more about my past life thank you

  • Captain - I am so amazed that you see my past life as an aquatic creature ie seal, that I had to ask if you can tell me something. Does this mean that I have only ever been a seal? This, my second life for the first time I'm a human? Does this also mean that I'm a very new soul and therefore have many lives and much learning to do? Do you see anything else? Is there anything I can do to help myself. I was swimming for most of the day yesterday and I love the fast rapids at this place I went to, made me think of my past life! Hope you can help me. I don't want to take too much of your time, I can see how very busy you are all of the time. Thank you so much for your interesting threads, which are always such a draw for me, I just can't resist seeing what you're up to next! Take care and I hope all is good with you in your world. I just hope my question is clear enough.

  • No, you have had many other lives as an animal and in other non-corporeal forms. It is your first life as a human, however. You chose to be a seal so as to spend some time on the land and the rest in the sea, so that you got used to being on the earth a little before you became a human. But in this life, you will always feel more at home in the sea and it will be a place where you find peace and calm. Also anything that comes from the seas - seafood, seaweed etc, will be beneficial to your health. Decorate your home with shells too.

  • Hello Captain, many thanks for taking time out to reply to my message. I find it fascinating. My very first life as a human, it does make sense. I don't find it easy being around people, it does tend to make me panic when I'm in huge crowds. I absolutely hate to be contained, to be in a room full of people. I have always been a bit claustrophobic! I long for freedom always. I don't like to be tied down and I love to be at peace by myself. I have always taken myself away to read and to have quiet time. It drove my husband mad when we first got married, he didn't understand, he does now. Funny, I've always been told by Clairvoyants etc that I feel most at peace by the water. It is true and shells do attract me, I have a large one in the bathroom which a friend brought back from Mauritus for me. I love seafood too, especially prawns! I've never ever thought about past lives for me, I always thought they were for other people. I was so amazed when you replied on your thread that I was a seal in a previous life. Thank you so much Captain for all you have done for me. Take care.

  • Do you also have a fear of sharks because that's how your life as a seal ended - eaten by a shark. But the rest of your aquatic life was very happy - that's why you still feel connected to it so strongly.

  • Hello Captain,

    I am impressed with your previous reading. I am interested in knowing about my past life. 7/9/76, 9:20p, Newark, NJ. I am wondering if my past life has anything to do with my present situation. thanks.

  • Hello Captain, yes I do indeed have a fear of sharks! Blimey, I was eaten by a shark, a rough end! I must admit the sea does scare me a bit so that would make sense. I also love to be by the sea. I have always loved the look of seals, our dog always reminded me of a seal and I adored her. I don't find it easy with people either! I obviously have much to learn about being human. I do wish I could feel more comfortable around people. I'll settle in one day!! Many thanks Captain, you're a good soul. Much good Karma must be in your life.

  • Brownsuga76, I am not the past life expert here. Ask Soapmaker or Blmoon.

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