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  • Everybody is bumping me (I guess that's like a virtual poke lol) What did I miss? You will have to repost it. Sorry. I try to answer everybody but I guess I don't.

  • not much, but I didn't want to lose the thread as I like talking to you

  • lol Thanks Chrissicat. I am about to battle my ex for the dog! I went over there yesterday and she was completely infested with fleas and she had some kind of scrapes on her. I went out last night and bought some flea spray for her. I deflead her through a window. I am ready to fight for her. My ex might not put up a fight but if he does, he had better start taking care of her. I have to get her fixed because last time she was here, after 2 days, she started attacking (only) my female huskies. She is a pit bull. She ran away from where she as before. They were apparently gonna fight her. But I've been takin care of her since day one! (even though my ex likes to take the credit) He can take all the credit he wants. Say I am a bitch and I stole the dog. I just want the dog. She deserves much better. Anyway, that is what I'm doing today. TTFN

  • I did the same with one of my cats I came home late one night and she was still out so I took her home, her people had been feeding her dogfood( as they were breeders) and letting their breeding alsations play with her, her mum was only 18 months old and was on her 2nd litter, my Pops was the only survivor, she had fleas, tapeworm, and roundworm, and also couldn't eat some normal catfoods without being ill, when Mum heard she thought she wouldn't make 18 months, she was about 11 when she died her heart just gave out, but she never got any bigger than a big kitten size, she was lovely but all my animals are rescues, even our houserabbit

    bye for now


  • I wish it was that simple. But, he is an alcoholic and doesn't want to give her up. (even though he doesn't take care of her) I have gone over there just to take care of her but he will actually say, "well she can go 1 more week without eating so I can buy this beer" I am going to have to screw him up legally. lol His redneck justice will not work on me. lol he tried that by knocking down my posts by my driveway and I just left him a note with a case number on it. Redneck justice doesn't really work on city girls, just gets you a destruction of private property case. lol I am not too worried, I will keep going over there so he don't want me to go away too badly. lol I'll just making him miserable lol It's all good. He will give her to me I'd say within 2 months. TTFN

  • keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed for you, sounds a bit like my last ex, he beat me and also tried to kill my cats so I left, with the cats, but lost my flat and it's contents, He thought he was a big bad biker type, but if I'd been the nasty type I know I could have dealt with him but didn't want the stain on my Karma, so I left when he had a very convenient accident and was hospitalized took my cats, and my carryable stuff and walked moved into my ma-in-law's, and been there ever since, except for a short bit of about 8 months when I took a caretaker's job, but it didn't work out

    Good luck

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Well at least he didn't physically bat me. Already been there done that and am not doin it again. He is a happy drunk (so to speak) but he gets so drunk he doesn't remember that night and he likes to go by "if I don't remember it, it didn't happen" and I couldn't do that with him anymore. I was up all night. Spent the sunrise with my dog and then went to my exes and apologized. I asked God to fill his heart with light and love. I may not be there anymore but I don't wish him ill will. Anyway, I'm gonna go. TTFN and God bless.

  • best to you too.

    blessed be

  • Today I'm actually in a good mood.I think helping my daughter get some sleep will help her. I was with someone last night. A friend I haven't even seen for 20 years. I am not perticularly attracted to him physically but in every other way! He is actually o here too. He made me feel so good. He is a little under my height requirement but that's ok. We are equal in every way. He is 4 years older than me. I plan on also having my daughter help with the animal rescue! I hope this works out.He is a good man. I hope he feels the same way I do.Well, TTFN

  • Dear Sylvannah. I along with everyone else here will keep you in my prayers. And I thought I had problems. Somehow they seem quite small reading yours. Best of luck!!

  • lol they aren't problems, just issues and trials I had to go through and deal with.It's all in the past and there is no point getting mad about it. All I will accomplish is being mad and nasty all the time. Thank you for the prayers.Things are looking up right now. I am going to work on my animal rescue. I just think it will benefit everybody involved.I can't fail as long as I have God with me and I think He will stay.

  • hmm, knew I came here for a reason. Every once in a while God sends someone with a hint that He needs to tell me something. Now I know what it was. Thanks.

