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  • Hi Everyone,

    I am a new Tarot student. I am looking for websites that I may do readings on. As I am a beginner I do not feel comfortable performing complex readings for money. I am currently signed up at the FTN, but the readings are slow at this moment. I am hoping that someone can give me other sites to register on to gain some valuable experience. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Have a blessed weekend.

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  • Hi AstralTarotMystic,

    Are you offering tarot readings? If you are, you can do it here. There are lots of gifted people who are offering free tarot readings in this forum as well.

    Have a wonderful day.

    x x x

  • lots of us here have been willing in the past for beginners to try their readings on,you have found a good place to start, you can do one for me as well(i warn you you will have more then enough on this site!! thanks for the time!my best to you!

  • Yep, I want to be the guinea pig too! Forgot to add that in my post earlier.


    Have a wonderful day.

  • We love being guinea pigs here. Tell us what you need to do readings!

  • AstralTarotMystic,

    I would love for you to do a practice reading on me! What do you need? A question, date of birth? If so, my question is: Although I have only seen this Capricorn man a few times, will it develop into a serious relationship? I am very hopeful! My DOB is 9/14/1960. Tell me if you need any other info. Thank you!

  • If you want to practice I have a Sag male DOB 12/14/176 tha I have seen off and on, my DOB is 1/17/59. My question is will he come back into my life and become a more premanent part of it or will we drift apart. Thanks for you time.

  • cool~~ everyone is alive~~ here I am one more guinea pig for u~~ O.< we can learn from each other too~~

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  • I can be a guinea pig too, dob 6th May 1972

  • Do one for my best friend, 06/02/67. Thanks!

  • I would love and be grateful to you if you would give me a reading.I am having some not so good feelings about my spouse.Can not tell what is wrong with him or what is on his mind.He has been treating me different on many levels and in different areas of our marriage.Can you tell me what is going on with him, money, work, health, etc.?

    My DOB is 02/04/1961 and his is DOB 07/06/1954

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