Will I earn good money?

  • Hi all,

    My moon sign is Mithuna and I want to know if I could make good money and settle well in life. I want to know if I have chance of doing a Master's Degree.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Since this was 4 yrs ago...do you have your master's now?


  • In this time n place with the financial crisis still running i ask u this, seriously what do u think? if u do well b happy if u doint b content bc the crisis doesnt seem to change any time soon.

    i doubt any reader can say see feel sense predict an end to the financial crisis. so best thing to do is, b content with what u have until the crisis has ridden out fully.


  • well said cwb but there is always hope so we must keep trying

  • i never said to loose hope but the way the politicians all ovee debate discuss n yet has done little do i believe 4 the time being we have to remain patient n hopeful. by it bide time 4 better times n better pays. those who has a job do all u can to keep it bc being unemployed really truely stinks!

    its from that i say b content with what u have even if it aint all rosepetals. being hopeful doesnt exclude being realistic.


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