I will never stop loving him .

  • We have been involved with each other on and off for 12 years. When we first started seeing each other he was married but seperated. They managed to get back together . Now they are divorced and The last time we seen each other was 4 years ago.I'v now been in a relationship for 3 year and all the sudden he has showed back up in my life wanting us to give it another chance,I love this man with all my heart and soul .He is my soul mate and we've always said we would grow old together .But I've grown to love the man I'm with now. He is a good man and he is very good to me and my son .I'm torn in 2 directions and dont know what to do.

  • Seeing as we're both geminis, I'm guessing that the "soulmate" is probably exciting & flattering & has cheered you up no end. Us geminis thrive on flirtation & flattery. My advice would be to lap up the flattery, store it in your memory, keep your distance from this "soulmate", & then set about restoring the sparkle in your current relationship (a night away just the two of you would work wonders). If you really love this "soulmate" then you need to finish your current relationship before plunging ahead with your "soulmate" as it wouldn't be fair to string along your current man. Think carefully about your son as he may feel bewildered. Good luck whatever you decide to do.

  • I am another Gemini. I to had a soul mate in my life. It was 16 years ago, we both thought we would be together forever. Needless to say it did not work out that way. We Gemini's are very loyal and intense people. In the end, we usually lose because most people can not handle our intensity. Don't give up what you have with the man your with, it's not worth it. Love is hard to find and chances are you could end up completely alone if you make this change from one man to another. Life is hard enough as it is don't complicate your life anymore than necessary. Good luck.

  • Hi, I would imagine that he keeps popping up because he knows he can. Do you really have the time, patience and energy for all of this. Is there a point when enough is enough. Sounds like there is immaturity or a problem w/boundaries. Do you really want him running the bases and touching home every couple of years. Is it soulmate or manipulate. What you have to ask yourself about this is --what has changed about this relationship. Am I the same person. Is he the same person. If so, then he is your soulmate.

  • I just wanna say Kudos on finding a man to treat not only you wonderfully, but your child. That would be main question number one. How does this new man compare with your child to that of the other man? And it's hard not to see the irony in you being the other woman for so many years, and not he is playing the role of the other man. I hope this message finds you in peace and clarity, because making a desicion in the midst of turmoiled feelings never results in the ending we particulary want. I will say this though. I was in a relationship (good and bad times) that went on for 5 years.... in the 6 year he popped back up after 2 years of not talking. We got back together, but in the end I somehow became the other woman, in his whirl-wind life problems, and drama that he himself had created, and had nothing to do with me.... Maybe you need closure with this man, as I did with mine, maybe you'll even both be able to handle a friendship. But with love lost, is Love Gained, and it seems you have gained a wonderful man, who loves you, and may even be understanding with whats going on. Open your heart. Let it Burn. You will see who can survive the heat. Much Love


  • Hi, I'm new to this but I think it would really help if I talked with others about my life experiences and relationships. But I feel like I can relate to your situation. When I was 13 years old, still in middle school, I was kissed by a guy. This is how it happened. After leaving lunch one day, I was walking with a couple of friends. He came up from behind me and grabbed my arm. My friends continued to walk without me. Mind you, I was never approached or even had a conversation by this guy. This was our first encounter. As I turned around, he kissed me. I looked up and we stared into each other's eyes. But being this timid and unexperienced girl, I pulled away. As I walked off, I looked back and saw that he was watching as I walked off. I had a major crush and this guy and I truly being it was love at first sight.

    We went onto high school together. I was like a nerd and he was this popular athlete. He played football, basketball, ran track, and was in ROTC. But anyway, I knew that I could never have this guy, never in my life. I was so elated to see his face everyday and that was all I needed. Even if we didn't have a relationship. I was just in the 9th grade. So one day, I don't know what started this, but I wrote him a letter. To explain how I felt about him and wantig a chance to be with him. Of course, he wrote back. I was shock when I read the letter, because he explained that he felt the same way that I did and he, too, had a crush on me. That made all the difference to me. But he also explained that he didn't want to be with me at the time because of his situations at the time. No job and current relationships. He said he wanted to wait until he was ready so that he could really be with me.

    As time went by, we were in the 11th grade, and we were actually in a relationship. It was unbelievable. This was like a dream come true. We were walking through the school halls together. We were meeting in between classes, talking and kissing. He introduced me to his friends and everything. So then came the time for us to conversate over the phone. But I had a very rigid dad who thought I shouldn't be with anyone. I think that he and I may have had no more the 5 conversations via phone and my dad decided that I couldn't have phone calls anymore. I never talked with any other guy, never even had a boyfriend. I was crushed and deeply destroyed. But my family had many issues and my parents fought alot. So the last day of school, of the 11th grade, we got home from school. My mom had our things packed and we moved away. I didn't have the chance to say a proper goodbye to my love. But it was a good thing that we started writing each other as an alternate way to communicate outside of school.

    After we moved, we stayed in contact via mail. After a while I met someone else and we developed a relationship. While all of this was going on, the one I truly loved and wanted to be with never came to see me and he joined the army. So I thought he was moving on with his life. I did go to see him one night . Me and some friends were having a girls night out. I went by his job and he was there. It was like magic that night. I ran into his arms because just as soon as I was getting out of the car to see if he was in fact at work, he was walking out the door. He was so happy to see. That night, he introduced me to his mom, whose middle name is that same as my first name. On the radio, they were playing all the right love songs. My cousin even pointed out the fact that there has to be some special between us after that night. But we didn't end up together. I thought that if he wanted to be with me then he would come find me. I never saw him again. The guy I was with was all wrong for me although we have a child together. I never got over the one guy who share this special place in my heart.

    Well, last year I started at work, an old friend from school was getting a walk through of the plant. One day we talked to share stories and talk about the old days and about who we remember from school. I asked him about the guy who I was in love with and he states that they were in Korea together and they were friends. So I contacted him through a mutual friend. Now he and I are communicating again. Unfortunately, he's married and w/child. And of course, I knew that. So here is the question. I'm with someone but it's not serious. I care about him. We've been together for 2 years. But something is missing and there are alot of other issues that keep me from connecting with him. The guy from my past wants to meet with me. I want to so badly, but I have to keep reminding myself that he's married. So what should I do? He says he still loves me the same despite the fact that he's married. He also said that over the years he's learned to be honest about his feelings. I believe him with all my heart and he doesn't have a reason to lie about anything. Please help me because I'm head over heels for this guy and we've never had any closure or sex. The more we communicate, the more I think that maybe this is for some closure. But I want more and I know deep down we will never develop a relationship other than friends. Please give me some advice. I hope this didn't bore you. 😞

  • Hi Qwantisha, Sometimes I think it's better if parents trust their kids more concerning their friends. Obviously, in your situation it probably would have been better if they had trusted you more. But, also, you have wanted to resume a relationship w/him. In other words, you are pursuing him now. Not such a good idea to me. Since he is married, it's time to turn a page and write your own story. I think it could be even more hurtful in the long run to pursue him romantically. I know it may not seem like to now but I believe this will be a very hard path that you don't have to follow. I wish you the best.

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