7 Important Feng Shui Tips to Increasing Your Wealth

  • I to find when the crystals have done there job they disappear from my life. But have you ever had one returned? I have this beautiful stone and it disappeared but it has come back to me. any ideas on why?

  • Thank you for this! I have recently been learning about feng shui and it's got me intrigued. I started investigating the energies I'd been experiencing in different areas of my home and why... I really never had paid attention to the way my belongings resonated with me or their arrangement in my home. Now I am redecorating my home to make sure I remove as many negative vibrations and including as many positives as I can! What a wonderful world we live in! It makes me wonder what else is out there waiting to be discovered!

  • I have started to work on feng shui & hopefully to day I will know if my raise will come thru

    and I have been cleansing my tard and home but I still feel a lot of negativity any ideas on how to get rid of the lingering negativty? blessings to all

  • addictd, loved the stone data. Would you share with us which stones you carry? I saw you mentioned citrine. What are the others?

    Hopeternal awesome thread, it's like you all read my mind and know just what I'm looking to learn. Thanks.

  • I used to be worried about losing favourite stones but eventual realized they always show up! I have a few that are very very special and I never give them away--like my totem--one has the image naturaly made of a wolf howling on one side and when you turn it over it is a perfect paw! It's so remarkable because it is nature made and my other favourites are a natural emerald attached to a white stone and it looks exactly like a fang--then I have a sweet little blue one that I call the butterfly. I have so many stones from all over the world--many are gifts. Some are ok to give away and I put plenty in the garden for my grand children to find as treasures. I have loved my rocks since childhood. Citrine and lapis are my favourite gems to have and I wear a lot of jewelry with these.I used to do healing work with crystals and stones and give as gifts but haven't in awhile--sometimes when I visit a spiritual camp I will purposely touch and send energy to certain stones for others to pick up.

  • I have bought several pieces of moldavite. The first piece I ever bought, never knew anything about it, but it actually felt like it was burning a spot in my palm. It made me feel giddy and it was so incredible. That rock disappeared not long thereafter. So, I went in search of a new one. I got another but it never did make my palm feel the same way as the first. That one disappeared. I gave up for a while and low and behold...ended up buying a 3rd one. I used to carry them with me all the time and it seemed like when I carried this one, things would happen that I started associating it with negativity. I put it up. I just went to dig into my bag of stones and low and behold, that piece is now missing too. I have earrings and a necklace in moldavite but I never wear them anymore. I lost the stone out of one earring also. I give up. I don't think I'm supposed to own any of these! LOL. None of them have ever returned to me, lol. I did have a citrine rock in my money corner of my house but I can't find the rock anymore so I have to replace that one. I do however have a plant in a blue pot with three coins underneath it in my money corner now. :0)

  • I love the info on the stones. I need to get a citrine working or buy a plant. I've never been much an indoor plant person and now in an apartment don't have the luxury of a yard. Yesterday I was sitting outside with my brother and I said I miss my yard. I could have drifted away there listening to the birds and the wind, I miss that. My brother likes lapis lazuli too. I have always had a fondness for malachite, I think I like the look mostly. Years back I was given blue sapphire and tigers eye, now you have me wondering if even then there was a reason behind it.

    My brother told me to keep an amethyst around and no one would get drunk at my place. I'm not a drinker but might not hurt to bring that back out. Any stones you'd recommend just for generally lightening the mood and pushing away negativity?

  • RC, Obsidian repels negativity. I think I told you that already. :0) I have a nice chunk of it by my front door. LOL. One on my entertainment center and a box full of it in the garage.

    I have lapis luzuli and malachite and amethyst and many many more. I did however find a stone that I can't remember what it is so I have been on a quest to figure what what it is and why I bought it...lol. I'm getting back into my rocks a big more again. Lots of tiger's eye also. Big chunks of Rose Quartz that I need to get out into the sunshine and recharge....tough to do in Oregon when we get very little sunshine this time of year. Soon though...very soon. I forgot about charging stones in the full moon. I'll have to remember that.

  • Aunt Buck I think I need a really big piece of obsidian. I do have a couple small pieces. Wish I could put it near the door without it being noticed. No such possibility. Keep me posted on how you do with your stones. Sounds like it's time to break out my book and learn a bit more about them, the time for their usefulness has arrived.

