For Sylvannah

  • I like the school resource officer. Not only can he help w/ Sarah but it would be nice for her to have a positive male role model. Something I have not been able to give her starting with her own father. He was one of the worst examples of what you should do. He owes over $20,000 in past child support for his other 3 children. He just lived off of me. Last I heard, he was sleeping on a bench outside a salvation army. Him getting out of here was the ONLY good thing that came out of Chris (my oldest) doing what he did. I tried to get him to leave for 7 years. I am bankrupt now because of him. My mother almost didn't give me any money when she died because she didn't want him to get it. She died with him oweing her about $3000. I would rather have the alcoholic than him. Now, he just looks like a '70s serial killer. lol But he is also not my problem anymore. I am just glad he is gone. And I couldn't just kick him out. I would have to pay $200+ and evict him. That is not fair if you really need to get him out but don't have the money. Thank God, he didn't know the law. I kicked him out and once he removes his stuff from the property, he doesn't live there. So he doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. He could've called the police when I wouldn't let him in then I would have had to. It was a gamble but I had to do something. I got rid of him but I found out I was pregnant and I called him. That one call was my downfall. I was ready for him to go the day I had Sarah. I would talk bad to him all the time hoping he would just leave cause I wasn't nice. I would have left but he just took it. I met the alcoholic before he was gone. I took the alcoholic to the beach for the weekend. I was not in love with him for 7 years. !0 years before Chris, not only got the kids taken away but got him out of here too.When I was with him, all the spirit activity stopped, but I understand. I didn't want to be near him either lol.He's been gone now for 4 years and it is all coming back. It was good that it stopped cause I had alot more experiences in Tampa. I had them in 2 different apartments. As far as my b-f. It just seems such a shame. He is a good person but I don't see it ending good. I just hope it doesn't involve anybody else. He drives home from the bar and he will say, My truck knows the way home. I have followed him home from the bar but, he speeds. I got really worried one night, he made it home and stopped at the gate, then passed out. I had to go outside and put the truck in park and turn it off. I left him in the truck. He is a disgusting drunk. He is at an 18 pack a night. He will complain about not having any money for animal food but has the money to buy beer. He is a functioning alcoholic. He will get drunk and pass out but gets up at 5a for work. He will do w/out if he doesn't have the money. I hope he gets a DUI or a truck driving job. I think both of those would be good for him. Of course the latter would be better. He can't get a job driving cause he already has a DUI on his driving record. Insurance is different. It has been over 5 years. He is close. But he needs to change now. I am gonna clean up a little today. Hopefully, I will find my phone charger for my other phone. For a new one, it is $30 and I have 2. I just don't know where they are. I also have a Safelink phone but I also don't know where it is. Anyway, I'm gonna go before I don't feel like doing anything LOL TTFN

  • Also Brian, since you like dreams and such, I saw you were helping with some on "Access your intuition' I think I posted my dream on there. Take a look at it. (i can post it on here if you need me too) Tell me what you get. I do forget all my dreams by noon that day but I remember that one. It was so vivid. It changed my life but I am still no closer on the meaning than I was when I had it. Then it scared the crap out of me. Now, I see it as a positive thing due to the positive results I have had but it was pretty scary and quite disgusting. I didn't have any dreams for months prior and only a handful since but as I said, I forget them by noon. Let me know if you can tell me something about it. Thanks. That I would really appreciate.

  • Sylvannah,

    I do not really do dream analysis. I can tell someone about their dream if I have had something very close to it, or at least similar, as I have researched the dreams I have had extensively. In one case, I picked up what the person was, more a less, having an issue with, and therefore what the symbols in the dream maybe alluding to. A rare occurrence so far for me.

    I have not had anything similar to the dreams you have had, so I would be nowhere as accurate as you doing it yourself.

    Get a notepad, and a writing implement, and put it by your bedside (or where you sleep), and write down your dreams when you wake up, if they seem important. A book on dreams and their meanings will help you do the analysis better than having someone else do it, because you will remember things you would not otherwise, as you analyze your own dreams. It is worth doing, and rather interesting.

    The key is to understand most dreams is, they are allegorical, and not literal. The helpful man is probably your strong self, as opposed to an actual person. Addictdtoriches' disturbing dreams are probably not literal, but I error on the side of caution since the content seems so dangerous. In a case like that, you can map out the symbology, and a more straightforward interpretation, just so you do not miss something. Nothing wrong with that at all.

