7 Important Feng Shui Tips to Increasing Your Wealth

  • Hi, I just found this article and wanted to share with you, hope you find something of interest in as I did. 🙂

    7 Important Feng Shui Tips to Increasing Your Personal Wealth

    For every person who decides that Feng Shui is for them, their motivations are different. For some, it can be a decision made to help give them insight into their love life, or lack of one. It could be a way to help further their career by organizing their lives. Some choose Feng Shui to help with health problems that medical science says are incurable. And maybe the most popular reason that people turn to Feng Shui is to increase their wealth. Who doesn’t want to be rich? For those that are looking for Feng Shui tips on how to help channel wealth, here are a few pointers.

    The first and most important step to using Feng Shui to help increase your financial resources is your attitude. By using charms and energy to help increase your wealth, you are counting on cosmic forces to bring you positive results. If your attitude is negative, how do you ever expect it to work? It simply won’t. Before you begin by choosing a charm and then placing it in your home to help create wealth, you must change your attitude. If you grew up with a negative outlook on money or wealth, you must change it. You must believe that the charms will work and that they will bring you nothing but prosperity. The rest of the steps are null and void unless this first step is taken.

    Choose the right charm. This step is also very important. The charm doesn’t have to be anything specific, just something that you associate with wealth. A trinket that was given to you by a wealthy grandparent or the small box that an expensive gift that you associate with wealthy people having can work. Even if others don’t understand what a particular charm has to do with wealth, remember, it is your space and it’s up to how you associate the item.

    Place the charm in the right place. Place the charm in a place in your home that you signify with wealth. If there is a side table near the front door where you always place your wallet every night after you come home from work, that would be a good place. If you have a safe in the home, place the charm on top of it. Try to place the item near a door or a window to help the proper chi flow through the home. Also, try to place it out of reach of a pet who might consider the charm a play thing. Having your cat Fluffy batting around your wealth charm isn’t a good way to build positive chi. Although Fluffy may win the lottery.

    Avoid filling the home with items you don’t associate with wealth. This has everything to do with keeping the right positive attitude. If your parents bought a particular grocery product when you were a child and in the back of your mind, you associated that product with being poor, stop buying that product. If you have a choice at the grocery store to buy two different products, with one being a few pennies more expensive and of better quality, go with that product. If you surround yourself with items that give off the aura of wealth it will magnify the power of your wealth charm.

    The same can be said for clothes shopping. You don’t have to go out and buy a designer wardrobe, but just try to keep in mind when you’re out to cover yourself in brands that you don’t associate with being poor. It may not sound like much, but you must convince yourself that you are worthy of wealth before wealth will come to you.

    Take an inventory of things in the house that you associate with being poor and replace them. Obviously, this can get very expensive very quickly, but only a small upgrade is needed. If you’ve had the same dingy shower curtain for a year now, replace it with a one just a little bit nicer. You want to create the feeling of wealth and relaxation in every room of your home. You want to be able to walk though your home and constantly be reminded that you deserve wealth, that wealth in coming to you and that it is coming soon.

    Don’t be afraid to change your charm if you don’t feel its working. Feng Shui is all about faith and if you don’t have it in your charm or if it begins to work and then stops, change it. The entire system of chi and Feng Shui will breakdown for you if you don’t remain positive, and if that means changing up your charm, than so be it.

    Feng Shui is a mystical and fascinating practice that some believe has real-life affects. Using Feng Shui to build wealth is a common practice that many swear by. By following these tips, you may see a definite connection between the two in your own life.

    much love joy and abundance to you!!



  • Hopeternal

    Great Topic. Not Long Ago I bought a Few Stones,

    One Which Is For Prosperity I dont know how great the affects are

    but i've been carrying them in my purse, I would like to say so far they are pretty


    Im Gonna Place them by a window soon though, i hear the energy from the sun

    gives them more energy and power.

    thanks, & blessings!

