Quick Question, To You All.

  • Does Anyone Know, How To Delete The Account On This Site ?

    Or How To Delete Posted reply's On Message Boards ?

    Thankyou All For Any Help. 😉

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  • Are you wanting to delete your account to leave here add to riches?

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  • Laithano when was it when you were gonna leave?

  • laithano,

    Exactly, Its strange that even the places You

    expect to go to and have a positive outlet, their

    are even people thats up against you, or some kind of

    problem . I dont know why anyone would think your stocking

    them thats just beyond crazy. I have to give applause

    to YOU for being so Humble, its people like you laithano

    that are TRUE TEACHERS,

    I was concerned because I wanted to delete a few post I didnt think

    people would be so judgemental of post that I posted weeks ago to some one other than THEM

    and some how I never spoke to the person but i guess they seen a post

    of mine (STALKERS) and mentioned it in another thread.

    I dont wanna leave, I just dislike drama and at this point

    will do anything to avoid it.

    thanks alot xoxoxxo

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  • stclaire

    I dont wanna leave here, i Just dont want certain post that I've posted

    on public view anymore. I dont look for drama and as you seen

    earlier it was a little miscommunication Shhesshh that was tooken out of place

    sshhessshh! sadly it was more intentionally done.

    although i stated a few things about capicorns but it was a personal

    judgement shhesshh.

    thats all

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  • LISTEN.... dont leave because of a few troubled people with issues that are of their own doing. ignore the bs, that will be anywhere in life, that is just the way it is! there are good people here. dont respond to the bs, i loath drama to, but i have a feeling that the drama people will leave on their own accord they will wear it out and get bored with it all......lol simple!

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  • LISTEN..... that was defensive behavior that stems from insecurity and there out to get me.kind of mind set, i have seen it from the person in question before to lots of people please dont let it make you feel bad, you did not a thing wrong ok?? its not you that has issues its them!!!! ok?? you both are beautiful, you know why?? cause you feel badly about it all and they dont even get the fact that feeling badly means having a consience and having real kind hearts, that proves that your heart is pure and doesnt want to really hurt anyone on purpose , like some people here! so smile and know you both have real class!

  • they will end killing each other!! all that hate coming together...WOW explosions!...............lol

  • Addicted....you can't leave, we need you here because 99% of us love your insight and input. That being said, you might be able to contact Admin and ask them to remove the posts. I don't know how to delete any either but they probably can. Ignore the drama....

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  • stclaire,

    Thankyou so much! thanks for this..

    I really appreciate that, You are a great Teacher as well

    you've just taught me alot.

    Its really a shame there are people on this site

    bringing negativity however I am gonna refuse to let

    this get to me, I cant Help everyone. ssshhesshh

  • laithano,

    Your Right, and its a shame, people

    are on here accussing You after you've given alot of your help

    and effort to help people on the site. I really cant see why anyone

    would stoop so low especially with you.

  • AuntBuck

    Thanks So much hunn! for that i really appreciate your effort,

    and you have my support anytime as well

    im no longer worried about this situation; its not

    worth my time, its not worth not being here and loosing all

    the rewarding knowledge i've gained and gave.

    thanks Auntbuck alot!

  • Geezzzz , all this coming from grown people im so sorry for you but glad you are still here and i love you attitude you are funny as well as very caring to people when they need your help! very glad you are here, i know you are strong and very calm , you handle your self beautifulley!

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