  • Yeah, I think I will research it. I don't need a notepad cause I don't dream. This one was so weird cause it was so vivid. I haven't had a dream in months before it and only a handful after and I would forget them by noon that day. I would say 3. I still remember that one. There was a definate message. I have changed my whole life as a result of it. (and what happened before) And I had that dream, I had 5 hours of broken sleep that night,I don't know if it was sent to me to scare me or if I sent it to myself but either way, it had a definate impact on me. The only thing I have not done yet is quit smoking. I have changed everything. But thank you for being honest with me. I'd rather be told that you can't help me than alot of BS.I have to pay $60 on my daughter's softball. $30 for pictures and then $30 for a bat! I can't believe how expensive the gear is. I ain't got the money. And my dog needs a vet and I have to give $550 by July or they will suspend my license. It's either everything at once or nothing at all and I never prepare for it.You would think I would know better by now!

  • Hello Sylvannah,

    I have read some of your posts and just thought I would pop in and offer prayers for you and your daughter. Hopefully you can feel that "collective prayers" are like a coat of warmth and positive energy for you. Also, I might add that your home could potentially help you. Let me explain. With respect to Feng Shui

    The center of your home is representative of health and unity. It is considered an earth element and you would want to have things that represent earth such as items made of ceramic, earthenware, stones natural crystals and possibly art that depicts earthy landscapes with tones such as yellow and gold. In this center area of your home you would also add fire as a secondary element. Fire could be candles, feathers, oil and lighting fixtures. The art could also depict sunshine, light or fire. The color red (for fire) would be good too. As far as elements to avoid, try not to have things or metal or wood ( wood includes books)

    The East portion of your home is representative of family and friends. The activating element here is wood. This could be books, furniture, plants or flowers. The art could depict gardens, plants and again, flowers. The color could be a green and blue spectrum. The secondary element to add would be water. You could have a fountain, reflective surfaces or art that depicts streams, rivers...Elements to avoid would be fire and metal.

    Feng Shui is of course not a cure all, but I do think elements carry energy and why not tap into it? I realize there are many different practices of which Feng Shui can be interpreted and I find that the type that I practice works for me.

    Basically each area of your home can be broken down in 9 areas, north, northeast, south, southwest, etc. and each represents things like career, romance and knowledge to name a few. I know I have been quite simplistic in my offer to assist so feel free to ask me for further information or let me know if you have questions. I think you might be surprised at what "vibes" might change in your home and maybe within. Oh, and no matter where you are in your house be sure to add love and laughter!!! Those "elements" are timeless and enduring. I know this was somewhat of a serious post but I could not live without daily laughter, makes me happy and just feels good! As for me, since right now it's just me and my cat, and man, am I trying to activate the romance area! Many blessings to you Sylvannah!

  • I read through the whole post, you have your hands full, thats for sure! Sounds like your daughter could be oppostional defiant, outside help, counseling is a must if she's adding that much cofusion too an already unruly sitution. The rewards are good, even the computer might be a reward at this point, appropriate reward or discpline, because she may not understand why she's angry, or whats going on with herself, shes trying too disarm you by exhausting you, it doesn' take much, kids can raise the blood pressure in studies quicker then just about anything else! Try too ignore the guilt, only apologize for what you know you should, never,ever apologize for having ms, kids don't always have the emotional maturity too not look at something like that as an opportunity too guilt, even the best of them are masters! They can, and most likley will grow up too be great people, they will know you love them as they grow into adults themselves! If you have fears about spirits, I would talk too someone of spirtual guidance, in the meantime, I would pray as I will for you too), for all that, that is good, and of love too be present, all of that which is not too be Gone Now, infact, demand it, and don't look back!

  • Sylvannah,

    You could do it here, this topic is for you, it is yours, but a dream analysis topic might be very cool.

    Just a thought.

  • Good idea, put your dream on here! I had posted a response too it as I did get a feeling about it somewhere else, not sure if I was on the right track though.

