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  • Sylvannah,

    Keep working on that positive attitude about yourself. You are a role model for your daughter, and what you do, and the vibe you give off about yourself is more important than speeches, and making her watch, read, or listen to anything. The most important thing you can do for her is, improve your attitude about yourself.

    As far as her problems, you are going to have to enlist the help of others, you can not do it all by yourself. However, you have choices as to who you are going to ask to help, and that is where your common sense comes into play. You carry too much of a load, and although you want to deal with every issue that comes down the pike yourself, whether it be yourself, your daughter, or your son, you have to give up some of that weight you carry, it is crushing you.

    That heavy load contributes to your health problems, and you are not going to start the road to getting better till you give up some of your burdens, and learn how to cope more effectively than you have been. That is the long and the short of it. I know it is very difficult, that is why I started this topic, you have support here, people that care that say prayers, and send good energies your way. Sit still, and be quite for a little bit, and accept all those things sent your way, they will give your strength.

    You will regain a lot of the health you thought was lost, it will happen, but not before you do the hardest thing. The hardest thing you will ever do is adjusting your attitude. Forget about any day to day problem being hard, this is going to be hard. Yet, you have no choice now. Your own self loathing has been your loyal companion for many years, and you do not want to just let it go, but you must. It is time to start to unshackle yourself from the negative attitude that holds you down, and negatively affects your physical, mental, and spiritual well being. You are well worth it, and it is time to start. You have something you want to do, I am not sure what that is, but mark a date on the calender, and start. If you falter, pick yourself up, and get back at it. Start your journey. Take baby steps, you will be amazed at how far you have gone just one month down the road.

  • lol, I like your spirit. I'm old school too! The government have ruined our children because they have given the power to them and not the Schools or the Parents. I was paddled in Middle School, I was not abused but the rod was not spared if you deserved it! Every child is different some need more discipline than others. I tell you what though, nobody bought guns and knives to School. We gave respect to all of our elders, in the small town where we lived Anyone would catch you doing something wrong and give you a spanking and by the time you got home, you got another one. Remember that saying it takes a "Village." Still true but now we are a society of strangers, no one cares anymore, we are becoming immune to violence. Sick, sick society. I however shall not be moved and don't you either. I agree it's time to cut the Umbilical Cord from the son, you are his meal ticket. My kids get way more than I ever did and they appreciate it less. I started working at 14 because I wanted my own money, I bought my own first car at 16, I bought my own School clothes from the 10th grade. My Mom was Cheap!

    But guess what? It made me a stronger person, I actually left home at 16 and never had to go back and I thank GOD everyday because he was there with me the whole time, and no I was no Angel. Anything is possible for these kids but they have to want it. Love Ya!

  • Thanks for the input! I do try to lead by example but getting help from others, I have to be careful what others "help". The ones that are supposed to help, don't do it. They just make things much, much worse.You can't except every hand that's extended to you. Like (I got this from watching my daughter's softball) you can't swing at every pitch the coach throws. But I am working on it. It's not gonna change overnight but it's getting there. She needs help w/ her self esteem so that is what I will work on but kids are mean and I don't know how to teach her to not let what they say bother her. She was blessed with my teeth. They aren't that bad but kids (especially) will make fun of you. I actually like them now cause they help me find all the superficial people. I want someone to like me for me, not what I look like. I have been dealing with things as they come. My house is in foreclosure and I'm not letting it bother me. The one thing I do want to do, is quit smoking.. I can do it. I just need to want to and right now, I don't thin I am ready. I use it as a crutch but I will quit w/in the next 2 mos. I do have to set a date for it. That way I know it's coming and I can prepare for it. When my mother was on her deathbed, she wanted me to quit smoking then I had smoked for 20 years. But I set a date and I quit cold turkey. I quit for 2 weeks before she died. When she died, I tried to smoke but I just held it. I quit for 5 years. I only started again cause of everything I was going through as a result of my son and I didn't want to drink or do drugs so I took the lesser(and more legal) of the options. lol Every night, I put a light up around my house, ask all the spirits to leave and I have to take meds to go to sleep. I still wake up at 2a every night but because of the meds, I can go back to sleep. I try to tell them that I can't help them but they always come to me anyways. I gotta go to my neurologist now but I will be back later TTFN

  • Sylvannah,

    If you read this before you post on Access Your Intuition, then put your questions for me here. If you have already put them on Access Your Intuition, have no fear, I will answer them there, but put any ones after that here (easier for me, I will not miss them).

