Help me- we want to be together but it so hard

  • Hi I really need some advice. My boyfriend and I are madly in love- i didn't know it was possible to feel this way, we know we want to be together and get married but his family is completely against us as I am not of his religion or culture. We have been so happy but he feels so torn it is really hurting him he wants us to cool it down so he can support his family and slowly try to convince them. This is so hard for me but I feel I have to just support him as it is so painful for him spend all of monday and tuesday with me just crying and crying. It is awful as I feel I have no choice but to be strong and stick it out. Despite the fact I agreed to cooling it down he rang me twice last night. I want things just to be as they were. I had a reading from a psychic who was very positive and said that I was in a twin soul relationship an that they can be very difficult at the beginning but yes we will be together and that I need to be patient and call on my inner strength. But I'm really hurting and I want to know what I can do now to make it easier on me- I feel im doing all the supporting as this is hurting him so much.

  • Well I can say from my personal experience family forces are hard to deal with. If he is seeking acceptance from his family just to be with someone he loves, he will always search their acceptance. Is that something you are prepared to deal with always? What if you and he decide to have children would he need their ok as well? If it was me i would ask what will happen if they don't ever approve? Would he take the risk and still be with you?

    Just my opinion 🙂 I seem to have alot today lol

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