  • I tried to get help for my dream when I 1st got on here but nobody would give me an answer much less one I could except/relate to. I can't find alot of individual analasys except for change. I did that. The very next day cause it scared and disgusted me. RedPetals- I would like to know more about Feng Shui but my house is a total disater. I can redecorate when I get it picked up. Rioght now, I am racing against time to either get my AC fixed or get fans as I have huskies and it's getting pretty warm. They may be Florida huskies but there is still only so much you can take off as opposed to the layers you can add when it is cold. On the east side of my house, is my bedroom. I have wood and native american pics but I also have 2 sheilds, lots of swords, and a neon sign, strobe light, blacklight, and a glow in the dark wolfs head for incense. I have all my books in the middle of the house and my childrens rooms are on the west side. And a bathroom where most the activity is. That bathroom and my oldest son's room which is on the left of it so more into the house. I feel activity strongest there but I have felt it in my kitchen and my bedroom. I have alot more earth colors throughout my house. I like beige and browns (neutral colors) for the base. With the books, I have alot of collectables. Statues, dolls, plates, and some seashells. And a air hockey table that takes almost the whole room. And a stand up piano that I inherited from my mom. Any suggestions on little things I could add or do? Bluecat123- My daughter does raise my blood pressure. It is funny how you might have been through more stressful things when you were youn but you didn't feel it. I am watching VH1 and there are alot of videos and bands I forgot all about but I will remember the song. lol Like Stray Cats or Rainbow, Kansas etc... My oldest son was diagnosed with AD/HD and ODD as a small child. He has progressed into something totally different now. Thay have started giving her Zoloft and her overall attitude is better (but she still does have her moments) I am planning on framing and displaying her team photo and buying a $30 bat! I am willing to do what I can for her, just not at my own expense anymore. We are also at the point where my threats actually mean something where before, she knew legally what I could and couldn't do. I would go to spank her and she would fall flat on her butt. Knowing legally all I could do was spank her on the butt with an open hand. Now, I told her that if I'm going to lose everything and go to jail, I will beat her! I will go to jail for something I did but not all because she doesn't want to go to school. What will I have to lose? So she takes me seriously now! LOL Even if it came down to it, I still probably wouldn't lay a hand on her but she don't know that. I don't feel guilt when it comes to her but, I do when it comes to my oldest. If I took care of it myself instead of trying to get help through the "state". They have totally failed him and he is why my daughter is like she is. I didn't have this problem until they decided to "help" and they never helped with what I was asking for. I've been trying to get help for him since he was 2. I went to all kinds of different agencies and none of them would help. I have paperwork over a foot high. He is a good kid. He just needed help and they only made things worse. So I don't trust in outside help because of what I had been through. I take Sarah to a sleep study next month. I'd rather do that than just load her up on pills. She is only 10! They had her oldest brother on 6 pills one time and I reduced them. I will get yelled at how I am not a Dr. but I am his parent. That's too much medication for a little boy. I know the difference between kids just being kids and AD/HD as I have 3 of them. My kids were extra hyper. My oldest would literally climb the walls. My daughter, she wouldn't sit still in school and had no friends. My middle child, they think he was more bi-polar. He was OCD as a toddler. It started with his baba, the last set of episodes I remember, was that he would start throwing a fit and NOTHING could get him to stop. The only thing was if he ripped or destroyed something. Then, once he did, you could see a wave come over him and he was remorceful. "let me help you fix that" I had to go through that at least 3-4 x a week. He lives with his father now (he is 14) so he has to live with him so I let him decide how he will handle everything. My oldest can't have contact w/ me for a year though, he asked me for a ride last week to the clinic cause he had cought something. He is only 19. He has these anger explosions. They only last about 2 minutes but they are bad. He shoots steroids and refuses meds yet he is trespassed out of almost everywhere. I can't help him anymore. All I have left is my daughter. She will be 11 in June. Puberty has started but isn't in full force yet. I need some more time before it gets there. Anyways, I don't fear the spirits. I know they have no ill will. I can't see or hear them so I hate the noises they do make that I can hear. I lately have been making sure that I say that I can not help. I have to be in a certain mood to read my tarot cards, I'm in that mood now but really don't have any pressing questions.I have questions I want to ask people but not my cards. The cards won't give me the answers that I need. I had little things happen yesterday that was good. I don't need anything real significant. I found the car charger for my old cell phone and it has the pics and videos I thought I had lost. So I am happy. I can just reconnect my old phone. I have to find the home charger. I have 2 but to buy 1, it is $30! I have to take my dog to the vet and they charge just for you to walk through the door and load you up with stuff to treat every possible thing that might be wrong but not just the one thing you go in for. My Beagle needs ointment for her eye but she looks rough right now. She is allergic to fleas and is missing hair. The flea stuff is over $100 for all the dogs. I could just do her but we are getting into mosquito season and that is where they get heartworms from. Right now is a bad time, I have to renew my car ins. , pay $550 or they will suspend my license. I had tickets that I didn't fight. It wasn't me but short term memory loss was not a viable arguement so I pleaded no contest. $100 is for the public defender and you can't get out of it. The judge won't even talk to you. I thought my daughter might have gotten some of my abilities but I think she was acting on me. She heard something say something to her but I really don't believe anything else. My oldest son was posessed at 2 but I haven't heard of any other experiences but he just might not have shared them, but I make sure I tell all 3 of them, to stay away from Oija boards and houses that might have activity.I would think that I inherited it but no one (that I know) on my biological family is looking for me. The records have to be open with identifying info. I don't have any medical. I was born in 1971 and my mom was 15.You would think that they would know I need to find them. LOL Anyway, I will shut up now. I can talk and talk (or type) I have alot to say and share.