  • Brain Tristan I posted on the New Relationship post. Could you help me also please?

  • Pilot007,

    Got it.

  • Kids, school, adhd, I an relate, God bless you, I really hope it moves in a positive direction! They can't hold you accountable for all the choices you daughter makes, I know its draining, just make sure they know you have feelings, a life too, the kids, and the school!

  • K. Be strong but you already are, you have accomplished a lot in your life. Did you try a Modification? Are you on un-employment? There are new funds out there to assist folks on Un-employment.

  • I am on disability now. I was on unemployment for a while but it was only $353 a mo. Not much but better than nothing. I had been waiting for over 2 years for disability but because of my age, I wasn't a priority. My hearing wasn't even scheduled til June 2010! I wrote them a letter to make it sooner. We had it in Apr. 09 It ticked me off cause it only took 5 min. and he said I was fully favorible. I brought a witness and everything. They didn't even talk to him. All that crap for 5 min. and someone saying, ok, you are disabled. Pissed me off. I told them I took the unemployment cause I needed some kind of income for my daughter and myself. I admitted to committing fraud but it was only $353 a mo. Not like I was robbing them blind. I was only able to work 16 hrs a week and unemployment only pays half of your reg. income so my income wasn't much to begin with but I still did it. I would still like to do something but I can't get a reg. job, I have too many limitations. I have a kit for a home business, they take $70 a mo. for it but I haven't started it yet. Lots of cool stuff. I'm trying to come up for a name for the site. Any suggestions?

  • BrianTristan- I was gonna post on the other thread and I forgot but then I saw your answer here so it's all good lol I'm not sure which question to start with hmmm... Ok, I will start with this one, I am not sure you can help with this but, what can I do to help all these spirits that come to me? And who is Hog? (he is an evil spirit that came to me through a Oija board when I was 14) I have a spirit here now. I can smell the perfume. I thought about getting an EVP recorder. I have a reg. recorder but all I picked up were sounds I could hear anyway. Lots of bangs and pages turning. I got one sound I wasn't sure what it was. It sounded like a train or an unbalanced load of wash lol I went to throw out the Oija board but I never found the oracle. My son (then 2) was possessed and told me I would never find it. I don't sense any evil around me but where is it? Thank you for taking on some of these questions that I have. You are helping me more than you know and it is greatly appreciated. I am not psychic but if I can help in any way, let me know. I can sense things. (i just am not intune) I haven't been able to sit quietly anywhere and I don't like to close my eyes at all. I have so much to do and had no help. Now I at least have some help. Now I just need physical help. My daughter is coming around. It is just a slow process. I can work on my patience 🙂 I needed to work on that too. lol

  • Sylvannah,

    Wow, that is a interesting one. All I have is practical advice on this one.

    Ouija boards, are as you have found out, are rather dicey things to play with. If something came through when you used it, then you do have a problem, and it sounds like you do. However, wanting to investigate these things is not what you want to be doing, nor do you want to know anything about them (not constructive). Want you want is for them to be gone, and leave you be, you have enough to deal with in your day to day life. Ask Angel Blessings Beth what you need to do regarding the entities that bother you, and go do that now.

  • Yeah girl, those boards open worlds to doors that you may not be able to close. You need to get a Spiritual Cleansing for your self and your house and maybe thats whats wrong with your son. I've read burning Sage in the house helps to cleanse it, I burn incense too and bless it in the name of the Trinity. These are whole other issues, probably need professional help. You surround yourself in the "Golden Light" right?