    BTW Have you read the Purpose Driven Life? I for one think I need to read it again.

  • I read somewhere that we actually choose our lives when we are re-incarnated well I for one dont think some people would ask for the problems they have sure as **** I dont think hubby did, and nor would you I think.

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • I just wrote a bunch of stuff and it didn't post and erased it and I'm not writing it again. The only thing I said that was even somewhat important was that maybe I chose this life cause I knew that most people could not have handled it. Most people would have ended this life a long time ago. That would be the only reason I would have chosen this life. To spare someone else. I am a strong person and I know I am a strong person. TTFN


  • Dont even think about it. It is one of the oldest scams around. Is it from the UK by chance. Dont even open those anymore. Some people actually fall for those & loose their shirts. You have to send money to get money??? If you didnt enter a contest or buy a ticket for some lottery, you didnt win squat. Sorry to disapoint you.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Sylvannah,

    I saw your post on the Enchanted Pond thread asking if anyone knew how to start an animal rescue shelter and I found this information for you:

    Mary Kirby and Lisa Saavedra, Director, ASPCA National Shelter Outreach

    What are you waiting for? The ASPCA’s National Shelter Outreach offers Ten Crucial Tips for Getting Started.

    Every week, The ASPCA’s National Shelter Outreach (NSO) department receives dozens of requests for help from people looking for ways to improve the lives of animals in their communities. And every year the NSO staff visits more than 150 shelters throughout the country, talking with directors, volunteers and employees, discussing their problems and assisting them with suggestions and resources.

    The overwhelming conclusion? It takes a lot more than good intentions to run a shelter; it takes management experience, accounting skills, good contacts and the ability to get things done in the community. Excellent marketing skills are a big plus, too.

    These 10 essential tips—gleaned from the pages of our newly released, three-ring binder book, Keys to a Great Shelter: The ASPCA National Shelter Outreach Guide to Starting and Improving a Humane Organization—just might help change your dream into a reality.

    1. Assess Community Needs

    This could be the most important research you do, and it’s important to do it before you incorporate. Determine the problems of your local animal welfare organization. Does an existing shelter fail to meet the humane needs of your community? How is animal control handled locally? Visiting other shelters and networking with existing humane organizations will help you come up with ideas. Would another shelter drain the resources of your community and reduce the effectiveness of both? Do you have sufficient resources—not just in funds, but also in expertise—to properly maintain a shelter? Can you develop community support for your goals? These are the types of questions you’re going to have to answer before taking the next step.

    2. Think Twice

    The idea of building and running a sheltering facility is extremely enticing. But consider if a supportive or outreach program might not be of more immediate assistance. Many municipal shelters are greatly helped by Friends of the Shelter groups, or by other humane programs in foster care, low-cost spay/neuter, fundraising, education or legislative action that may be more fitting to their community’s needs.

    3. Get Experience

    If you and the members of your group don’t have experience in sheltering or a related field—become a volunteer! Look for other opportunities to learn, too, including attending conferences and getting online. For example, the shelters and rescue groups that join have access to an online feature where lots of networking is

    done and information exchanged. Register your humane organization under “Shelter Sign-up.”

    4. Form a Team of Go-Getters

    Make the effort to assemble a winning team with the requisite expertise in management, fundraising, and accounting for your board of directors. A veterinarian, a lawyer and a teacher are also great allies, as are professionals in media, advertising and public relations. Everyone who is on the board should have and/or be willing to cultivate important contacts within the community. Look for people who can give or get others to give significant funding, and you’ll be well on your way.

    5. Visit Other Shelters

    Every member of your team should visit several shelters, and those on the shelter construction committee should visit many more. Take your architect and/or contractor along, too. Don’t look only at those in neighboring counties, but visit shelters in other states and other parts of the country as much as possible to garner a wealth of ideas. Visit shelters large and small, both retro-fitted buildings and custom-designed facilities. Make arrangements to have the executive directors give you a tour. Ask lots of questions. Find out what their goals were in designing the shelter, what they feel has worked well for them and what they would do differently. Take photos, videos and notes to share with the board.

