Happens with Capricorn and Taurus?

  • I'm the Capricorn in the story and He is the Taurus . One day of spring break , he talked to me on Facebook which is odd because he told me he loved me and I told him to change it to like me , b/c we don't know eachother as well . We hardly see eachother and he starts talking to me on Facebook out of nothing . I see he has broke up with his ex , she is 1 year or 2 older than him while I'm one eyar younger than him . I look up to the ex . But then he came to talk to me when theyw ere apart, flirting and such . So I'm like confused , I talked to the ex about this , she said to go for it , but I was guessing she had feelings for him still ,since she didn't want to really talk about this, and she and him hasn't spoken to eachother since the breakup til Monday after spring break. And he told me he was really happy b/c she talked to him,so I'm thinking he still had feelings too , they broke up about 2 times during their relationship status because of them being busy and away . I am as you know the shy capricorn,so I don't talk to him in person , but then I asked him where does he want to stand with me, he said he ant do anything until after summer, since he's going to be away . I heard from the ex , and he told me later when I asked him about it . But about 2 days ago , they are back together again . So I don't know what to do except jsut stay liek nothing happened?

  • judybootie,

    I am sure you are a young and beautiful girl.

    I am not a psychic but I can offer you a few words of advice..

    I have sisters and I think you are in their age group.

    If you like chatting with him on FB, you can but keep it at friend's level.

    His relationship with his ex is not solve yet, (as you've said, they broke up and back again)

    Don't get caught in between until you know for sure that he really has feelings for you and no longer want to be with his ex.

    Believe me, you do not want the complications.

    Whatever you do, be careful.

    Don't let yourself be a stepping stone ok

    Take care.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Thank you . ❤ And I'm over it now . Crying and being depressed doesn't bring me anywhere higher. :]

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