  • Brian - congrats BTW on spelling the word from Mery Poppins corregtly LOL Also, something did come through but I haven't seen or heard from it til 1992-3. When I went to look for the oracle at my mom's house and my son was possessed. I got rid of the board. Then I will ask something a little easier for you, What do you see in the future concerning my house and my dogs? Will I be able to work something out with the mortgage co. and keep it? And if I do, will I be able to fix it before it falls in the ground? The only other question I really have is about my daughter. Those 2 things are the only things I worry an think about. Everything else is not important. Like I don't need help finding a man. I have my dogs and it may sound bad but, I'd rather be around animals than people. The other thing (which is not really important to me) is how my ex is doing? I guess I like people interactions but I prefer the animals. I also have more respect for the native americans than I do my own people. We should be embarrassed! We still try to learn the old native american ways but I never hear of anyone wanting to learn the old white peoples ways. What good have we really accomplished? We murder and make weapons to make murder easier. We came here and took the land from the indians. We killed them and anslaved them. And when they started reacting, we called them primatives. I want to be one with nature. (that we have't 'developed' already) That's why I moved from Tampa to Z-hills. When I moved here, this place was like Tampa was 15 years before. In 6 years, it has developed but not as much as Tampa has in 7 years.I didn't realize that pavement was a luxary til I moved here. lol The best restaurant is Golden Corral (and it has only been here about 3-4 years) Right now, I have 1.27 acres. 1 acre is fenced in. The .27 is my driveway. I watch the Steve Wilkos show and I am amazed. There is a 34 yo man acting like he is 17. Women usually mature around 24 and men by 27. I matured when I was 18. I started experiencing bad things when I was 8. Then it started getting bad again when I was 3 mos. pregnant. When I was 18. I never experienced my 20s. I am now 38 and half my life has gone by. When I got together with my b-f (3 1/2 years ago) I was getting carded. Now, not so much lol I am 30 lbs underweight. I am not all skin and bones but I will be if I don't stop losing weight. I have lost 10 lbs. in 3 weeks. I just don't have an appetite most the time. Maybe once a day. I like this show because he empowers young women. Hopefully some of them will listen and be strong when they get home because there is where they need it. At least I know that I'm not alone and it could always be worse. lol I'm done w/ being used and treated like garbage. I know I am worth more than that. lol My dogs never do anything bad to me (except crap on the floor) They love me no matter what I do. I have softball practice tonight then a game tomorrow. I hope she really wants it. She has gotten close to quitting but I think she likes it. I have told her on tues. the coach told all the girls that if they didn't want to be there, they can leave. I told Sarah then, if she wanted to quit, now is the time to do it. It will hurt the team now if she doesn't want to be there. She needs to give 110%. But "she knows" lol I had to physically make her go practice yesterday.. She really should go practice w/ the girls on the team. They only live a few houses away. But she won't. So I made her go out w/ me but I can't do alot. But the coach drove by and saw her out there. I am trying so she will want to. Now I'm on divorce court. LOL funny how this is what I watch after the other show. This is where everyone ends up when they don't listen on the other show. LMAO Anyway, I'll shut up now. I talk (or type) too much.

  • Sylvannah,

    Well, I did not think I would get much from you on your concerns, but what I got is quite clear.

    For the house, I see you having a lawyer, something to do with getting leniency for having a disability. It may deal with housing, and not the actual house you are in though. Nothing definitive to me on the house you are in now. You having a lawyer though is quite clear.

    The dogs I see being with you.

    The daughter, I see you getting some sort of outside help for her, but you have not made up your mind yet as to what that will be. I think you know the answer, you are just over thinking it.

  • Sylvannah you live near my mom, who lives in Dade City, I love it up there so green and pretty!

  • And Sylvannah,

    You need to let me know what happens with these situations that I have given you my intuition. It is an exercise for me, I am trying to sharpen whatever skill I may have. So it is important you let me know what happens.

