If i was born MARCH 19th would i be considered pisces cusp aries?

  • I was born march 19th @ 8 in the morning and was wondering if i would be pisces with cusp in aries. Aries starts on the 21st however I tend to blow up and have challenging traits and i once met a guy who asked me what my sign was and I said a Pisces and he said WOW you seem like a fire sign i see lots of fire in you. I said hmmm, well im a late pisces but not sure and he said I should look into it. I do believe every pisces is different and i have some friends that are very mellow and i can be that way as well but im very adventurous as well. I take risks and just jump right into things without thinking them through and very easily bored. If anyone knows if i would be a cusp baby i would really appreciate their answers.. Thanks! 😉

  • The amount of time for a cusp sign can vary between one and five days either side so you cna consider yourself to be a cusp. The closer to the other sign, the stronger the traits will be. Being born on the Cusp makes you a unique personality, with your ruling signs and influences bringing anomalies into your personality and emotions, so when reading the GENERALIZED Zodiac explanations as found on this or other sites, or books, ALWAYS read the reference for BOTH signs and you will see what I mean.

    An Aries/Pisces cusp may leave you confused many times in your life when the inner spirit is gung-ho to do a thing but that tingling bit of caution creeps in to make you unsure. That is the, 'let's get moving' Aries being slowed down by the 'ever careful' Pisces. Aries rules the head and Pisces the intuition so there could be some conflicted feelings as to which instinct you should follow. You have the fiery bluntness of Aries mixed with the fantasizing dreaminess of Pisces. You can be both a dreamer and a doer. You sometimes can be very analytical especially with yourself and this at times can self-inflict pain.

  • Your personality also would be affected by other planets as well as your rising sign. My mother is a Pisces and she is not on the cusp but she has a lot of fire in her chart .

  • Thank you captain it really helped me to figure out if i was a cusp in aries or not... and im pretty close to it. 48 hours hours prior. I do have tendencies to get things moving and get frustrated when they don't move as easily but i am a patient pisces so yes it can be awkward at times...

  • 19th March is a great day to be born, there are a lot of us about it seems, I have a lot of Sagittarius in my chart to accentuate the fire

  • I know a gentelman born on that day!!! and he is a gentel----man alot of aries tendencies you, very deep individual!! need to find out what your moon sign is....very special day!!!

  • I was born early morning 12:15am on the 22nd, so I'm probably on the cusp too. Not sure about the other signs in my chart, but I definitely feel like I've got Pisces reflective tendencies and Aries push.

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  • thanks for sharing its always interesting knowing where people come from when we are born on the cusp or near it. my moon is in libra so that's a breather! Pretty mellow social butterly 🙂

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