Discover Which Star Signs You Are Compatible With

  • Which Star Sign are you attracted to? We are very much influenced by the Star Signs and the Planets and we are attracted to certain personalities which represent qualities we admire in the other person. Let us take a look at what can happen with the different Star Signs and their elements when they partner up with another person. It takes time to get to know another person but the chemistry between two people is usually the first attraction.

    People from the same elements are usually very compatible like two Fire Signs, two Earth Signs, two Air Signs and two Water Signs. The Fire Signs are Aries-Leo-Sagittarius. The Earth signs are Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn. The Water Signs are Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces. The Air Signs Are Gemini-Libra-Aquarius.

    Opposite signs can also have a strong attraction but tend to be a bit more of a challenge. Like with Aries and Libra, there is often a strong physical or emotional attraction between those two. Taurus and Scorpio have an irresistible physical attraction but will need to have other things in common for the relationship to work well.

    Gemini and Sagittarius who are two very busy and active people will go well together providing they can share their interests. Cancer and Capricorn can compliment each other as long as Capricorn respects the emotional and sensitive feelings of Cancer.

    Leo and Aquarius can have a strong attraction in the beginning but they are both fixed in their own way. Aquarius can be unpredictable and Leo may have trouble with this. Virgo and Pisces are opposite Signs which can compliment each other especially if Virgo allows Pisces to add a touch of romance to the relationship.

  • So what do you have to say about a Taurus (me) and Aquarius (him) relationship? Just wondering, we have been together for 14 years and for me it's been an emotional rollercoaster, we do love eachother and by emotional rollercoaster i don't mean that he is abusive in any way. I'm usually pretty tuned in to most of the signs, but even after all this time my aquariun just frustrates me. lol

  • I'm on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini.(Gemini traits though!)...and my mother and 2 sons are relationship with my mother especially is like an emotional rollercoaster too. We've never fallen out but sometimes she can be emotionally detached or she'll act completely the opposite! I was married to a Virgo (cusp with Leo) for 15 years & he was so controlling & precise it drove me up the wall. He seemed to squeeze my personality out of me. He has now married a Cancerian. I've remarried a sexy Leo - we seem well suited and compliment each other. I have 5 children - 2 Aquarian lads;Capricorn lad;Leo lad and an Arian daughter. Funny enough, all my relationships with men have been with Leo or virgo; my friends are Libra & Aquarians.

  • I've just finished developing a system to map astrology sun-signs to Tarot Face cards.

    I haven't worked out how to match people using them yet, but it is on my (long) list.

    My current best guess would be to look up your birthdate to find your card,

    then look up your partners in a fairly simple scheme.

    I believe that you should match within your own element. I am Libra and my wife is Gemini.

    The relationship can be turbulent, but we share similar values in life, and I think this is what makes for a long-term relationship.

    I am Queen of Swords and she is Knight (Prince) of swords in my scheme.

    I suspect that I would be slightly better matched to a King of Swords. I would put Prince and Princess together also.

    There are other more complicated issus in astrology. Thats just my take on the sunsign.

    I also believe in Sun/Moon conjunctions.

    I am libra sun, Leo moon. It would be interesting to meet a Leo Sun, Libra moon sometime.

    Again, this sort of match is more about compatibility than passion.

    To match passion, I am told to look for Mars/Venus conjunctions.

    I have Mars in Virgo, and Venus in ... I've forgotten .... something male anyway.

    Basically not good.

    However, the theory is that I would be passionately drawn to someone with Venus in Virgo, and Mars in the other one.

    If you want to have a look at my system, the birthdate info is at

    The face cards are all listed under

    The material is new, so please don't take offense,

    and please do leave feedback on how well it matches you.

    You might also want to read adjacent ones, as the theory on the dates isn't solid yet.

    Rnrchick, you would be King of Swords ( and posibly my perfect match???)

    A description of King of Swords can be found here:

    Have fun. All feedback appreciated.

    B*B Beanu

  • rnrchick,

    Air and Earth usually don't play well together, so no wonder you had problems with the Virgo.

