What's In A LOG-IN Name?

  • I've often wondered if the names we create to log into this site as well as others are significant to our personality profile? Or perhaps just an indication of our creativity? I know the name I chose just came to me, I didn't select it specifically. It just popped into my mind however it does say something about me...I am glowing in the mornings. I am at my best spiritually and emotionally early morning hours. It is the opposite time of my productivity time though. I have more energy and I am far more motivated to work in the evening. I love to clean house at about midnite..lol...I know, I am strange! I also seem to be more inspirational in the evenings where mornings I am very reflective. What about you? How did you select your name? ~~ Blessings to All~~

  • hehehe i think i chose mine using my name lol, only cause i could think of a better One 😛

  • mmm yeah my first name was LonelyDoc and it was because I felt "lonely" with my career choice, I felt that way after a break-up two years ago when I joined this forums...

    However not so long ago I had a dream where I was told to change it... and I chose HAPPY 🙂

  • I was following this forum for almost a year but didn't think of posting anything back then.

    Simply reading all the post from others and learned from them.

    But a few months ago when my world began to crumble and I feel like sharing my experience in the forum, I had to register my log in. I picked the nick "Emergence" in a blink of an eye. I am not sure why actually. Before that, the word emergence was not in my daily "dictionary".

    So yeah, I believe our nick has something to do with the situation we are in at that point of time. I kinda like my nick now btw lol. I might name my daughter Emergence one day 🙂

  • I picked my name because I see myself as the female version of Uncle Buck (the movie) starring John Candy. In my family, I am Aunt Buck. I see him as a very lovable man with some issues but a really good heart and a lot of compassion and caring for those around him. When you get to know the real Uncle Buck you can't help but see his good and love him for exactly who he is. Good, bad and just a little crazy. Never live in the best of places or drive the nicest of cars....but I am who I am and people love me for that.

  • AuntBuck that is so cool! It suits you too. It's so funny, my brother & I were just talking about Uncle Buck yesterday. My dad was a station wagon lover and the last one he had smoked like crazy just like Uncle Bucks. Never fancy but always caring and willing to go the extra mile to help others. Sure sounds like you too. You made a good choice.

    Mine is me and I guess what I am guilty of in so many ways. According to my family anyway, they often think I am a dreamer. I meant it more literally than that but either way it works.


  • Luckily I no longer drive cars that smoke like crazy or backfire but still...I've always been the odd one out. I am who I am...lol.

  • I hate to sound boring but mine is pretty simple, it is just my real name Eric Siversen. I used to use several other names but always found it difficult to remember what they were when signing into multiple social media websites. I think using my government name gives me something I can't possibly forget. However sometimes I read peoples screen names and can't imagine what that relates to in their lives. To each their own as they say, who am I to judge. Thank you for listening, and I think this may break into a real interesting topic.

  • Well Eric your not by yourself Delbert is my real name to and i use to hate my name so you can see what i went threw in school it was my dads name also and out of 7 boys i was the one stuck with that name today i am proud of my name and my dad for naming me after him but i was also given a nick name when i was a baby and its what all my family and friends call me its Tooter but having the same name as your dad in the same town sometimes got confusing .It is interesting the different titles we use and how it associates with our personality interesting topic. Delbertc

  • Mine Actually Just Came ! I just wrote anything.

    But It Describes Alot About ME, lol.

    I love to Shop, Spend, Go Out, & Things.

    A few Months Ago i would have agreed to have been addictdtoriches,

    & it was my motivation to have Alot Of Money. But I figure I've changed my view

    just a little, its Nothing to be Addictd to I guess ;/ But I do Love It, I love The Security

    of Having It.

  • I love exploring the mystical with people who may have a similar bent, but I still doubt why I want to be more certain about the future or understand it better- a foot in both camps.

  • doubtingmystic

    You Want To Be More Certain About the Future, Because you dont wanna

    loose your grips with the things you have in the present Suddent unexpectancies can be a pressure If only we knew what to expect we could sort of Control it more right?

    Its like a boyfriend or girlfriend you had, If you knew this person loved and cared for you You wouldnt question letting them Go You can control your choices then. But The Future Isnt guaranteed

    by a psychic Either, Its guaranteed By Your choices.

    You Choose What You Let Happen & When..Psychic give you insights.

  • My Login Name reflects my personality.

    When I was 25 years old, I wanted to take flying lessons -I was such an ambitious woman then!

    I wanted to get my pilot license before I turned 35; however, the classes are so expensive.

    Now that I am 36, my goal is to get it before I turn 40!!

    ON the Sexual, Adventurous,and Brassy side to my personality I guess I am sort of like the female James Bond -hence the 007.

    However, I have been celibate for 18 months!!!LOLLOL .....I guees I need to chande my Login name to PilotNun!!

  • What a great thread idea! It seems most people so far have just used their names or were wanting to express something about their inner workings. I'm a little of both, my name plus an expression about myself. I think love in all its forms is the greatest gift we can give and recieve. Thus Mellove

  • Now Pilot that was funny you gave me a good laugh i am laughing with you not at you 16 for me LOL hey pilot you know what a slip is? The one and only time i flew in a single prop we were coming in for a landing approaching the runway and that pilot turned that plane sideways scared the s out of me i knew you could not land it that way then he straighten out right before he touched down i was hollering they were laughing their aaa off . Delbert

  • wow what a great thread Morningglow!!

    Everyone is positive and in a good mood and I love finding out why and how you chose your forum name.

    Every time I read people comments on other threads always wandered "why" the name and now I'm starting to know!! it's great to know a little more about all of you 🙂

    Pilot007 you also made me laugh with you of course!! (I also have a sarcastic sense of humor!)

    Delbertc your experience in the helicopter was funny too!! I liked how you put the s LOL so they don't take it out

  • Gee I wonder how I came up with my screen name? Hmmm? LMAO

    : D

  • Pilot....good thing you said nun cause I was thinking it can't be virgin....lol. Although it would be kind of fitting too in the pilot sense. LOL.

    For all of you who use your given names, you are unique and special and therefore your log in names are the same.

    Happy Doc, I remember seeing the thread where you changed your name. I thought it was inspiring.

    I used to use Jax or Jaxie....but those fell to the wayside when I watched Uncle Buck for the 5th or 6th time and realized that's who I am. Minus the hat of course...lol. But...well, the corny side of me could see running around in that thing just for a laugh. hehe.

  • For me the number 3 has always been a lucky number for me so I thought for this site 3 "3"'s might be even luckier and Tanya is my legal first name. So far also I believe I have been lucky in finding and posting in these forums as I have gained a lot of knowledge and spiritual growth and found so many nonjudgmental, supportive positive people in such a short period of time.

    XOXOXO 333Tanya

  • I agree Tanya....this place is SOOOOO wonderful.

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