Free Will and Psychic Reading Predictions - What to Do After a Reading

  • Don't know if this question has been posted before. I didn't find it through the search function.

    This question goes out to everyone- but particularly to psychic readers. After you receive a reading, what do you do with the information (how do treat it) to make sure the optimum result is achieved? In other words, how do you make sure your free will doesn't result in a negative outcome?

    I've read several opinions about the subject such as:

    1. After you receive a reading and it is favorable, you should ignore the prediction and go on with doing what you're doing now and the prediction will occur. If it is unfavorable, you should drastically change course to avoid the outcome.

    2. After you receive a reading and it is favorable, you should do everything in your power to encourage the outcome. If unfavorable, do nothing. The thought behind this is that the information was provided for you to act upon it. By failing to act, you show you don't want the outcome, so it won't happen.

    3. Regardless of the prediction, keep the reading in the back of your mind but don't dwell on it and don't keep asking questions about it or else the prediction will fail. (Bad Luck theory).

    4. The only way to make sure a prediction occurs is to believe it will happen. If there are any doubts, the prediction won't manifest or will take longer to manifest. (Law of Attraction Theory). I don't think this should apply to psychic readings at all. You are not trying to attract an outcome, the outcome is already there. I would think it's the person's actions that affect the outcome and not merely the belief that it will or will not happen.

    I know our actions and energies at the time of the reading are what influences the accuracy of predictions. However, I also believe that the essence of the person (how they tend to think, react, and behave) is automatically factored into the prediction . Thus, if you take the reading and treat it as you would any other type of information then the outcome will occur.

    That's how I'm treating two full readings I've had this year. Both predictions will manifest later in the year and both are favorable. I assume spirit guides, the universe, or whatever you want to call it knows my nature and how I do things so I have been acting the way I normally would and following the natural progression of the situations. Only where the readings provided specific directions/instructions have I acted outside of my usual manner. Yet, even in those instances, I carry out the directions in my own way and do them in my own time - if the instructions don't seem counter-intuitive to me. In this way, I think the predictions will occur and occur within the time frame given - if the time frame was accurate to begin with. I also will not ask (I'll try not to) the same or similar questions in between the readings and the predictions' manifestations just in case it throws something off.

    Which way seems to be the best approach?

    Looking forward to the discussion 🙂

  • Sorry about the long post. Geez!

  • That's a great question. I've had readings that were very favorable and didn't come to pass (yet) and I wonder if perhaps I should have done more to make them happen. I've also had predictions I didn't care for and then worry about how to change my destiny. I do wonder how much is free will and how much is destined. Do we eventually end up in the place where we are destined to be but our free will determines the detours we take along the way of getting there?

  • A reader can only make a prediction based on current attitudes and events. If you change your atitude or actions through free will, then the predicted outcome will change. That's why I prefer to give readings on what is happening in the present and how someone can change themselves if they don't like what is in their life. Free will can alter any prediction. The minute you change your behaviour, your future changes too.

  • I would love to see some answers on this because many of my readings in terms of who I am, my past history etc., are dead on. I would like to know how positive predictions can manifest. Some readers have given me direction and I have applied this direction and tried to follow the advice. However, there are some that I don't know if I need to do more or just sit tight so to speak on the outcomes.

    I can say that I ignored some advice...due to many different influences in my life at that time, and the advice turned out as being dead on. I was told by a reader that I would buy a house and that there were certain areas, i.e., NE, SE, SW, etc., that would be good for me and others that would create problems. I actually was encouraged by friends and family to move into one of the areas that I was told would create problems. I remember having a sense that the house I bought wouldn't be good for me but everyone that was working with me on buying the house were just adamant that this would be a good fit for me. Needless to say, a couple foreclosure proceedings and finally filing for bankruptcy have enabled me to keep this house and as time goes on, it has gotten better and I've learned a valuable lesson about money, belongings etc. by buying this house. After 9 years here, it no longer seems like a bad choice but a choice that created new lessons so I don't see it as negative anymore.

  • The whole point of psychic reading to me is to lead people to the point where they can trust their own intuition to guide them. I don't want to see people depending on my answers forever but to find their own inner wisdom. It's the only proper way to evolve and grow. I simply point people in the right direction - it's up to them then to make their way home.

  • Also, no one should believe a reading they are given unless it resonates with their own gut feeling. That is, don't follow any advice that deep down you feel will not work for you. But you do need to be able to recognise turth when you hear it. I have seen some people here pick and choose what advice to believe, based solely on what they WANT to hear, and ignoring the rest.

  • That is certainly true Captain. That explains a lot when I look at it that way. That would explain why my negative house has turned into a positive house.

    I have also been told that readings are a snapshot in time. When you have a reading you are pointing in a certain direction and the reading is a snapshot of that direction. You have free will to change that direction and by doing so, you also alter your course and therefore the snapshot is no longer in focus because you have changed directions. Does that sound right?

  • Yeah it'a very interesting topic and one that will be very controversial indeed...

    I have had many psychic reading more than I dare to admit... now that my anxiety has settled...

    I do very strongly believe that my pessimism, heart broken-ego, anxiety, lack of faith, worries, fears etc played a role delaying the outcome... it's hard to explain how right now nor do I have the time to do it at this very moment (school work 😞 )

    I've been adviced to "be mean to him" "to go and date other people" "to completely swore him off and end up everything with him" many many things... I never did something that could hurt him... because I knew he has trust issues and if I acted stupidly the very little trust that he has on me would be lost...

