Lost engagement and wedding ring

  • Hi

    I've lost my engagement and wedding ring and am devasted. Is anyone able to help me find them? They were getting a bit tight so I took them off a few weeks ago and put them in a tiny ornate brass keepsake box in a safe place. About 10 days ago I put the box in the small zippered compartment of my handbag (but left it unzipped) to take to the jewellers to get resized. However the shop was closed so I wasn't able to take them in. I then came home and promptly forgot about them. I only remembered last night and checked my bag and the box or rings are nowhere to be found. I have been out and about to several places in the last 10 days with my 2 small children so I can only think that the box must have fallen out of my bag somewhere or perhaps someone stole it although I think this is unlikely as my purse etc are still in my bag. I've asked my children and they have not seen them or the box.

    If anyone is able to help me I would be very grateful. I am too scared to tell my husband yet and so cross with myself for being so careless.


  • Sorry please ignore this as I have just looked again and found them!! I had obviously taken them out of my bag a while ago and put them in a safe place in my bedroom. Am so relieved!

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