  • Good Sunday to you Sylvannah,

    Where I am at it is absolutely beautiful, sitting out on the deck right now. Anyway, thanks for telling me a bit more about your home. It actually sounds like you have a very auspicious floorplan, you could really take advantage of that. Regarding your bedroom being in the east, that's very good. As that is the wood element I would really suggest putting the swords and shields in another area that supports metal, that would be west and northwest. Metal cuts wood, think of a axe chopping wood, you are "chopping" what should be supported. I would also suggest a plant or two, or art depicting nature. Also, as the secondary east element is water, all the lighting (fire) is putting out water. It appears your bedroom is in a very non-thriving environment, not conducive to peaceful sleeping, rest and romance. It should be a place of restoration and relaxation. Not that you could not have any metal or fire, that would be silly to expect every room to be totally void of any inauspicious elements but you can try to bring out what would be the positive and supportive elements. For example, as I lay in my bed my head points east. Wood and water would also be my element but like everybody else I have a lamp (fire) and a radio (fire, I know that sounds weird but there is a reason electronics are fire). I also have candles (fire) so you cannot expect to go haywire and avoid all other elements! Just try to mitigate and balance and allow the auspicious elements to dominate. Regarding your children in the west, that is perfect! The western portion of a home is creativity and children, love it! The driving element in that area is metal, maybe she shields you have in your room should be in their rooms or close by. Maybe the shields could be construed as protection. The secondary element would be earth, things of a ceramic nature, adobe, brick, stone. In the west you would want to avoid fire and water if possible. It sounds like you have plenty of collectable's in your home so it's probably just a matter of putting them in the most appropriate areas, you really don't need to spend money. Regarding the areas you feel "activity" is that good or bad to you? If it is good, it could be that you already intuitively or naturally have the most auspicious elements there. Another thing that is important is really just common sense, declutter. Things have their place and I think you just simply feel better when your environment is supportive to peace, joy, relaxation and fun. I know I tend to get a little squirrely when my environment is messy, works my nerves! Must be the Virgo in me! So as Mavis Staples would say "Step into the Light", from CD Have a little Faith. You have total control of your surroundings and can greatly influence the "vibe" you want to have and live in. Your home also had a career/lifepath area, a romance/love area and a few others your could "ramp up". Enjoy and thrive!

  • Thank you Redpetals. My house is very cluttered right now as I did not stay here for a couple of years and my oldest son, could only make messes but could not clean. (when he wasn't stealing things) It sounds like I just need to rearrange some things. I have alot of native american art and dreamcatchers in my room. My swords are in my closet and I have 2 shields. On either side of my bed on the wall. My head points east, My daughter has been staying in my room and I've been staying in the living room. It hurts more to sleep in my bed trhan to sleep, almost sitting up. I have alot of cleaning up to do but it is so overwhelming, I don't get much done. If I pick one area, I will clean that area and won't stop til I'm done but, if I do little stuff, I'll start a whole bunch of little stuff but never finish any of them. Every single room needs to be cleaned. I just don't know which room I should do 1st so none really gets done and my daughter, only makes messes and never cleans them. (Just like her brother) lol So I am constantly picking and cleaning up after her and doing the everyday stuff. I just am overwhelmed and don't have any motivation to clean anything. This house makes me depressed. I think that once my neurologist tells me whether I have MS or not, I will know more of what I have to do. I will have a path instead of being in limbo. I am kinda lost right now and have no direction. But I will get there. I tried having someone help me but they just throw away everything and I know what I need to keep, what I can donate, and what I can throw away. I even seperate my garbage. I have a burnpit so I burn all paper and cardboard. I recucle my cans but save the tabs. I am very particular about alot of things. I think that is the virgo in ME. My daughter is a gemini. We clash alot. We take very small strides. I do a little bit every couple of days or so. You can't tell but you will eventually. They say it gets messier before it gets clean. I just need some motivation.

