Twinsoul, your advice is graciously requested

  • Hello Twinsoul,

    My DOB is September 14, 1960

    His DOB is January 12, 1962

    You are very kind to respond to reading requests (I have followed many of your posts) and I am hoping you could share some of your insight with me too. I am mystified and intrigued by a Cap man! He had been a client of mine for the last several months and we recently finished our business together. It was only a few days before finishing that it dawned on me that he was interested in me and I had no idea. We went to dinner to celebrate our business and had a great time. Got along extremely well, talked and laughed a lot. We did get intimate, not sure it

    that was a mistake but it felt natrual. Since then, I have seen him a few times (he is

    moving here from another state so he is here once a month) and I initiated the get together. He was very responsive and again we got along very well. In between times, we have talked little on the phone, mostly texting. I know this move is a big change for him and his daughter is going off to College so I know he is dealing with a lot right now. My heart tells me I really want to pursue this man and I think he wants to pursue me. I actually think he had been sizing me up for months but I did not know that. My question is do you see this relationship developing into something serious? Does he want me to pursue him? I sure hope so! Many, many Blessings to you Twinsoul! Thank you.

  • virgowaiting

    lovely, go for it. enjoy


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