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  • Reminded me of Panama city, via Alabama, fun trip.

  • Oh, ok Brian lol. I was looking for a meaning that wasn't there. I was thinking Slw Ride by Foghat lol With the exception of some '70s rock, I hated the '70s! The colors were hideous, the stripes and bell bottoms. The paneling.I am glad that my teenage years were in the '80s, even though I wasn't fond of ballads. That's why I didn't like country. Some is cool now but I don't like whining! Me and my husband used to listen to a different radio station at night (this was back in 1989) We had a country station on one night, and it talked about an alligator and I can't even remember now, but it was funny> I had to turn it off though because it was whiny. I don't know which topics you go to but I like Hans Wolfgang. He has a very interesting and philosophical approach to everything. I just like him.Well I am ok right now. I have no dilemnas. I might go see my ex tomorrow night. I need my drill even though he will argue that it is his. He will tell me that he is surprised I even know what it is. lol I even know how to use it! (I just physically can't 😞 ) By mid-month I will know more. I am calm right now.I will be more stressed next week lol. I have to make a list of things I have to get at the store. Ironically, I'll make a list so I don't forget nothing then I'll forget the list. lol I do it all the time. I am gonna go for now. I have permission slips to fill out and my illusive list TTFN

  • you have too write it on your hand its really important!

  • I meant if its really important!

  • write what on my hands?

  • Bluecat123,

    Yes hand notes. LOL When they made fun of Sarah Palin for that, I was like, whoa, hang on a second, I do that all the time. LMAO

  • Hand notes, could make all the difference!

  • Salvannah, buying all those notebooks, then planning all thats going too go in them I mean, with the Add mind, it might last ten minutes! Not too discourage you though, you are virgo right? So you may have the advantage of particular, neat, orgainzed on your side there, otherwise, I have noticed add can be the enemy of consistancy, good intentions aside! So, I was saying if something is important, or you don't want too forget it, write it on your hand!

  • Brian, wow, she's a mom, how could they make fun of her for that? She could end up forgetting the baby, or the speech, but she won't forget her hand!

  • Bluecat123,

    Exactly! Hand notes rock!

  • Someone should market that, precut, sticky handnotes, or nailnotes, like a fake tatoo, only purposful.

  • hand stamps

  • LOL I get it. But, because I'm a mom too, I wash my hands alot so it wouldn't help me. But is is a good idea none the less, I m a virgo and I like to be neat and orderly but, if you look at my house, you wouldn't know. I wasn't here for 2 years while my teenage son was, and I moved back in so I have boxes of stuff. So I am overwhelmed. I had child protective services come here today. I asked her if she worked for the Pasco Sherriffs office, she said yes. I told her to just take my child. The Pasco Sherriffs is what got my house in all its glory! She is now gonna try to find someone to help me. lol I told her that I wasn't gonna fight a losing battle. The end result is that it is always MY fault.I told her (that no offence to her personally) but I had NO respect for the people that she worked for. I got good news and bad news today. My neurologist told me that I didn't have MS but he doesn't know what is wrong with me. So that is good and bad. lol They told me that the Chantix will cost over $100 but I would spend that on cigs! But today was still a good day and tomorrow, Sarah has a game! Sarah is proud of her new bat. She showed it to everybody before practice today. lol So, off to bed I go. TTFN

  • I don't get the child protective services thing you mentioned?


  • Sylvannah,

    One thing that happened with law enforcement is the places that had the big populations (old industrial cities) had Sheriff's Office and Police (Local and sometime County), the places that just recently grew in population in the last 30 years (Florida is an example in many places) still mainly have only Sheriff's Offices and State Police. Law Enforcement has not grown in the places where the population has grown, and it has not downsized in the places that have lost population. Anyway, what you end up with in a place like Florida is too much work for an office that can not handle it. Add on the paperwork that must be processed, and you end up with a pretty crummy system to deal with an ever growing workload.

    So, you know from experience it is best to deal with a problem before it gets into the hands of juvenile justice. Thankfully, there are resources out there, and you are smart enough to figure out what to do, and who to consult.

  • Oh, I'm sorry Sylvannah, that you had too deal with them, that sounds really awful. I had too call them once, I didn't want too but I really didn't have much of a choice, it was one of the most confusing ordeals I ever dealt with, very vague from what I know, they don't get the general population doesn't know the first thing about their services, they are just calling because they expect them too help with something, it is strange how that works out sometimes.

  • I learned with dealing with all that crap, I should have just taken my son's kneecap out when he was 8. lol The only good thing that came out of that was that it got my daughter's father to leave. Everything else though was bad. The judge made her decision off me before she ever laid eyes on me. I was just pure evil and my son was this poor kid that was abused. I wouldn't call them if I thought it was my last resort. They will never help you! All the kids are poor and defenseless and you are bad. Even though my son was 6'3" and 185 lbs. He was the 'victim". LOL They are nothing but a joke. We have the Zephyrhills Police Dept. and they can't believe everything that they did (or did not) do. I have Pasco Co. Sherriffs. Most of them are over 300 lbs. I just hope they can reach their guns alot faster than they can get out of their cars. lol I have no respect for the system and I definately don't trust them. I can't get away from them though because they always stick their nose in your business, especially if you have already been put in their system. There is nothing I can do about it though so there is no point getting upset about it. I will just keep doing everything I have been doing. I hope they just don't push me too far. I can be very dangerous if I get pushed too far. I have threatened a few people so far. They believe me when I tell them I have nothing to lose. lol There is no telling what anybody is capable of when they figure they don't have anything to lose!

  • Btw Bluecat, there is always a choice. You have to though take a deep breath and think about it which I know is very hard to do cause you get all flustered and irrational. Once something like that happens, you want something to be done right then! That is something I have to work on too. We will get there together. lol We know we are not alone and have similar situations. What really makes me mad is that after the year, they gave him back to me because they didn't know what else to do with him so that year of all the c r a p, was for nothing! Owell.

  • Hi Sylvannah I just got a copy of a new treatment for MS that is supposed to be very successful. It's some type of Vein Surgery in the neck and someone claimed to cured of M.S. 100%. The person claimed to have CCSVI whatever that means. It's called "The Liberation Treatment" and is still experimental in the United States. There is a Dr. Paolo Zamboni a professor at the University fo Ferrara in Italy who discovered the treatment for his wife who had MS. He is or was a Vascular Surgeon, maybe you can google it. Just FYI! 🙂

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