    Air and Fire get on better together.

    Alchemists split the elements into fixed (earth and Water) and volatile (Fire and Air)

    Its usually best no to cross that boundary.

  • Ok here's a break down of our charts. I'm pretty sure mine is accurate, his might be off a little cause I'm not sure of his time of birth.

    Me: sun 19 deg Taurus 7 min

    Merc 9 gemini 30

    Venus 12 Aries 24

    Mars 15 Sag 47

    Jupiter 26 Virgo 22

    Saturn 1 Taurus 15

    Uranus 0 Libra 13

    Neptune 27 Scorp 34

    Pluto 22 Virgo 33

    Him: Sun 17 Aquarius 0

    Merc 4 Aquarius 8

    Venus 0 Aquarius 51

    Mars 27 Virgo 38

    Jupiter 17 Taurus 18

    Saturn 5 Pisces 8

    Uranus 13 Virgo 38

    Neptune 19 Scorp 57

    Pluto 15 Virgo 44

    Any feedback, opinions and thoughts are appreciated

  • Dear CelticLady69,

    do you have moon signs and rising?

    Many people ignore moon signs, but I believe that they indicates what peoples emotional needs are, and that's always the key to the real issues.

    the most obvious thing to me is htat he has Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius. That would tend to make him pretty extreme, by most standards.

    Aquarius is Fixed Air, so fixed thoughts. you won't ever change his mind about anything, so get used to it.

    Aquarians are the water carriers, because they carry their emotions in a jug - in reserve in case they ever need them...

    I relate 3 minor cards to aquarius - 3, 6, and 9 of swords.

    The three shows dispassion. The swords of mind stab the heart or the emotions.

    The six shows a tendency to walk way from things that don't work - no real emotional attachment.

    The nine shows the consequences of ignoring the emotions - stress, headaches, nightmares etc.

    He also has Mars in Virgo - not strongly male - somewhat intellectual.

    Pm the other side, he is Knight of Swords - Mesenger - which indicates he likes to talk and communicate, although he might have some language problems.

    You have fire signs in both Venus and Mars. I can well imagine what he sees in you....

    Your Tarot Card is on the borderline - either Knight or Page of Pentacles

    You may be a little distant yourself, or perhaps occupied with hobbies or such.

    So, he is intellectual, you are a calm but passionate and a doer.

    I guess you love him for his mind, but its going to be hard work.

    To be honest, you two remind me of my mother and father, but with the sexes reversed.

    While it looks like hard work to me, I am not you, and it may be that you two are in fact well suited.

    If you are like my parents, do me a favour? If he is "getting at" the kids, don't let your need for calm push you out of the way. If he is in the wrong, stand up for the child. The one complaint aI had about my father was that he never stood up for me against mum.

    Just focus on what you love about him, and ignore his insensitivity.

    if you are drawn to emotionally distant men, then you might want to look at your relationship with your father. Was he distant? Resolve that and you might see the situation more clearly.

    OK, lets get real. I am new to this. I have only just cracked the secrets of my tarot system, and linked it to astrology,

    So if I'm wrong, ignore me, and let me know how and where i am wrong, please.



  • Thanks Beanu for your thoughts. I'm so much more contented with my Leo man than I ever was with the Virgo. I guess you live & learn!

  • I have just realised I'm made up of all 3 Air signs - what does that say about me!?! My sun sign is Gemini; Moon is Aquarius; Rising sign is Libra.

  • Hi, Gemini, Aquarius and Libra are all masculine influences. It's interesting.

  • Thank you pretty much hit the nail on the head. As for our moon and rising...mine are both Picses....his not sure what time he was born so I won't know that. I'm not sure if I've been attracted to the type of men you suggest...but it sure is worth giving it a study. It sure is helpful to have someone point it out like that....even though when I was reading it I was telling myself duh lol...once again Thank you sooo much.