    6. Decide What Type of Shelter You Want

    Most shelters incorporate one or more of the following functions. Municipal animal shelters are funded by taxes and user fees and often employ animal control officers. Privately funded non-profit shelters (generally called the humane society, the society for prevention of cruelty to animals or the animal rescue league) usually accept all animals and, as a result, are often forced to euthanize animals based on space, species, age and adoptability. They usually offer a variety of programs such as animal rescue, cruelty investigation, and community education. “No-kill” shelters are generally privately funded and do not accept all animals brought to them. However, once accepted, animals are never euthanized unless they are incurably sick, disabled or display extreme behavior that makes them unadoptable. Sanctuaries specialize in offering lifetime care to animals, limit their admissions and generally promote adoptions.

    7. Come up with a Mission Statement and a Plan

    Presumably, your group has already discussed its goals at length, but now it’s time to put your thoughts on paper for others to see. Write a mission statement that explains the purpose of your organization. This will help guide your development and is required for incorporation as a non-profit. (Incidentally, the decision to incorporate or not, as well as what type of an organization you will be, are ones you will need guidance to reach.)

    To incorporate, you’ll need to include the organization’s bylaws and articles of incorporation, as well as a list of those on the board of directors. Refer to the bylaws of other organizations for ideas; samples are included in the NSO guidebook. There are a number of documents that must be filed in order to qualify for the IRS’s 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt status. Mistakes in filing can mean lengthy delays in getting the shelter off the ground. That’s why it’s important to have an attorney help you navigate this legal process.

    Once you’ve filed for incorporation, the next step is to develop policies and protocols—about adoption, euthanasia and volunteering, to name just a few. You’ll also to need to determine the future of your shelter. Where do you want the shelter to be in five years? In 10 years? What part will your community play in supporting the shelter? How will you develop supportive relationships with local and national vendors? Do you have people in your organization who can find and develop potential resources?

    8. Raise Funds

    The one inescapable fact of all non-profit humane organizations is the constant need for funds. Good intentions and hard work alone won’t cut it. Remember, running a shelter is a business, and developing sound and professional fundraising strategies not only has its obvious rewards, but is an indispensable tool.

    Personal contact is the tried-and-true means to gain major donations. Many animal welfare organizations have also developed wonderfully imaginative and amusing ways to raise money and goodwill with special events. From dog walks and bake sales to corporate sponsorships, possible sources of revenue are readily available. Regardless of the size of your community, you’ll need to come up with your own sources of funding.

    9. Toot Your Horn

    When it’s finally time for the shelter’s grand opening, make it a major event—send press releases, advertise, have an open house party. It’s more than a celebration; it’s a promotion of all you will offer to the community. Develop sympathetic contacts with the press, send a regular newsletter to supporters, adopters and visitors, and be sure to include a donation envelope.

    10. Don’t Forget the Animals

    Buddy, Sweetie, Dudley, Flower....Whoever the animals are who have touched your heart, always keep in mind that they’re the reason that you’re doing this.

    Starting a shelter is an exciting and complicated process, but it’s not for everyone. For those who embark on this course, we wish you every success. Fortunately, for the rest of us, there are other opportunities to help. Suggestions on how to improve your local shelter are just around the bend in the next issue of Animal Watch.

    Mary Kirby, volunteer, and Lisa Saavedra, assistant director, ASPCA National Shelter Outreach, worked extensively on compiling the guide, “Keys to a Great Shelter.”

    © 2000 ASPCA

    Animal Watch - Spring 2000

    Hope it helps. Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • I get a lot of those Sylvannah, as well as people supposedly wanting my help getting cash out of the country they are in, asking me to be someones next of kin, or saying that I am, and they've died and I've inherited, offering me ATM cards loaded with cash, saying I could have a job if I gave them all my details, which I'd never tried for , usually it's a cash collecting or rep job with this,(possibly phishing attempts)or telling me that a parcel is waiting at a western union or fedex office, if you look they arent usually from the place they say they are, I've also had various bank-messages all wanting me to log in from banks I have nothing to do with, and a few I sent to Paypal, which turned out to be Phishing. I wouldn't trust it. if you've won anything they will try to call you or contact you another way as well, then again, I've had postal ones too, where if I paid a fee my winnings will be released to me so theres so many out there I never trust any of them at all

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

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