Reading please?

  • Can u tell me what kind of match I am for 2/2/73 and what the future holds? I am 8/30/76.

  • There is this guy at home that has been running into my mom very often. He even ran into my mom and brother when my brother was in town and they all ate dinner together. I don't live in the same state but close in driving distance. He has even taken my mom to look at his house that is a work in progress. He is divorced and is also running for county sheriff, so he is very busy until June 1. I have e-mailed twice with a response, the last two times I have not heard from him. I was wondering is he interested in me and is there a possiblity of more to come? Also can you tell if he will be elected for sheriff in June. Thank you for your time. Love and Light

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