    "I just knew" he would be hurt if I ON PURPOSE and REVENGE decided to be with someone else... I still dont know the outcome and I am at peace hoping for the best for both of us...

    So no, never do anything that go against your gut, your feelings on the situation and the greater good is what matters... and we DO KNOW although we are afraid of what our gut/heart is telling us

  • Great Topic,

    As for my experience with readings, I would'nt consider any

    have been full readings determining my Future except one,

    which was the only one I had In person and the current information

    he gave was pretty accurate he said a few things about my future..

    & I asked him was it changable and he said 'THATS THE GAME OF LIFE'

    and walked away. I've had a few others give future predictions here on the

    site, and They were all DIFFERENT. Im not sure how Future readings really

    work, but i do know one's will power allows us to change the outcome

    of our lives.

  • If I had to sum up psychic readings, I would say the most important point is "The only person who can determine your future is YOU."

    "When you have a reading you are pointing in a certain direction and the reading is a snapshot of that direction. You have free will to change that direction and by doing so, you also alter your course and therefore the snapshot is no longer in focus because you have changed directions. Does that sound right? "

    Yes Aunt Buck, that is correct. If people realised how a reading can only predict one course of action, they would understand that what they should be asking is not 'what will happen in my future?' but 'what will happen if I stay on this course and do not change it?' To me, the whole point of prophecy is to help a person decide if they like what they are heading towards, so that they can change their behaviours and aittiudes if they don't like it.

    People ask what will happen to them like they think it's up to some random act of fate to decide their destiny - when it's really up to them to determine their future by their present actions.

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  • Hi,

    Aa reader i says all messages we get are fluent. Which means if you ask the asking party changes, or the person in you reading changes, the whole reading is changed. Time frames are to be taken with a tiny grain as spirits guides sense of time aint as ours at all.

    All readings are not carved in stone like runes.

    When im done reading a person i take a break to be cleansed so im fresh cleansed to read another. Most times thes messages given to me do not stay with me. Its like a doctor patient confidentiality with readings. Whats is told the one asking aint given to anyone else UNLESS the asked one allowed me to, but generally i stay on the confidentially side.

    Further WHEN i choose WHOM to read, WHERE and WHEN, i vibe them to sense if they are ready, open and positive for what messages i get. if they are non of this, i am standing my grounds to say no you i will NOT read.

    THIS only happens if i happen upon the people in a chatroom. On a forum such as here, i just dont say anything nor post anything.

    Another thing is when we readers have read you one day and you come again the next day to ask for another and you keep it going, we ARE in the right to say IM DONE. many times we read each person for an hour or 2.

    when we taked that much time, we read every tiny corner angle n aspect of the one asking us. By it nothing new will emerge for at least a week or a month.

    Again what one does after being read or doing the read is much the same. When i am being read, i slink back, make tea n i sit n ponder on messages given me, i let it sink in.

    then if i can help it, i do not ask again so soon. i try to make it go a week. sometimes it fails me bc stuff appears lol. Apart from being reader am i also a whole slew of more things. So .....

    well if u wanna know more i need questions LOL.

    Last i will say there is hardly 2 readers who do it the same way nor do they get the same message. HOWEVER if u just had a long read, chances r u wont need another straight away.

    After a read u do need to let its message seep inside.


  • Dearest ChermedWitchBenthe,

    I have been trying to find the words, to say the right thing to type in this thread but I don't need to now because you said it all. I agree with you totally.

    When I get a short reading, I will try to absorb it (if not a week, maybe for a few hours...I like to think deep about the pros and cons)...then I will seek the answer in my inner self, what my guts is telling me. If I don't feel it as being right, I will voice out my opinion and my reasons why, with hope that my opinion will be respected. I believe in readings and I respected the people who gave them but I also believe Free Will plays a big part in it. Nothing is set in stone.

    Thank you for the explanation. Well said.

    Lots of love

    x x x

  • Great posts so far everyone! Thanks a bunch to the readers' for your standpoints. Ultimately, it is down to the individual and what feels true to him/her. Since I've been ambivalent on the true effect of free will, before any reading I mentally sum up what my feelings are on the topic, specify how I plan to proceed, and then stay open to whatever message may come. I guess I do rely on my intuition but use information obtained from readings as little backup devices to confirm my suspicions. I try to stay positive and keep doing the work I've been doing since I asked the question. Time will tell whether this is a good approach or if I need to be more proactive.

    Captain, I like the way you phrase the real question: "What will happen if I stay on this course and do not change it?" I think if I do get another full reading on a topic that's exactly the way I will ask. The reading will probably be better/more helpful and I will be more confident in how to proceed afterwards. Luckily with my more important reading, I asked a similar question from an opposite standpoint (Is there anything I can do to change the current situation for the better and if so, how) and got a really good specific answer in what I should do next. Wish I did that with the other reading.

    CWB, a lot of what you say is what I believe as well. Thanks for the input and from your insider's point of view. Hadn't thought too much about the readiness of a person who gets a reading. Definitely something else to think about.

  • bump:)

    What about negative thoughts and predictions? Do you think thoughts alone can change a forecast even if you're taking action (if required) to reach the goal?

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