  • Hey Hopeternal,

    This is great! I am interested in Fengshui too. My aunt got me into this lol She bought a books for me and my sisters.

    I placed a house plant at the left side of my living room, with 3 silver coins underneath it. It should bring prosperity...No harm trying right 🙂

    I have something here, ....eerrhhmm....not for wealth though BUT...

    Attract Sexual Passion With Fruit Bowls!!!!

    To attract more romance and physical love in your life, fill a fruit bowl with produce, such as cherries, grapes, pomegranates, raspberries, avocadoes and bananas, and place it in the South East sector of your home.

    Have fun!

    Lots of love

    x x x

  • I've been rethinking the feng shui in my back yard for weeks! Specialy the prosperity corner of the yard--I looked up some advice and was happy to see some of my ideas already matched! Sometimes we get so used to our space we ignore the little things like you pointed out that reflect a low energy. I agree with a lot of your tips. I specially think we should never hold on to things that have any bad memory attached--gift or not--get rid of it as you are right it's not the energy of the item but the thought that comes with it. Often after I purge and get rid of stuff within 2 weeks something really nice will come my way! I read that a windmill in the left corner of the yard invites prosperity. I've been shopping for one!


    1.) prosperity.

    2.) peace and intuition

    3.) releases Negativity Atracts Positivity

    4.) gives confidence, Good luck & removes depression

    radically i had them in my makeup bag not long ago, while my friend was going through

    it picked the confidence stone up & said Woah this feels magical, I then after told her

    the energy it brings and she said hhmm..you Really believe that superstious stuff ?

    After she had just said it felt magical which was wierd.

  • Hey, this came with my daily horoscope!

    Fengshui to generate Wealth

    So the taxman came and went and now you're spent, literally and figuratively! Well, let's get Feng Shui to find you some more money. After all, that's exactly why we're both here, right? Me so I can give you hints, secrets and shortcuts to a better life and you so the taxman doesn't, well, tax you too much. So, let's try a truly secret Feng Shui cure that guarantees to generate wealth, income and abundance, although not necessarily in that order. You'll need any red colored stone, rock or gem representing what's called the 'wish fulfilling jewel.' You'll also need some sort of money container like a piggy bank or even just a clean glass jelly jar. Now, with red ink draw a hexagonally shaped star on a piece of paper and place the red jewel in the center of it. Wrap it carefully with this paper and then place it under your pillow. As soon as you wake the next day take the red 'wish fulfilling' jewel and place it next to the bank before putting a coin inside it. Then close your eyes and repeat your money wish as many times as you can. Repeat this same routine every morning for 15 days straight. With money loving Venus hooking up with generous gift giving Jupiter, it's simply the perfect day to make your wishes for a fatter wallet begin to come quickly and easily true!

  • addicted,

    I was told before that if the Stones are yours and if they are blessed, try not to let others touch it.

    Their negativity might destroy the energies in the Stones.

    Just a tip....who knows right?

    I bought myself an Angel Stone yesterday.

    It is for distance healing, build my confidence and can be use as meditation stone too.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Emergence

    Woah, thats interesting! to be honest

    i had never looked into Fengshui although

    i was told you can use thier methods to generate money.

    but had never heard of how affective they were from experience.

    Emergence, have you ever heard when your hand itch, money is coming your way ? lol

    my hand has been itching all weekend.

    And the stones ? Really that even more interesting thanks for that! woah

    so many people have touched them [family] happy you told me this.

  • Hehe, yeah hand itch, that's more like a superstitious thing but I believe in it wholeheartedly!

    Right hand = receive money

    Left hand = you have or will be giving away money

    Yeah, I have read about the Stones somewhere but you know, my late great grandmother was a healer and according to my aunt, she didn't like it either when anyone else touches her healing Stones.

    I think it is quite loqical because the Stones are yours and your energies are in it. Keep it at a place where no one can touch them or play with them. You never know who carries the negative energies around hey? 🙂

    Try to keep them in a sachet if you want to carry them with you in your bag. That way, the Stones are always with you but safely hidden from other people.