  • I have found that I actually do NOT get along at times with the signs that I'm supposed to get along with. Me being a Libra, I should get along well with Gemini....but I don't (at least not with Gemini women: I don't know as many Gemini men but that said I've never been close to any/good friends with any Gemini men). Usually I get along with Gemini for awhile but then there's one fight in the relationship and they end things with me, even if the argument is minor and not worth ending things. I also have had rough patches with Leo men. Most of my "inner circle" is comprised of earth and water signs.

    I also don't believe that air and fire necessarily get along better. Air and Water are both "abstract" sorts of people and Fire and Earth are "concrete" sorts of people (see Liz Greene for details) so sometimes I feel like I get along better with Water (except Scorpio: for some reason unfortunately I usually end up not having good relations or connections with Scorpios...although when I do find a Scorpio that I really "click" with, it's pretty great).

    I also feel that any two signs can work together if a) other planets/positions in the chart are good and b) the couple loves each other enough--and understands each other enough--to work through it: if both people work at the relationship and make it a priority, there's at least a chance of it working. I kind of feel that instead of using compatibility to avoid certain signs, it's better to study all of the signs and try to make things work "within the sign" (i.e., using the information about the other person's sign to make things more balanced and harmonious instead of not giving someone a chance just because your sign isn't traditionally compatible). To be fair, I can see avoiding one or two signs that you really can't stand...but on the other hand someone's sun sign shouldn't prevent you from giving that person a chance. Plus, even if they are a sign that you don't get along with, the rest of their planets may be in signs that you do get along with...or else they might manifest the more positive traits of their sign. That said, one of my favorite signs in the zodiac is Capricorn, which is supposedly my worst match. Capricorns have, with only a few rare exceptions, always been great to me and very kind. I feel like we balance each other out: Cappies help me mature and be more responsible and I help them relax and see the beauty in life. One of my most trusted friends is a Cappie and she is very sweet and loyal. I also like Pisces most of the time (again, even though we're not supposed to get along).

    I'm wondering if my other planets have something to do with it. I have:

    Sun, Mercury=Libra

    Venus, Pluto=Scorpio

    Uranus, Saturn, ASC=Sagittarius

    Mars, Neptune=Capricorn



    I've also had difficulties with Aquarius: as much as I like them, they don't usually stay around long enough for me to get to know them as well as I would like--and usually when I meet an Aquarius I went to get to know them so this is frustrating!

  • So I was hoping to maybe get a little insight. I am a Pisces, with a moon in Aries and a Cancer rising. I like this guy who is a Virgo, birth date Sep. 8th 1983. now, I know we are supposed opposites, witch really we kind of are, but we both feed of of each others vibes and makes for a very comfortable sensual vibe. I met him about 5 months ago. Since then we have kind of had a fling, but mostly it was alcohol induced. sad, and I told him how I feel about him, well that I care for him, and all he can say is why. and Ive been really trying to be subtle with him, not push anything, like ill say can I ask you something, and he says" no, I dont like questions.". you know so i just forget about it, I know that Virgos have a hard time opening up and I really just want to avoid making him uncomfortable. but Being a very intuitive Pisces, I know that he does like me and has a very warm stable heart he is hiding away from me. And too, I have talked to his friends and they all tell me what I pretty much already know. "oh, he likes you, he just doesn't know how to talk to women" but he does act very cold sometimes, like he will get intimate with me then he will walk away and go sleep on the couch.... but before that, he is just so engaged and sweet. And Its so trying for me because I really like his quirky fun but reserved tendencies, And I am a people pleaser and that all I do for him, and he loves it. I just cannot lasso him in, what can I do? I think well since it had been easy for me to open up and say what I want, and since it mesh well with his character, he sees it as me just saying what he wants to hear. but that is not the case. and like I said, hes real quiet and I hardly ever get the chance to like have a one on one convo with him. witch, he doesn't believe me what i say. Oh, Virgo, my little loaf. I really appreciate any help anyone can give me, This has been a real complex situation bringing me down in my life and I could really use an outsiders opinion for some clarity.

