Are we compatible?

  • Me...4 22 60

    him 12 12 60

    very strong attraction on both our parts for past 6 together romantically 2 weeks ago...he now has pulled way back! Should I be content with friendship??

  • Conflicts over dominance and the question of leadership will arise here. Together you both rip open and expose each other's weaknesses and dark side which basically achieves nothing but to sabotage the quality of the relationship. You both like to be the boss and neither will give ground easily. Your friend needs to be admired, adored and praised and you are not so easily impressed. When your friend doesn't get enough attention, he leaves - which can be a blessing in disguise because he would have been unable to satisfy your sensual side or give enough to you emotionally. The sexual intensity between you was more an expression of ego than real love, motivated by challenge rather than desire. There is not even enough compatibility here for a good friendship.

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