  • Hi Sylvannah,

    I know you have an awful lot going on!!! I think that is a good idea to just start with one area. Maybe start in the center of the house, again that is for health and unity. Just do one thing at at time. I tend to do the same as you, several things at once! Sometimes I just have to really remind myselft that things get done only one thing at a time. Just one thing, then another, then another. Don't focus on the entire task, just one thing, baby steps. I can tell you that once a big project is done the feeling of satisfaction if complete! Donating is a good thing, it helps them and you. I don't throw anything away, I even give my drycleaning hangers to someone I know who needs them, poor thing can't even afford to buy them. Sometimes my house tends to get full of things, I am very visual so I like to look at things that make me feel good (I buy flowers alot). About once a year I take stock of my home and decide to either move things around or it's time to give some things up. I don't keep stuff just because I have it or feel an obligation to it, I keep what I like and since there are always nice things to buy, I have to get rid of other things sometimes. My friend sure gets alot of stuff from me! I have probably furnished her house, twice! Anyway, I say a special "Sylvannah prayer" tonight for you!

  • Thank you. I have alot of stuff to donate. At least, someone can use it. I don't waste nothing! I tell my daughter that she has to get rid of stuff just to have room for new stuff. I think she thinks I have a printing press in my butt and I have a never ending supply of money for crap! Kids don't have any respect for other peoples stuff until they have to pay for their own stuff and it gets treated like crap. But that is at least til they are 18 (for most kids) Well tonight is a school night and my daughter's bedtime is 9p.She is already giving me grief.

  • Sylvannah,

    Here is a song for you...

    "Gator Country" - Molly Hatchet

    Well, I've been to Alabama, people - ain't a whole lot to see

    Skynyrd says it's a real sweet home, but it ain't nothin' to me

    Charlie Daniels will tell you the good Lord lives in Tennessee

    I'm goin' back to the Gator Country where the wine and the women are free

    There's a gator in the bushes, he's calling my name (and he says...)

    Come on, boy, you better make it back home, again

    Many roads I've travelled - they all kinda look the same

    There's a gator in the bushes, Lord, he's calling my name

    Old Richard Betts will tell you, Lord, he was born a Ramblin' Man

    Well, he can ramble on back to Georgia and I won't give a damn

    Elvin Bishop out struttin' his stuff with little Miss Slick Titty Boom

    I'm goin' back to the Gator Country and get me some elbow room

    There's a gator in the bushes, he's calling my name (and he says...)

    Come on, boy, you better make it back home, again

    Many roads I've travelled - they all kinda look the same

    There's a gator in the bushes, Lord, he's calling my name

    There's Marshall Tucker ridin' the rainbow, searchin' for a pot of gold

    They can take the highway, baby - take all they can hold

    The Outlaws down in Tampa town is a mighty fine place to be

    They got green grass and they got high tides, and it sure looks good to me

    There's a gator in the bushes, he's calling my name (and he says...)

    Come on, boy, you better make it back home, again

    Many roads I've travelled - they all kinda look the same

    There's a gator in the bushes, Lord, he's calling my name

    Oh, Gator Country

    Little of that chomp, chomp

  • Oh good Brian! wait, did you post that before or after my post? if you did before, then that would be especially cool, since we were thinking along the same page! Sylvannah, my song for you is Audio Slave, I am the Highway. I would rather you hear it though, as it has a sort of beautiful, haunting melody too it, as well as the vocals. Go too youtube, type in the artist, and song, watch the video if you want, or a few times too get all its saying from it. I picked it as an empowering sort of song for you, as your moving on, forward, and your no ones doormat, your better then that!

  • Bluecat123,

    I did that last night. LOL

  • Oh, I thought too today,but I hadn't been on this thread yet when I mentioned that! How funny, you were ahead me there!

  • We were on the same wave length. Pretty interesting.

  • I haven't listened to Bluecat123 song yet but I am getting, like Dorothy said: There is no place like home! Home is where your heart is. We take the team pics tonight. At least, I am exited. I was blah earlier today but I am good now. What was the message to your song Brian? Thinking is not my strong suit today. lol Sarah made me a little upset last night. I have to remember her age alot of times but I want her to have friends too. She will do what an adult tells her but she will fight other kids for it. I don't know what to say to that.I told her that she did what she was asked, when other kids want it, to let them have it and let the adult take care of it. That way, nobody can get mad a her. Was that right? I went to phys. ther. today and it made me hurt. I didn't go all last week. I took one of my daughters Vyvanse today to help me out of the blah mood I was in. I don't take all her meds but I know she got her AD/HD from me As far as stuff like that, I don't feel comfortable giving her something I wouldn't take myself. Although, I have never taken her Zoloft. That's one of those meds that have to be in your system. I gotta buy some fans. I don't see my AC getting fixed like tomorrow and my dogs are lethargic! Well Bakugan is almost over and I have to relinquish the computer. So, TTFN

  • Sylvannah,

    No message to my song, it is just a Florida song that is it. Just fun.

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