St Claire , with love from TwinSoul

  • St Claire

    Oh my dear, what a life you have lived. You are one of the kindest people I have never met. The light of goodness and kindness that surrounds you can only be called Grace.

    You never feel like you have done enough even though you always try to give 100%. All of the time.

    You draw people who are very critical and mean. when you dont please them, you beat yourself up. My darling, please realize that it does not have to be this way.

    there have been so many people whom you have loved, but not liked. HMMMMMMM.

    There was so much austerity in your upbringing and in school, its amazing that you left that environment and still managed to have so much love in your heart.

    I also know that you have not allowed yourself to attain your intellectual personal best.

    And your work, strange place. Why are you staying there.

    I see jealousy and dumb politics. You can do so much better.

    How many relationships have you stayed in just because you wanted to give it , one more try?

    You might consider trusting your intuition more.

    You are quite the intuitive and clever one.

    Even financially, i believe that you have not nearly achieved your potential..

    I hope that we are not being too hard on you.

    There are so many things that are in your physical environment that you dont like looking at. Get rid of them. replace them with things that you really like. Perhaps that is part of the problem. Have you ever been given the time to discover who you really are. What you like. Whom you like.

    It is time.

    It is time to write the script for the rest of your life. i would love to see you spend the next year of your life, really discovering the true reason for your being here on earth. i dont think it is the purpose of your souls' journey to be a doormat. Gee that was harsh. Sorry.

    I also see you toying around with moving. Do It if you are able. Find a place that resonates with your soul. I think you have already been there. It will be an excellent start to Stclaires fresh start.

    You have so many wonderful things ahead of you. I feel that you have recently been given a new lease on life. sometimes that comes in the form of loss . Take the opportunity.

    I see you as becoming very successful. We are never too old, never.

    I also feel a sense of resignation in you. Pshaw. Stop that now. That is a lie we tell ourselves. Even if your body is feeling, eh. Your mind is still sharp as ever and your intelligence is still growing in leaps and bounds. Pain is just pain.

    Also, i sense some legal things going on with you. More bs, to distract you from your self.

    Now has come the time for you.

    If you choose, the rest of your life can be full of joy. I believe that at years end , all of your karmic and self made debts will be paid. smooth sailing ahead my dear.

    Please allow yourself the joy of discovering the beauty of the rest of your life on earth. It can be a very fun place when you allow yourself to be unencumbered with meaningless junk.

    Get back up on the horse and ride into the waves. You are wonderful.

    Blessings and love


  • Twin Soul......i understand now your name and what it my dearest lady did really see my soul as none has ever done, and what a blessing you have been to me know. you have amazing healing gifts , and i have been so fortunate to have the benefit of them. EVERYTHING you saw was all true.EVERYTHING! things i have been thinking about but never shared. i am not in that job anymore this is my first week of freedom from the unhealty environment(for the same reasons you stated) but just like relationships i gave it one more try! how right you are about me! also i have been on a journey of spirtual sorts and its making a difference as far as being true to myself and whats important, yes i am learning not to be a doormat(not to worry that wasent harsh) you only verified what i was suspecting and why i draw mean and critical people! cause i do! !arghhh karmic debt? i suspected that! glad i have almost paid my dues! i also have been thinking about moving.ALOT! wow you just totally amaze me. i also am learning to go with my intuation morei always thought i was being foolish and ignored i see it was foolish to ignore it! i worked on a locked psch. unit for 12 years and learned a lot of useful things about human behaviorit was the best job i have ever had, i never worked with a meanspirted there all those years, funny because most people are fearful of those units in hospitals, lots of love and genuine caring there though! just like i see in you...because you Dear ,are love! and you give to all of us here ,how very beautiful you are. SO thank you for the gift precious to me and not taken lightly. May Gods love continue to shine through you touching all you come in contact with and keep you well , safe happy and loved.x x x

  • I for got to mention most importantly! the grace you mentioned(exactly) was a gift from my belief that God has brought me to the place i am now in my life of never giving up i know its just around the next turn. blessings back x x x

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