    Lots of love

    x x x

  • Hi Everyone, I nearly forgot I did this thread, it's so nice to see you lovely people here....

    Addictedtoriches, I also carry a stone in my purse, I'm certainly not rich yet but my purse is never empty! it's a Citrine, that is a prosperity stone too, and with the added bonus that it doesnt need cleansing of negative energies, it is known as one of a few that don't absorb negativity,...

    Great Idea to energise your crystal in the sun, also you can also put it out on the night of a full moon that really energises them too....I adore crystals, I have quite a few dotted all over the house, I place some near my PC to help with all those nasty electro stuff these things give off....lol..

    I think maybe your friend may find all this a bit strange, she obviously knows there is something in it cos of her imediate reaction saying the crystal felt "magical", but then like most folk, she allowed her logic brain to kick in and take over, they shun what they don't understand, but she will never forget what she felt at first, and when she's ready to ask her questions on things that is when she will start to realise and accept all this beautiful energy we have around us 🙂

    glad you liked the article, I really am so interested in energies be it Crystals, Reiki, and definitely Feng Shui... I have a beautiful Amethyst Crystal Cave, I adore it, and infact I just put it in the wealth corner today as it says put an item what we see as being a representation of being valuable, and this stunning crystal cave gives me this feeling....I will let you know if it works 🙂

    love and joy to you addicted


    Hi Emergence.... so good to see you here, great to see you like Feng Shui too!!....I just LOVE the one with the fruit bowls!!!!....me thinks I might try that one..lol..but only when my partners here again from Denmark....else it might get me in deep trouble if I carry that one out before he gets here...;0)...also, for the love element, put 2 red candles, romantic pics, loving couples, anything really that makes you think of love 🙂 to attract love, never place single or anything in threes in that corner. I think the perfect one would be to put an ornament of an embracing couple in that sector of the room....

    Plants are Sooo good for bringing in good Chi, trouble is with me, I just dont have any success keeping house plants alive...put me in the garden and I will create one fit for the Chelse Flower Show...lol

    well, that might be a bit of an exageration...lol..but I did used to grow lots of my plants from seed in greenhouse...lol...another good tip I read was, try to have rounded shaped leaves rather than the sharp pointed ones, pointed stuff is not so nice, it creates Sha energy...

    MY OH MY!! the daily Horoscope is really interesting...I'm certainly going to try that one!!, thanks.

    You were right on what you told addicted, never let anyone touch your crystals!! well the ones that you have programmed for your personel use anyway, my family know better not to touch mine...lol...I have to say I have a little dish of crystals for the purpose of letting others hold...sometimes they have such an infinity with it I let them take it with them....lol...my healing stones are safely tucked away in a little box....:)

    love and joy to you Emergence


    Hi Blmoon, How wonderful you have taken Feng Shui out into your back yard!! I have always thought of it but sadly procrastinated on this, I am making note to myself right now....take Feng Shui out into the garden!!....I would love to hear of the tips and cures for garden when you get the chance my friend,.....you are SO right about not holding on to things with bad memories, when I got divorced 2 yr ago, I did just that, I scoured every room and threw away everthing that was a reminder of the mariage, but I have to add that the divorce was in agreement and ended on friendly terms, I always feel very fortunate and grateful for this, but, I still felt the need to clear certain stuff out...clean break and all that!!....

    Oh wow! windmill...I just love windmills, I haven't heard of that one, I will be checking mine is in the left corner, thanks for that....

    love and joy to you Blmoon


    And Now I so want my right hand to start itching.....;)



  • Hopeternal

    Woah,How Interesting.. You Have Alot Of Knowelege In crystals

    How Wonderful. 😃

    Shesshh, i will def. have to place them in the sun/moon as often as possible

    then.. Yeah people dont seem to want anything to do with anything they cant

    understand or see massive value in, Well what can I say ? To be honest

    developing my spirituality taught me how to grow a larger point of view on life it'self

    I know know how to handle situations better and more humble because I feel peaceful

    with things as they are, I dont need to search for money, friends, love ect ect my peace & stones

    will attract them All.

