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  • I'll look into it but my neurologist told me I don't have MS. I have to figure out whet to do about my vertigo and short term memory loss. He said there were excercises for the vertigo but I don't know what they are and I'm not sure what can help with that. They said it was on the right. Between that and the short term memory loss, it drives me absolutely crazy. I am not a dumb person but I am very forgetful which sometimes gives the illusion of being flighty. I used to be very good about numbers and appt. but now I have to write everything down. And sometimes, I write it on things that I can find that are close. I bought a calendar so I could try to write everything in one place but my daughter puts it anywhere so I can't find it half the time.nI used to be a very organized person but you would never believe it if you saw my place right now. I can't answer questions on what causes my back pain cause half the stuff I can't do anyways due to the vertigo. At least I found a guy that helps me with the outside work temporarily. My yard is starting to look like a yard again instead of Panams! LOL One thing at a time. I just don't know which one thing to do first. There are only 3 things that are super important to me. My health, my daughter, and my house. They will be what I tackle first but they are all large things. They are all pressing but each one is almost so large that I can't do 2 of them at the same time but, sometimes I might have to. I will look into it but I have a fear of anyone cutting into me for any reason.

  • K, my short term memory is horrible too, but I know why! Hah! things I did in my youth! (smile). And I have a problem with heights all of a sudden. One day, hour, minute at a time.

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  • yeah, learning to slow down is the hard part. I wish I could blame my memory loss on my youth but I can't. I'm not even sure what to blame it on at all.I have always had an issue with heights. I remember being younger and scaling the wall to the 2nd floor of the mall. lol But the vertogo, isn't about heights at all. I will stumble and fall for absolutely no reason. It's a pain. I think I am gonna try to clean my bedroom now. If you don't hear from me, then send a rescue team lol TTFN

  • I am just posting so I won't lose this thread. There hasn't been activity for 4 days, so it is about to go but, I saved it lol TTFN

  • brian I am Very allergic to ant bites, and nettles both of which use formic acid in one form or another, never thought of a sweetener metabolising like that,it is quite worrying and I now wonder what else it's in, as I heard that some savoury stuff has sugars in and after menopause sugars cause hot flashes, and night sweats, so if they cause this kind of problem too, surely they ought tobe banned?

    Sylvannah, I know where you are coming from with the kids, mine was a lovely child, till he went to primary school, his education went backwards, his reading and spelling got so bad he's now statemented and has to have help at college, I was lucky I could afford to take him out of the first state kindergarden he was in, and return him to the kindergarden I paid for, the people there said he'd regressed, and that was in less than two months, and again we were lucky with the schools he went to, they saw he was bright, and kept trying to keep his interest, by concentrating on things which he actually had an interest in, not all schools would have done that, most would have let him go wild, and we all know where that would have led, he has health problems caused by something that happened at the state pre school, and still has confidence issues, so my prayers are with you

    sending you cyber hugs

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Thanks Chrisicat, I only get SSI. I only get $749 a month. If I didn't get SSI for my daughter, I couldn't afford nothing. But it still isn't very much so I can't anything extra. Thank God we know the coach, otherwise I couldn't even softball for her. So I have to except what is given to me. She is a very smart girl although she has problems with spelling and language. She has an I.E.P. She also has AD/HD and I am guessing depression. She has no self esteem and is very nasty to me. (which she observed from her older brother). She watched him do whatever he wanted and there was no consequence to him. So I have been having to deal with this for over 10 years, just a different kid now. They have closing ceremonies for her softball on May 22nd. I am going to try to put her in fall ball so she is always active in it. I am hoping this will help her a little with her self esteem. She has just started a sleep study. She only got 4 hours of sleep last night. I am hoping that I can help her get more sleep and more sleep will help with her attitude, but it will be at least another month before I will see if it works. All I can do is keep trying and hope I don't end up in jail.

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  • LOL me too. I think I finally figured it out. The obvious always escapes me. I'll have this big "DUH" moment, lol. I clean my house, to remove the clutter. I can do the same for my mind. I can do it if I think about it like that. DUH! I will try that tomorrow and the research if anyone with that name died in Texas with a daughter. My ex was probably drunk but took out 5 of the posts I put on the edge of my driveway. So I made a report, wrote him a note, with the case number, telling him I had pictures of his truck, and telling him that I am also coing to sue him for $986.42. (cause that's all I can prove) He got off lucky. lol but I do keep most of my receipts. He knows how I keep track of things. I document everything. Where he doesn't. He is happy go lucky and careless. He will see what I'm truly capable of. Actually, in the last year. That was when I started going downhill but then I had that dream, I woke up and am back to myself and I think he forgot how I was but I don't just make threats. I follow through.I will sue him and depending on the amount of the filing fee, I will file it by the end of this month. If not, I will pull the plug on his oil pan. LOL Either way, He will know I am here and he will never one up me! He thinks he is getting me by driving over my poles but then I give him a case number for "criminal mischief' I believe the charge was. I aven gave the time I reprted it and who I spoke to. I did threaten to come over on saturday with an officer and get everything I paid for but then I thought about " what would I do with all that stuff?" So, I decided to sue him for the money instead and I can sue him for what he did and anything else he does until then. I quit smoking in 2 days! I hope he doesn't screw with me next week! LOL I'll be in a nasty mood. There is no telling what I'll do. lol Anyway, I will either try that tonight or more likely tomorrow morning after I take my daughter to school. I will be completely alone then. My daughter will be at school and all the spirits will be wherever they are during the day. They are probably still around but I only really sense them at night, mainly between 2-5a. It's 10p, when I take my xanax, and usually I am asleep by 10:30p. So TTFN And wish me blessings and guiding lights and well wishes that I can accomplish total peace!

