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  • well, maybe I'll just have to call and see what they want Looks like that might bbe theonly way. I am expecting a scam but I don't want to pass it up if it's not. I will never give them my soc. sec. # and I will never pay anything to get anything. It's not from where the scams are usually from and it looks pretty legit I was hoping someone could help. I might ask Brian Tristan. But I will probably just call. Thanks TTFN

  • Sylvannah,sending you love and best wishes...Stay strong and happy:)

  • Thank you Suramya. I mighht have found a guy from my past that wants to help me. He is not very good looking but we are equal in everything else and looks don't matter to me. It's what's on the inside. I have seen very beautiful women, then they open their mouth and suddnenly, that beauty fades. I haven't cared about looks since I was 19! That's why I like my overbite now even though I absoluely hated it when I was a kid. Through it, I can know the superficial men over the ones that are sincere. You wouldn't believe how many superficial men there are out there! It's a slight overbite but enough to bother alot of guys. i gotta go TTFN

  • Happy Saturday Sylvannah

  • looks arent everything the most fun guys I ever met were called ugly by conventional ideas, but even after we split they are all still friends of mine, even if I don't see them for years they will still offer me a coffee if I bump into them, or lunch

    have a good weekend

  • Sorry, I have ben out of it for the last couple of days.I think the only real goodlooking guys I have dated were my husband and a 17 yo. Other than that, looks haven't been on my priority list lol I was told that my soulmate is represented by the asteroid Juno. Does anyone know what theh@#l that means?

  • no, but I keep thinking about a guy in my past who died last november and I cant figure out why I explained on the brian tristan thread hubby is suppose dto be good looking I've been told, and I think I've been lucky but well, juno was a goddess, wonder if thats relevant ?

  • Well, I just wrote alot and it didn't post it. To sum it up, I am getting a room mate in about a week. When he moves in I am hoping that alot of my stress goes out. July is going to be a big month. (in a good way I hope) My daughter starts her sleep study by the 8th, if it works, I want to quit smoking. I will have someone here to help me physically and financially. I have big plans but I have to exercise my patience and try not to do everything at once. I retook my goddess profile. I am still a Percephone follwed very closely by Athena then Aphrodite. I just need to read on what my numbers mean. I know I was also very low in Artemis, Demeter, and Hera. But that's ok. I will probably get higher in those as I age. It's kinda like the maiden, the mother, and the Crone. Right now, I think I am in the mother stage. I have been thinking, what do I wanna be for Halloween this year? I had a suggestion for an exotic dancer but I am too old for that crap anymore. I wanna wear more clothes lol. I still have 4 months to go so I will have plenty of time to give it some thought. I am hoping that I get my house clean for Christmas so I can decorate this year. I have always liked the feeling I get for Christmas. I didn't have the feeling last year. $ months ago I changed the person that I was. I was a pessimist but now I am an optimist. I have a good feeling about this guy moving in. He is an old friend. I haven't seen him for 22 years. We are both different people then we were then. ( and that's a good thing) I haven't read your post on Brian Tristans thread but maybe he is trying to get in touch with you. Do you LOVE your husband? Would you do anything for him? Think about hat. Do you really LOVE him or do you just love him? You can be with somebody for a long time and love them, but not be in love with him. I was with my ex for 3 1/2 years but I wasn't in love with him after about the first 6 months. I've been lucky though as to where I am friends with all my exes. You don't have to hate your ex because he is an ex. Anyways, gotta go. TTFN

  • no, you're right about that, I've stayed friends with all my exes,good luck with that new guy though as you really deserve good stuff to happen to you.

    I think it is because I am unhappy that 20 years on I am still living with ma-in-law, and no better off, and when I was with this guy he always tried to look out for me even though at the time I didn't know it, nor appreciate it, and maybe because he only died recently which I was told by a cousin of his we used to hang out with, whereas Allan well, mostly isnt as protective of me, and I tend to fend for myself a lot sometimes, emotionally too as he isn't as affectionate as I'd like him to be, and someone told me that I am the strong one in this relationship, not him, as he's not very selfconfident at all, as his mum didn't and still doesn't have anything good to say about him even expected him to give up working when he had cancer, when the thing he hates most is claiming benefits, and he doesnt like failing at all, which does mean he's really stubborn and moody when things aren't going well, as for loving him, I was in lust when we first met, and I feel as if I'd be lost without him, but certainly not anywhere near as earthshakingly strong as when we met, and I suppose because he isn't looking after himself like he used to I think I am in a strange place as far as love is concerned especially as they say that you never forget your first love which the guy who died was, and I feel that I am daydreaming about how much better life would have been , when I will never really know, because, I don't like what my situation is now, and maybe subconciously I am blaming him for it

    Brightest blessings

  • I haven't fallen off the face ofthe earth (well I kind of have ctually) I have been a little depressed. My daughter did her sleep study and I will know by next week if she qualifies. They say she has AD/HD, ODD, and a conduct disoerder. (when asked what that was, they said that means that she really misbehavesat home) NAH!! lol I could have told them that! Anyways, please pray for her. That she gets the help her brother never got! Also, I have a Beagle if anyone will take her. She has papers but she looks like total c r a p! She is allergic to fleas and I have tried everything to get them off of her but I have alot of sand, I think she gets bitten once and she loses her hair, gets swollen red bumps, and her eyes look like they're getting infected. I have given her away twice but got her back after 3 days. I forgot (cause it has been over 5 years since I had to deal with it) She has to be put in her place. She has usually cleared up by then but I would give her 5 days now. I was gonna call the pound but I thought I would ask you guys first. She is a good girl. Ever since she was a puppy and I put her in her place, she has never growled at me. I was totally shocked when the 2 families told me she did it to them. It was a while before I figured itout because it had been so long and she has never bitten! It's a Beagle thing. My huskies never tried to assert authority over me. Please somebody take her. I say all he time that most of you need a dog cause they will give you what nobody ever has, and that's unconditional love! I will feel good knowing that one of you guys got hr.But, she can't stay here. (for health reasons) I bathe her, spray her every night, I've treated my yard, put Hartz monthly on her, and I put garlic in canned food for her but she hasn't got any better. But, I have tried. Anyway, please, please let me know.She is not a very affectionate dog as she got clawed by a cat when she was a puppy. She doesn't put her face in yours and doesn't want your face in hers but she is a good dog. She is crate trained and about 6 years old! She has papers but is fixed.Which is good as she is a bad mothe and I had to bottle raise her litter of pups! But she would be a good dog for an older couple cause she isn't hyper at all. She likes to stay indoors. And she sleeps most the time! I'm probably going to replace her with a shephard. I have all these huskies but no guard dog! The only thing they got going for them right now, is the amount. lol I have 5 and they are 50 lb dogs. They are gentle giants lol Anyway, it's 11:33p so I'm gonna go. Just wanted to let you know I was still here. (physically anyway) TTFN

  • I am back! I haven't had internet in over a week. Is anybody stll there? I am still here I have just been out of touch for a little while.

  • yup I'm still here but BrianTristan has disappeared hows things going?

  • I am sooooo sorry! I haven't had internet for about a month but here I am!I've got alot of catching up to do.How are things going with you Chrissicat? How long has Brian been MIA? he was sick when I was on last! Maybe I should give my phone number so if I'm not around (and if aanybody cares) they can call and check on me? I've had to use my cellphone to get on FB and myspace. It wouldn't let me get on here. If any of you are on facebook, you can add me as a friend. (just make sure you tell me who you are) my name is the same on there as on here. Sylvannah Ok sorry again! TTFN

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