    Most likely I'll have to buy more Stones.

    By The Way I Love Your Energy.

    Joy & Blessings To You

  • This post is deleted!

  • Awww!....Thank you so much for saying that addicted, that felt wonderful to hear! and you know what they say..."like attracts like"...you have wonderful energy about you too, reminds me of my youth!....I can't tell how much it warms my heart to hear you speak of how your path to spirituality is making you feel at peace!!....I really hope your beautiful crystals help you get all you desire in this lifetime, you deserve it!...and I just know you will treasure them as much as I treasure mine, try to just place one in palm of your hand, relax and just see if you pick up on it's vibration, don't worry if you can't at first because I didnt, it was a while before I let go enough to relax and tune in to it, but it's a wonderful feeling when that first time you get to feel it's vibration, and as all crystals vibrate at different energies some are stronger than others, if you buy your crystals from a shop, just pick up the ones you are really drawn too, you will soon get to know the ones that you will need at any given time, Iv'e also found that when a crystal has served it's purpose for me they just go out of my life, either by me feeling I need to give it someone, or it just disappears, perhaps for the one who needs it the most to find it! I come come to realise in this lifetime that all things out of the ordinary get's my attention, simply because all the "Normal" stuff we are forced fed to believe serves no good for anyone....

    It was the love of crystals that led me to learning about Reiki and other energies, I came across the word Reiki in one of my searches for a certain crystal, I needed to find out what is was, I once heard an explanation about energies that made it so wonderfully simple to grasp ...it said, "To try and understand and believe in the concept of healing energy is to think about the Radio, we all tune into that without batting an eyelid, we don't SEE the energy waves but we all know it's there because we can "Tune" in to the stations!!....

    So it was that simple explanation of energy waves that made me a total believer in Reiki and other forms of alternative healing using the wonderful Universal energies...Fabulous world we live in eh!....I am so in Awe of it!...

    Phew, sorry for going on a bit, but I get so carried away talking of crystals, Reiki and energies...lol

    Much love and Joy to you!! have a Great Day!



  • Hi laithano,

    So lovely to see you here!, it is a fascinating subject isn't it...I once had a home mapped out with a Feng Shui consultant, I know there two types of Feng Shui, one is elemental where they use a compass, thats the type I had done to my home, the other I can't remember the name of at moment, it was great to learn about where all the energies lay and their affects on us, it was fairly expensive thing to have done done, but I saved up for it and it was so worth the money!...I might be wrong, but I have a feeling the books you have for apartments will be suitable for house too? but maybe ask a professional on that one.

    much love and joy to you! have a great day!



  • Hi Hopeternal,

    I got something for you here, also for the rest who wants to try this out! 🙂

    fengshui for bringing in wealth

    To Bring Wealth: To increase your wealth, store a jewel of some kind in a box that is exactly two inches tall. This is an auspicious dimension that is thought to bring you abundance.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Hi Emergence,

    I will certainly give it a try, I know it may sound strange to some about it having to be of certain dimension, but I know these things do need to be of certain dimentions, it's all to do with balance....very interesting!! I'm going to look around now for a two inch box, nothing to loose in trying eh!....thanks for this one Emergence, and if I win lottery and am able to buy my bungalow by the sea....I will be treating you too!!.... 🙂

    much love and joy to you



  • Hello to all and blessings.



  • Hi Julianna,

    How wonderful!! this is really beautiful and uplifting Thank You!!

    much love, joy and blessings to you.



  • LSW ,,you are visiting every thread spreading love everywhere! good for you feeling great today i see! today you are nicknamed the love bandit..........lol

  • Thank you for the article it is very informative & i will be working on it this evening

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