  • OK I don't want to seperate the dogs. I like it where I live but I can move as long as I get to keep my dogs. (personally, I am tired of moving) I am leary of 'outside' help. Outside "help" has caused alot of the problems I have now. So I don't know if I'm overthinking as much as not trusting. Poetic555- Dade City is right down the road. It is still very open. Not alot of development here so lots of openness. That's why I'm here. I lived in Tampa for 33 yrs. . When I moved here (in 03) was like Tampa was 15 years before. Back to you Brian- my ex, he is 40 now and things will get bad for him and he will be alone. He acts like he is still 20 and he will stay that way forever. He will never have medical issues. They will come, it is inevitable. Will he slow down his drinking before then? I hope he gets a DUI before someone innocent gets hurt or killed. He is a good guy and I hate to see things get real bad for him. That's why I stayed for 3 1/2 years. I see the good in him but I'm not more powerful than the alcohol. It had a hold on him before I even got there. I was hoping that turning 40,there would be a change. I think my drill is over there so I might have to go there. He has been trying to avoid me. He was complaining about me taking everything. But I bought everything. He says I keep going through all his stuff but I don't. He is not that interesting. He will never find another person like me again. He probably will never find someone that will love him as much as I did. Do you see him at all? Will he be ok? I still care about him he was just killing me. I have to take care of me and my daughter. I shouldn't put anyone in front of us. I used to tell my daughter to be nice to him if she wanted me to be happy but I think that she wasn't nice to him because I was so unhappy. I think she is actually happier that I am being stricter with her. She sees me trying to make everything better. I can try to lead by example. She just got home and already asked me if she could skip softball practice. I told her no lol But she wants the computer for a little while so I will go. TTFN

  • Sylvannah,

    You need to focus on yourself, and use your common sense to get the outside help you need. And you do need it. You try to control everything, and you end up strangling it to death. Relax, make some decisions, and follow through. Do not micromanage everything.

    That includes your daughter. She has rules, and she must fulfill her obligations yes, but back off just a little. You are smothering her, you need a third party to help with her. If you do that, she will come around. Your worries about her help make her the way she is. She will be fine if you do what you have to do. That is the bottom line. If you try to fix her all by yourself, she will be a walking disaster area. This is not your fault, you are not Atlas, and you are not meant to hold up the world.

    Your ex is not your problem to fix. He was messing up your life, and you got away from him, and your life is better. You need to unhitch your mind from him; just more worries that you can do nothing about. He is an escapist, and therefore drinks. You can not reason with him, and you can not stop him from being delusional. So stop trying, you will be much happier. I do not see anything for him good or bad, he is where he is, and I do not see that changing.

  • You are probably right but I don't know who will actually help or make things worse. I let people "help" w/ my oldest son and that is why I have the problems with her. She wasn't like this before the "help". My daughter is all I have left out of my 3 kids because I let someone "help" so I am afraid to let other people "help". It's not as bad as it was before.. She is slowly coming around. I just offered to buy her a softball bat. It is $30! I told her if I bought it, she has to go to practice.She gets a team photo taken on tuesday. I think seeing the pic might help. I will frame it and put it up. Her school resource officer is also a dad in softball and her coach, lives a few houses down. So I am having them help me. I really don't concern myself w/ my ex anymore but I still see him every now and then cause he has to pass my house to get to his. He is not my problem anymore but I don't want anything bad to happen to him. I am just curious but I wont lose any sleep over it. I will do the best I can. I do not know who I can trust and who I can't. I am better off all by myself and I will let you know what happens. lol

  • Sylvannah,

    Well... the school resource officer is someone to talk to, isn't he? He volunteers his time with the kids because he cares about them, yes? He is a resource officer, he knows resources. There you go. You do not need your daughter locked up on a funny farm, she just needs some guidance, that is separate from your guidance. When teenagers see other adults offering the same direction as what you do at home, they realize you are not some overbearing monster who is just there to make their life hard, and it registers in their subconscious. Very helpful.

    The ex is how he is gonna be, that is pretty much it. Do not see anything for him, good or bad. My understanding is, people who abuse mind altering substances are particularly hard to read for even the most experienced. You will get things like, "he is a mess", or "he will just pull you down with him", because under the influence of mind altering substances people do things that are, shall we say, not usual behavior.

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