Can anyone give me a reading?

  • Hello. I would like to gain an understanding about any past lives i have had concerning myself and my ex. I am pregnant with his baby and we are not together now. We were together for almost a year. I have been told we have a karmic connection and have been in each other's past life/lives. I am wondering if anyone can tell me about this connection or about our encounter(s). And what our baby has to do with it if anything. My birthdate is 12/29/1987 and his is 3/12/1981. If any more details are needed please ask and I will elaborate. Thank you 😃

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  • Dear Heavenly Flower,

    I am not a past life expert so really can't give you information on it right now. I'm not sure you can get a reading anymore on this website because it appears the administration is squashing all readings. I'm trying to learn myself what is and isn't allowed anymore!

    Angel blessings to you,


  • Angelreader, I have been on the forum for over a year and have never heard of such a thing. I would hope they would rather concentrate on the people that try to post or sell their products like the Ugg ones. That would be really sad it they stop the readings, we all know that the readings for anyone can change at anytime due to the universe and one change creates another....The readings and the forums provide support and help so I am hoping that if admin does consider stopping readings they will check with us on the forum. I do not see how this support forum and the readings could harm anyone. Please keep everyone informed if you would. Thank you love and light.

  • Anyone have any experience with past lives? Anything would be valuable to me. Thanks

  • hello HeavenlyFlower

    when you have a chance, go see your reading in the psychic/lonely thread I did before bumping on that one you created.


  • I want to start this one over again...still looking to see if anyone has any experience with past-life readings or psychics in general...thanks in advance

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