  • Last winter, I read in a Feng Shui article (on Tarot, most likely) about donating 27 things to charity. I ended up taking a few more than that, wasn't really counting after the first 27. (I've donated before, just didn't count items.) Walked into Goodwill and right in front of me on a shelf were the most beautiful Spanish designer cowboy boots I'd ever seen! (I'd been wanting some cowboy boots, but couldn't afford them.) Flawless, barely worn, and exactly my size. I don't care about designer stuff, but these were so comfortable and fit like a glove. I ended up paying $3.00 for them. THREE DOLLARS. I think it's the energy associated with what you do. I was entirely focused on those who had less than me the whole time I was collecting stuff to donate. Picturing them in my mind, what they might need. Now I try to take a bag to donate every time I go. It seems like every time I hit that magic 27 number, even if it takes a few trips, I find something amazing without looking all that hard. And it's not a Goodwill in a wealthy area of town, either. Just try it. With no expectations, just as an experiment. Send good thoughts with the items to those who will get them, that they will enjoy them. See what happens.

  • So true! Things come to me the same way. I'd never heard the 27 item suggestion before. I do know when I really part with a little extra something really nice falls in my lap I always remind myself what a thrill it is when I have found something extra nice at Goodwill it was only because someone had been generouse! It's one thing to cast away turkeys and worn junk but to love the things that need to go so you can make room for new to come in is harder.. I think everytime I've really let go I have received some kind of treasure and wasn't really looking. I think a lot of life is made up of paying it forward---maybe that's the meaning behind that saying that everything you need is yours if you know how to tap into that sea of giving and receiving. Oh and someone mentioned obsidian stones and I had to laugh--I have a lot of snowflake obsidian around the house. I was really attracted to it about 15 years ago--wore it as jewelry as well. One of my favourites!


  • my bithday wish to all



    julia l arnett

  • At this point I'll try anything! I need $13,000 dollars to pay for the credit card debt I had to take to live on while I am looking for a new job. I'm one who got caught in the economy crunch. I have been successfully selling my belongings worth anything but things are thinning out now. I have to get rid of this debt!!! The interest alone is keeping me awake at night. I want to encourage abundance! If anyone has any suggestions beside "good luck" let me know! Thanks

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  • Hello Hopeternal,

    Isn't Feng Shui a cool thing! I am Compass trained so that is my preferred method to use. Sounds like that is what you had done in your home. I don't know if you had your home "mapped out", that is the easiest way to see what elements are in which positions. There are 9 all together, each representing a specific purpose. This of course extends to the outside of the home too, front yard, back yard and your home itself.

    Regarding finances, that could be in two areas of your home. The north area represents career and lifepath. The auspicious element in that area is water. You would have things like a table fountain (you can find those little things everywhere, use distilled water). Incorporate things that are reflective, like a mirror, art depicting water and other reflective things like cut crystal. I am sure you have things in your home already that you can move there, you don't have to go out and buy some Waterford or Baccarat although it is pretty easy on the eyes and somehow makes wine taste better! Also, you could use things that have a flowing or freeform shape, asymmetrical with a darker to black color tone. The secondary element in the north is metal. These things could be metal accessories like candle holders, small statues or a vast coin collection!, rare of course! The elements to try and mitigate would be earth and wood. If you have a recliner there, so be it, can't get rid of furniture. Maybe put a dark, flowing throw over it. Southeast represents wealth and prosperity. This area would be wood. Maybe a guitar, bookcase, books, plants, a vase of flowers (red) cloth, art depicting nature...The color tone here would be red. Don't go haywire and make everything red but for sure it should have an influence. The secondary element is water. You know what to do here, again, small fountain, mirror...

    Also, the gemstones would be jade, aventurine, citrine, amethyst and tiger's eye. The colors associated with this area purple, blue and red. Burn a purple candle to symbolize rich abundance coming to you. Symbols include frogs, fish, coins and fountains. An affirmation could be:

    Money and prosperity come to me freely and easily.

    I am wealthy and prosperous.

    I am financially secure.

    I allow myself to accept prosperity into my life.

    My personal fav affirmation:

    "I am so happy and so grateful that money comes to me in increasing and limitless quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis." This one covers a lot of ground! Anyway, just thought I would see if I could add anything to your great thread! Like it! Love and Light to you Miss. Reiki Master!!!

    Zephire - Nice post!!!

  • Stefin I have been where you are and back in March I bought a used copy of Silver Ravenswolf's

    Spells for Abundance. I would recommend this book as she gives great advice & tools to use to help manifest abundance in your life. After using her tools I am now working full time (I was unemployed for 2 yrs & then part time 2 yrs) I also got a decent pay raise last month & I am due for another in June. I also hit $1000 on a scratch off lottery ticket. my favorite saying of hers is "I am not the sum of my debts" (something like that :))

  • Could you fengshui masters please tell about some good luck and good health tips , thanks.

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