  • Sylvannah,

    Wishing you blessings and guiding lights!

    ; )

  • Sylvannah, I could only afford to send my son back to his private kindergarden because mum and dad paid, hubby was on £700 a month, and we still live with his mum because the rentals are too pricey here, he's on better now, but we're still here 20 years later, I definitely wish you good luck, though as times weren't always good for me either, sending you Love Light and cyber hugs

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • I don't know if I could ever live with my husbands parents. Or expect him to live with mine. That would be just awkward! If I didn't get SSI for my daughter, I wouldn't be able to afford rent either. I only get $749.00 a month. But I do get medicare and $275 in food stamps so they help. I was told that if I get a note from a doctor that a bed is medically necessary, medicare would cover it. That is great news. BTW, everybody, making power stones is super easy. Just get any stone, sit outside ion a patch of natural land, and repeat this verse until you feel it Stone,stone Evil you shall deny, Send it to the earth and sky, Send it to the flame and sea, Stone of power, protect me That's it. I did that to a sliver of amethyst and I carry it around my neck in a leather pouch. I just happen to really like amethyst and this one fit just right in the leather pouch and the strap is super long so I can wear it around my neck. So if it would help you feel better, charge a few stones and put one in every entranceway and windowsill in your house. I have one in my truck and the stone around my neck. Just recharge it once a month. But it is a real simple thing you can do. Anyway, TTFN

  • Sylvannah it is definitely awkward at times, sometimes really so , especially as my son has got older, she spoiled him rotten,when he was a youngster, so we had discipline problems from day one, but she's reaping what she sowed with that,and we seem to be getting no problems, he's 18 now, non drinker and doesn't do drugs as so many seem to and he is always looking after the underdogs too.

    Are you English, as I only ever heard TTFN from my family who were Londoners on mum's side, mum's gone now, but I got lucky and didn't get a wicked stepmother when Dad remarried two years ago

    sending you best wishes and cyberhugs

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

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  • Chrissicat- No. I am not english. TTFN is actually something I got from Tigger in Winnie the Pooh. lol Tigger always says when he is leaving, TTFN Ta-Ta For Now! lol That's where I got it from. Not London, Anyway, I think my meds have kicked in so now it's time to wage war. I think I had a couple of hith hikers from my ex b-f's house and I absolutely hate german roaches and I refuse for my hose to get like this So, TTFN

  • Hi Sylvannah, good luck with the smoking, let me know how it goes, I'm not that brave yet. I tried Chantix and almost killed someone (joke) made me crazy. Hi Chrissie Cat haven't seen your posts in awhile, welcome back. I'm praying for you Sylvannah.

  • Hi Brian, Hi Zephire, Hi everyone!

  • Don't say that! I am trying Chantix because the patches didn't work. I'll just try to keep busy and chew gum. I quit for 5 years after smoking for 20 yrs. But, my mom was on her death bed. I quit cold turkey and it was important to her that I quit so that was my motivation. I don't have that this time. I have been on Chantix for a week and a half and I don't feel anything.I don't understand something, some people quit smoking but go to chewing tobacco. I don't understand why spitting is more acceptable than smoke. The whole thing is just nasty! I will start exercising instead of smoking. I got to get a new stereo or just clean the one I got. The only thing wrong with it is that it is full of dust. I live right off a dirt road so there is always dust! Anyway, I got some roaches to get rid of. My dogs kill all the big ones but apparently, I brought a couple of german roaches when I came back home from my exes and I want to get a handle on them before they get uncontrollable. My house might be extremely cluttered right now but I am not a dirty person. I just play one on TV LOL TTFN

  • good luck with getting rid of your unwanted houseguests, we had mice come in last winter, they were sooooo cute, but hubby said they had to go or they'd move in permanently they seem to move in when it's really cold and damp and have a litter of young, then move out after, haven't seen them recently so hopefully they're gone I am too soft and couldn't bear to trap them or kill them, hubby is the practical one, so gets the job of evicting them because they had come in the winter before too. definitely good luck with the quitting smoking I know it's hard as mum never could quit until she had her stroke, Dad went from cigarettes to a pipe before he gave up, and hubby gave up because it was too wet to go from where he was to town to get more tobacco, I never started, but noticed most smokers smoke more if they're stressed, so it's harder to quit I think if youre stressed out

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • I am qyitting smoking tomorrow. This morning started out by my oldest son calling me at 6:30a. He needed a ride home from the hospital because he was stabbed in his hand. I thank God it was only his hand, they were aiming for his chest and he put his hand up to block. Kharma has been getting him. I hope it doesn't get much more serious than it has but I don't know. He did alot of crap but I can honestly say, he had no direction but he did know that I got all the consequences for his actions. I just hope it doesn't kill him. I put life ins. out on him last year cause then, I was waiting for that call. I have my middle son visiting this weekend. Whenever him and his sister get together, all they do is fight and atogonize eachother so I'm gonna try to quit tomorrow. He goes home tomorrow by 7p.I have always been a strong person but I don't feel as strong now as I once was. I am still strong, just tired. I don't wanna fight anymore.I feel calmer today then I did yesterday. I got 1/2 my kitchen today. I cleaned the counter, moved the stove and cleaned thr bottom drawer, cleaned 4 cabinets, and sprayed around the dishwasher (as I couldn'y move it) I'm done now, I am tired and dirty. lol TTFN

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