  • Libralady12 - perhaps the reason for you not getting on with gemini women is that we are so alike - both are social,flirty creatures! My "arch enemy"(!) is a Libra and I find her flirting embarrassing (because it is so obvious)and yet I'm not a prude...I think its because when we are both in the room, we both vie for attention ! ! I hate it when we're at the same party or function because I'm automatically keeping an eye on her and her antics, especially if she happens to go near my husband! She makes a beeline for him on purpose and she knows it winds me up! Trying to keep my cool is very difficult! And yet, I have another Libra female friend who is a laugh to be with & quite often we'd go out on a "girls night" together and we have a great giggle. My Aquarius friends can be jealous at times...and I think they find it funny that the Libran woman can wind me up so much...although they acknowledge that she's a nightmare!!!

  • I'm curious. I'm a libra male with a moon in pisces. I've read in a few places that a moon sign influences taste and compatibility as much, if not more then a sun sign. So being that me and gemini's do not work, at least typically, who would I be most compatible with, and what do you base that off, besides personal experience with that other person?

    DOB: Oct 18th 83

  • On the contrary, WindNSea25, Libra male and Gemini female would work....both are air signs and share very similar traits. Don't write off the glamourous,passionate Gemini too quickly!!! Being serious though, both Libra and Gemini are Air signs along with Aquarius you'll have lots in common...but all the signs have their own individual quirks, so its just a matter of getting to know the girl and understanding her nature and personality and work together to strive for a perfect relationship.

  • Hi all,

    Nice forum here. I am an Aquarius.

    My first marriage was to a Pisces. It ended a slow and dismal death. We were too young, he was too flighty, I was too smart, whatever.

    My second marriage is to a Taurus. He makes me feel very feminine. But this one may slowly fade away as well. The jury is still out.

    I've noticed that I am physically attracted to Pisces and Libras. I am sexually attracted to Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Saggitarius. I can be great friends with others Aquarians, Scorpios, Capricorns and Cancers. But I can not stand Virgos or Leos. What's up with that?

  • WindNSea25 we have the same birthday, diffierent year. I get along very well with Gemini men except I have had a hard time finding one that isn't a pack rat and only have paths to walk threw in their homes. Oh is not so much in the rooms where you will be in as much as its all over their yards and stacking up flat surfaces. I am not a neat freak but too much seems to disrupt the beauty and harmony of their surroundings. So I tell them, " I don't want someone to try and change me so I won't try to change you but this atmosphere is disruting to me. And I would drive you crazy complaining about you clearing most of it out and I don't think we would make it for very long and so lets end this on a friendly note now." That hurt one mans feelings and I appologized but I said 'you wanted to know how I feel and that is how I feel. I am sorry if it hurt you." I have had a relationship with a Capricorn that lasted more years than it should have. I had a relationship with a Pisces that ended after a few years. Had nothing to do with his sign as much as his drug and alcohol use. I had a great relationship ( I thought ) with an aquarius but I had never seen him sober so I didn't realize he was an alcoholic. He left me for a drinking girlfriend. I had a relationship with a Sag. got along great except I got tired of the lying because he was a druggie. Now I never saw these people doing them so the wool was easily pulled over my eyes. And the fact that I didn't drink or take drugs and not used to being around them. And working to support my kids. I missed a lot of the signs. That one was another short lived one too. And I had a long relationship with a Taurus. Which also ended because he wasn't faithful. I got along with all of those different signs for a while. Some for years some for only about a year. But I have a couple that I won't even try. I get along with Virgo women but not the men. Leo I get along very well but I just don't like them wanting the world to revolve around them. Scorpio I don't meet very many men but the women I get along great with. And I avoid Aries men as well. I have my moon in Taurus and my rising is Sag.

  • I am a Gemini with my moon in taurus and libra rising. My boyfriend is the same. We enjoy the same things, Food, music, activities. Everything the same. We use to ask each other do you like??? Now we just say you will like because I like. The problem is our hateful twin. We can hurt each other so bad with words. I get upset and leave... he calls begging me to come back or I should say demanding. Should we keep trying or just say we are to much alike and bump heads to much and call it quits? I guess the question is can you realy live with yourself????

  • This post is deleted!

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