• Hello,

    I live in a small community and i just found out from a friend of mine that some people call me a cougar. funny thing is ...i haven't gone out on a date with any of them, so why are they saying this?


  • Well. have you even been seen with anybody. And do you like yhounger men? Honey just live your life.

  • Don't worry about what others say or think. It's not even worth putting your energy into such stupidity. I understand that small towns like to talk, god knows I live in one myself but unless your unhappy with yourself than you have nothing to worry about. Let them talk away. And even if you were dating young men, that's your business not theirs. I really wish people would stop judging, sterotyping and gossiping, they need to learn to accept others for who they are and for what's inside, that's what counts. I hope that your able to ignore the stupid comments and enjoy your life. I agree Thunder07, people do tend to get jealous and make things up, it's sad, we should never judge another unless of course you've walked in their shoes for a good amount of time and we should never look down upon another unless it's to hold out our hand to lift them up.



  • Because you are put together and they aren't. I agree with Thunder too...Jealous.

  • Women can be so Catty! You should walk around town Purring. Purrrrrrrr...Purrrrrr I am ssuch a HOt, Lovely Put Together Cougar!! Purrrrr...Purrrrr and then lick your manicured hands and nails

    with your sexy tongue. THAT should get them talking!!!!!LOLLOLLOL

  • Too funny, Yes I think you all are right, one of my friends told me,,,yes you are a cougar you just don't put out,,,,,,oh well thanks for response, i'll let you know later how things are going, Have a great Hair Day !!!

  • Maybe they are just HOPING you will be their cougar:) When my ex-mate (of more than a decade and is same chronological age ) and I split up, my community gave me a few months to regroup--and the--the YOUNG men began the chase. At first I was just amused and was not taking any of them seriously, saying "'re so YOUNG..." Then I got pitches and speeches to the "don't discount me cos I'm young..." Discussing with male pals my age group--THEY all said "We don't even ask women out any more--that's the new thing--the younger men want the older women and vice versa." I DID notice--I am vibrant and alive--and a lot of my male contemporaries just let themselves get and FEEL OLD! While I haven't taken on a new mate yet--I 've realized that unless I meet up with a same-age or older one who is LIKE ME--meaning alive, fit, vibrant, ageless and wise--I most likely WILL make that cougar thing--ones who's company I'm enjoying are 10-20 years younger than me:) And when I was younger--I DID go 10-20 years older--so why not?

  • 228, do you think you may have cougar animal spirits which are guard you ?

    Do you sense perhaps the people see this spirit guide when you may be in danger ?

    Also, do you sense perhaps you may have been a cougar in a previous life time?

    Angel hugs and blessings


  • hello,

    Not sure about that animal thing, i do understand dating older guys, I did that when I was younger, so i guess its ok to date the younger guys , Anyway,does not matter what they say, im starting to think they are jealous because they are stuck in relationship that isn't making them happy .

  • Hey, I'm a cougar. Been with a 29 year old guy for 4 years now and I'm 47. We have a great time together in all ways unless some jealousy comes out of one of his co-workers wives or a 22 yr old that can't stand the fact that she could not have him because I have him , Heart and soul.

    She emails him and I and Says rude stuff to him about me being soo old and she is disgusted etc. But who cares because she's just a little girl.

    Well, I got him this way why would he leave me because of that? Besides the young men love the excitement and also love the neutering they get from an older woman. So hold your head up High and look at them like "yeah, at least I still have it".

  • Hurray 228! Now you got it! Sour grapes, people who are unhappy in their own lives. Gossip's human nature, been around since the beginning of time, & not restricted to small towns-my city communities are like small towns in and of themselves--workplaces, social groups, etc. Really--be true to your SELF. I dated OLDER from the time I began dating--that was fine. I went younger at age 22--a two-month dalliance with a fellow musician. I thought he was 20--full beard & he was playing in clubs! Like the song--he was just 17! Ended it FAST but with compassion when I found out! he left town and came back a year later with his next "older woman." She was 10 years older--hey'd been involved for almost a year when we met & she THANKED me:)

    My feeling is til they've gotten through their Saturn return (and WELL please!--not stuck!) they're not really relationship-ready anyway. Once they've balanced out from that Saturn-return--it's really about where you and he are AT and how compatible you are--remember--age is a state of Body Mind & Spirit--not chronology! Beauty of mid-age is you have a BROAD spectrum to choose from--younger AND older!

    hey--SHAYZZWAYZZ (love all the z's!) I sure hope you just had one of those Mercury-retrograde spelling glitches and mean that the young men love the NURTURING--not the NEUTERING!!

    Right on GF--Happy you have LOVE Heart and Soul. My Cancer-necessary post-split-after-decade "alone" time is done & no woman's an island. So I'm open to LOVE whether he's younger or older! Who cares is just the right attitude! Be Well and be HAPPY!!

  • Amen to that!!!!! Open to Love !!!!!

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